Epworth League


Youth ministries originated in the 1800s . One reason for their rise was because as young people migrated to cities during the Industrial Revolution religious leaders were worried about the urban effect on the Christian ideals of the youth.

There were dozens of these youth ministries including the YMCA and YWCA movements, Christian Endeavor (Congregational church) and Epworth League (Methodist church).

The Epworth League was formed on May 14, 1899, by the merging of two Methodist youth groups, the Oxford League and the Young People's Methodist Alliance. The Epworth League was the precursor to the current Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF).

The purpose of the league was to train young church members for their personal relgious life and for future church leadership. Members of the Epworth League had Bible studies, organized social events and raised money for the church. As you read the local newspapers of the day, you will see that the Epworth League was very active in Clarke County.





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