Teacher Association Meeting

Murray, February 1 & 2, 1895


Lecture. Hon. Henry Sabin, February 1st at 7:30 p.m.

February 2nd, 9:00 o'clock a.m.

"School examination," B. Kennedy

"Morning exercise," Miss Josie Vincent

"Practical suggestions in teaching arithmetic," D. L. Newkirk

"Civil Government," Florence Buttler


1:00 o'clock p.m.

"Reading and Libraries," Prof. I. N. Beard

"flag Drill," Miss Emma Sells

"How to teach geography to beginners," Miss Chamberlain

"School entertainments,"

"Social requirements of the teacher,"


7:30 o'clock p.m.

Music, quartette, "Consider the Lillies", Edith Wick, Everett Ogden, Mollie Cornell, Ralph Martindale

Address, "Co-operation of Patrons," Miss Nellie Richards

Musc, Solo, "When the Leaves begin to Fall," Mamie Lochrie

Address, "The public school from a patron's standpoint," O. E. Garrett

Music, quartette, "Legends" Mrs. O. E. Garrett, Edith Wick, Lonie Wick, , ?ame Lochrie

Recitation, Mame Lochrfie

Recitation, Mable Holcomb

Recitation, Eva Sells

Music, Solo, "You Can't Play in Our -----More, Nellie Garrett, --ay More, Jessie Stephenson, -- --, Ida Cardiff

Source: Osceola Democrat, January 31, 1895