History of Woodburn

Christian Church

The Woodburn Christian Church is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ and was organized in September 1889, with 19 charter members. In September 1890, the congregation (then the Church of Christ) purchased what was formerly the Presbyterian Church from the town of Woodburn. The deed was recorded September 13, 1890. A new roof and stone foundation were added in the late 1890's. In the fall of 1905, the Ladies Aid purchased a bell for the church and members erected a belfry.

H.E. VanHorn held a meeting in 1905 resulting in 125 new members. At this time the church voted to have a full-time ministry. However, about 60 of the new members moved away within a few months and the full-time ministry was discontinued in 1907. Various ministers served at times, and there were periods with no regular services. The Bible School, however, was carried on faithfully although it was few in numbers.

Sources: Lynette Davis

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