History of Murray

Church of Christ

The Christian church was organized June 6, 1873, by Elder Cary with a small membership. Among those organizing the first services were the J. E. Wicks, M. L. Holcombs, B. F. Bishops, Hiram Lambs, and John Lightfoot Turners. Services were held in a hall and in private houses and later in the Baptist church. In 1876 the Baptist and Christian people held services alternate Sundays.

In 1891 the church had grown sufficiently strong to build a home for themselves and a structure was erected on South Maple Avenue. This building was used for 24 years. A new building was completed in the fall of 1916 on the same site as the previous church.

J. C. White ministered here and at Hopeville for several years beginning in 1876. He came by train and rode with the mailman when he went to Hopeville. The second preacher was T. C. Morris and William Branch was here around 1884. Others include C. F. Goode, J. K. Cornell, Jno. Gibson, W. W. Wharton, Charles Pomeroy, J. E. Teaney, W. E. Killion, and A. J. Carrick.


Sources: History of Clarke County, Murray Centennial, Murrah Church of Christ One Hundredth Anniversary 1873-1973.

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