History of Oak Hill Church

Oak Hill Church is not in Clarke County but is located in Pleasant township of Union County about five miles south and west of Hopeville. Because of its proximity, many Clarke County residents have attended church here.

According to a history written by the late Lyman Wilson churches and Sunday Schools were held in school houses in Pleasant township until 1902 when the settlers decided they needed a church building.

A meeting was held at the Lone Ridge's school house. Among those at the meeting were: Grandma Bullock, Fanny McGuire, Exy Lake, Alfred and Curt Kent, Joe Shields, and W.P. Bullock. A subscription of $400 was promised.

Alf Kent agreed to give logs and saw them into lumber. The neighbors cut and hauled logs and rocks and helped with the building. T.J. Lamb built the foundation and Sol Shaffstal and Joe Shields did the carpenter work with help of others. A quilt was pieced with names embroidered on it at a charge of ten cents per name. The quilt was sold for the building fund.

The question of a name for the church and cemetery was talked over at a meeting. As the church stood on a high hill and was in a grove of oak trees, the name Oak Hill was chosen. It was agreed that church would be a Union church for all denominations. The church had been built with help of all the neighbors by labor and money. The church was dedicated on January11, 1903, by Rev. Shea.

A Sunday School was organized with Exy Lake as superintendent. Rev. Hart, a Methodist minister from Hopeville was the first pastor. Other church groups sent ministers to hold meetings until about 1908 when the Christian church sent ministers for several years.

Source: Historic Hopeville and Vicinity, 1850-1982.

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