History of Hopeville

Christian Church


As early as the beginning of the year 1856, the unorganized Christians of Hopeville met whenever a preacher could visit them. They generally met in an old log school house. About this time Dr. Emery built a house of considerable size, and the place of worship was changed to his residence. Some of these earliest preachers were Samuel French, G.W. McReynolds, John Polly, Ziba Brown, and J.C. Porter.

The first church building was erected in 1860. They ministers who faithfully served the church during the next fifty years were: John White, J.P. Roach, R.D. Cotton, J.K. Cornell, and O. Ebert. Some of the church officers were: James Bates, Eli Beede, Isaac Saunders, Henry Adkins, Joseph Daniel, M.T. Ashley, Early Burnett, James Castor, W.O. Parrish, and James Anderson.

In 1909 the church, being without a pastor, called local resident LeRoy Shields who had prepared himself for the ministry. Early in the year Brother Shields had a vision of a new house of worship and began to agitate it among the brethren. After securing their hearty cooperation, a committee was soon at work securing means and laying plans for the building. The church was dedicated February 13, 1910.

Source: Historic Hopeville and Vicinity, 1850-1982.

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