History of Hebron Church

As early as 1851 Methodism began to develop in Clarke County, by three or four families organizing a society and holding meetings at the home of Jerome Bartlett, who lived in the vicinity of Hebron. Later on meetings were held at the home of Nathaniel Key, until a schoolhouse was built in that district. This schoolhouse was then used as a place of public worship. The Hebron church was built in 1882 at a cost of $100. The preaching during those early years was mostly by Thomas Harper, a local preacher. This church was a point of the Garden Grove circuit, which was composed of Garden Grove, Smyrna, and Hebron. Lambeck, Mazbe, Shinn, Martin and Todd were among the pioneer preachers who served the charge.

About 1877, the charge was called the Green Bay circuit: Hebron, Prairie City (now Van Wert), and Smyrna. The parsonage was at Green Bay. Between 1896-1898, Hebron and Weldon became a separate charge. During 1908-1910 the Hebron church was remodeled at a cost of $800.

A partial list of family names affiliated with the church down through the years to 1950 were: Webb, Cannon, Westfall, Wallace, James, Cottingham, Scott, Sprinkel, Ritter, McClelland, Shaw, Kelly, Beaman, Garton, Barthlow, Buttes, Thompson, Bishop, McCarl, German, Black, Boiles, Hayworth, Lynch, Gardner, Myers, Driskill, Creveling, Weidenhaft, Brand, Jamison, Wade, Blair, Carson, McBroom, Violet,Taylor, Rogers, Harris, Marks, Atkinson, Bremer, Tuttle, Randol, Fortune, and Deemer.

Although there were periods of time when no church services or Sunday School were held, Sunday School was held more often. Church services were discontinued in 1957 and Sunday School in 1958.


Source: "Clarke County Churches of Yesterday and Today"


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