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1st Iowa Cavalry Reunion - 1906

June 5th and 6th, 1906,

Roster Showing Present Address So Far as Known.


R. J. Young, Oelwein, Iowa.
D. S. McMillin, Des Moines, Iowa.
L. B. Manwaring, Wheatland, Iowa.
   A copy of the "proceedings" is mailed to each member of the Association and any officer or soldier who belonged to the regiment, and is not a member of the Association, may procure such copy by addressing the Secretary, L. B. Manwaring, Wheatland, Iowa, and enclosing $1.00 membership fee.
   I desire to remind the members of our Association of the importance of reporting to the Secretary all deaths of members of the regiment. If obituary notices are published by the local press, kindly forward a copy.
   I trust that any member who knows of a comrade having changed his postoffice address, will forward it to me.
   The location of every living member of our regiment is one of the most important features of our Triennial Reunions. To enable the Secretary to carry out this important feature, the co-operation of every member is necessary.
   Comrades desiring extra copies of the "proceedings of the Ninth Reunion, can obtain them by sending twenty-five cents to me, when it will be forwarded as requested.
   There is on hand three Regimental Histories, which exhausts the issue. They will be forwarded to any desiring the same, upon receipt of $1.50. Postage, 18 cents extra, at the expense of those ordering.
Secretary and Treasurer.
First Iowa Cavalry Association
JUNE 5TH AND 6TH, 1906. 
   In pursuance of notice of the Ninth Reunion of the first Iowa Cavalry Association at Boone, Iowa, June 5th and 6th, Headquarters were opened at the Wells Hotel at eight o'clock, A. M., June 5th. The books were kept open for registration until two o'clock, P. M., when the Comrades repaired to the K. P. Hall, where at 2.15 P. M. the meeting was called to order by President Phelps, who made a short address, welcoming the Comrades and expressing his great pleasure in meeting so many of them once more. 
   The Secretary and Treasurer presented the following report:
Mr. President and Comrades:
    I have the honor to present my report as Secretary and Treasurer of the Association:
   As soon as possible after the Eighth Reunion held at Mason City two years ago the proceedings of that Reunion were prepared and published and a copy mailed to all entitled to one.
   In February last I wrote President Phelps asking him to visit Boone and make the necessary arrangements for our present Reunion. This he consented to do as soon as the date of the State Encampment was made known., About the first of April I received a letter from him, stating that owing to serious illness it would be impossible for him to go to Boone as he had intended and that he would have to leave all arrangements to me. As the time was getting short I at once came to Boone and arranged for heaquarters and hall. Upon my return home a circular letter was prepared, 800 copies published and a copy mailed to every member of the Regiment whose bname was carried upon our rolls.
   As it had been long evident that our roster of survivors of the Regiment needed revising it was thought best to send notices of the Reunion in a return envelope with full postage. The result was that 217 of these notices were returned.
   Eleven were endorsed, "Deceased."
   Sisteen were endorsed, "No such Postoffice.
   One Hundred and Ninety were endorsed, "Unknown," or "Unclaimed."
   This number added to the deaths reported will leave on the roster 503 names, the largest number of any Company being that of Co. "A," containing forty-eight names:
   Letters of regret have been received from the following Comrades. All were read that were received in time:
J. Q. Hanna
S. H. Newell
S. M. Sexton
M. S. McCoy
E. J. Babcock
C. H. Albers, Q. M.
D. D. Burnett
Lieut. E. A. Klingenburg
R. M. Swan
Capt. S. S. Burdett
Geo. W. Carr
Geo. Pennington
Alex. Meadows
J. L. Mathews
J. C. Lyon
B. S. Castle
Lieut. C. W. W. Dow
C. H. Smith
J. H. Cowan
Jackson Carter
D. A. Alsbaugh
E. H. McMillen
Max Klein
J. B. Aiken, Bat. Sergt. Maj.
L. TassettEd. Reynolds
T. N. Beam
Wm. Goodin
J. G. Unger
T. G. Harmow
B. A. Fay
Jacob Pfontz
Adjutant J. H. Donnell
John Gaydes
W. L. Imes
Jas. Wright
S. P. Carnahan
J. V. Brown
Company G
"      A
 "      F
"      H
"      A
"      D
"      G
"      C
"      B
"      G
"      M
"      K
"      F
"      A
"      C
"      F
"      B
"      H
"      C
"      K
"      G
"      F
"      A
"      K
"      E
"      A
"      C
"      G
"      B
"      E

"      K
"      D
"      G
"      L
"      L
   The deaths reported number 38. The following is the list. Date of death is given as far as known: 
    Adjt. H. L. Morrill died at St. Louis, Mo., July 4th, 1904.
   Surgeon Allen died about two years ago. Name not on roster. 
 Co. A. 
L. L. O'Blenness, Keokuk, Iowa
Wm. F. Thorndyke, Salem, Mass.,
July 4, 1905
June 3, 1899
 Co. B. 
Geo. Avery.
Dexter A. Buck, La Porte, Ind.
Reason B. Hedden, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Squire Monroe, Buckley, Wash.
Frank H. robinson.
June 19, 1895
June 10, 1904
July 27, 1905
 Co. C. 
Wm. Morgan, Hanford, Cal.
Nicholas Storer, Middleton, Iowa
Aug. 19, 1904
May 9, 1904
 Co. D. 
David brown.
William Shannon.
Enoch Tremble.
Alex. Graham
March 24, 1906 
 Co. E. 
J. H. Blazer, Stanton, New Mexico
E. W. Hall.
J. R. Martin.
Andrew Patterson, Ft. Madison Iowa
Oct. 30, 1898
Dec. 26, 1905
 Co. F. 
J. R. Martin.
Andrew Patterson, Ft. Madison Iowa
James Boston, Liberty Center, Iowa
B. O'Connor.
John P. Roberts, Fairbanks, Iowa.
Samuel W. Ross, Iowa Falls, Iowa.
Aug. Bitner, Soldiers' Home, Iowa
Dec. 26, 1905 
Feb. 22
April 4, 1906
  Co. G.
John Corbin, Nevada, Iowa
Geo. Deitrick, Oelwein, Iowa
Frank Talta.
J. Van Emburg, Lansing, Iowa
J. M. Young.
Dec. 20, 1900
Dec. 6, 1904
June 28, 1892
 Co. H. 
Nathan Gilbert.  
 Co. I. 
H. C. Horton.
Martin C. Racer, Batesville, Tex.
H. C. Uhler, Emmett, Neb.
Ezra Hawk, Hedrick, Iowa
Thomas Davis
June 26, 1904
May 31, 1903
May 11, 1906
June 5, 1904 
 Co. K. 
John L. Haworth, Monona, Iowa.
Capt. R. L. Freeman, died years ago.
Frank Pease.
J. H. Lyon, Guthrie Center, Iowa
July 25, 1905
May 12, 1906
 Co. L. 
Lieut. John M. Enochs, Kansas City, Kas.
Chas. E. Miller, Highlands, Kas
Nov. 15, 1904
Oct. 17, 1904
  Co. M.
Martin Jordan, Elkhart, Ind.
W. H. Mathews, New Providence, Tenn.
August, 1902
Apr. 26, 1897
Cash Debit.
To amount brought forward,
Membership fees, 8th Reunion,
Check, C. H. Albers,
Sale of two histories,
  Cash Credit.
Printing proceedings of 8th Reunion,
Stationery and printing,
Expenses to Boone,
Ribbon and printing badges,
To balance,
    On motion the report of the Secretary and Treasurer was accepted and a committee of three was appointed by the President to audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer, as follows: J. W. Krapfel, R. J. Young and H. B. Kelley.
   As a number of the Comrades who were expected to be present had not arrived, it was deemed best to defer all other business until the meeting of the second day.
   Comrades Kelley and others made short informal addresses, which were greatly enjoyed, after which adjournment was made until nine o'clock, A. M., June 6th.
   At nine o'clock, A. M., June 6th, President Phelps again called the Comrades to order. Committee to audit books of secretary and Treasurer presented the following report:
  June 6th, 1906.
To the President and Members of the first Iowa Cavalry Association, Comrades:
"We, the committee appointed to audit the books of our Secretary and Treasurer, herewith beg to report that we have checked up the report of his receipts and disbursements, and have found them to correspond with his report as submitted. He has receipts for disbursements, made with the exception of that for postage stams and the expense to Boone on April 20th to arrange for our next Reunion, for which item it has not been our custom to obtain receipts. We recomment that his report be approved."
  Respectfully submitted,
J. W. Krapfel.
R. J. Young,
H. B. Kelley.
     On motion, report of Committee was accepted and Committee discharged.
   On motion, a Committee of one member of each Company present was appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing term. They presented the following report:
   "Committee on nominations met in K. P. Hall. Committee reports that R. J. Young be elected as President of the first Iowa Cavalry Association.
   Committee reports that D. S. McMillin be elected as Vice President. By unanimous vote the Committee recommend that L. B. Manwaring be elected Secretary and Treasurer."
    Comrade Young thanked the Comrades for the honor and accepted same. 
   The Secretary stated to the Comrades that while he appreciated the honor of a re-nomination he would be very glad to pass the honor to some other Comrade, if they would accept the office.
   On motion, the secretary was directed to cast the vote of the Association for R. J. Young for President and D. S. McMillin for Vice President.
    The Secretary cast the vote as instructed.
   On motionm, the President was instructed to cast unanimous vote for L. B. Manwaring for Secretary and Treasurer The President so cast the vote.
   A Comrade having reported that Comrade L. Schoonover had just arrived home from California in poor health, a Committee was appointed to prepare a message of greeting and sympathy. The following message was sent:
Boone, Iowa, June 6th, 1906
L. Schoonover, Anamosa, Iowa:
"The first Iowa Cavalry Association assembled at Boone, Iowa, send greetings and sympathy."
   The following reply was received:
Anamosa, Iowa, June 6th, 1906.
L. B. Manwaring, Sec. First Iowa Cavalry Association, Boone, Iowa:
"Many thanks to the First Iowa Cavalry for your greetings. My earnest wish is that I might be with you and meet my old comrades."
   A telegram was also received from Comrade C. H. Albers of St. Louis, who sent greetings and regards to all.
   The next business before the Association was with regard to future Reunions. Owing to the small registration, about thirty-five at this time, it was evident that there would not be sufficien funds to publish the proceedings of the Reunion. After discussion the Comrades were unanimous in the desire to publish the proceedings, and the Comrades came to the rescue with the following donations:
R. J. Young
A. B. Phelps
D. S. McMillin
Caleb Bunn
W. H. Spurgin
D. C. Kenworthy
Charles Atwood
George Rogers
Wm. Jenkins
S. H. F. Wilson
George W. Walker,
George C. Scott
John Heckle
E. B. Hinds
E. H. McMillin
   The Secretary was instructed to publish in his report the amount of estimated deficiency and to invite those Comrades who were able and willing to aid. It is impossible to estimate exactly. A number have remitted their membership fees since this action was taken, so we now have about eight dollars in the treasury. The deficiency will will be small, if any. If a few of the Comrades who have not done so will forward membership dues, the fund will be ample until the next Reunion.
   Short addresses were made by a number of Comrades, after which a motion was made and carried that we hold the next Reunion in 1908, at date and place where State Encampment is held, the first and second day thereof.
   There being no further business, a motion was made to adjourn. Carried.
Secretary and Treasurer.
   The following is a list of those present and registered:
Co. A.
A. Wilson
John Henkle
John Skinner
Coin, Iowa.
Afton, Iowa.
St. Charles, Iowa.
Co. B.
S. H. Emery
Isaac Gulic
G. R. Carney
H. H. Heberling
D. S. McMillin
W. H. Garland
Audubon, Iowa.
State Center, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Chicago, Ill.
Des Moines, Iowa.
Scranton, Iowa.
Co. C.
H. B., Kelly
Geo. C. Sackett
S. H. F. Wilson
Topeka, Kansas.
Winterset, Iowa.
Roscoe, Iowa.
Co. D.
W. O. Ludlow
J. L. McClelland
T. T. Stradley
Peter Hill
Wintersent, Iowa.
East Peru, Iowa.
Swan, Iowa.
Norwalk, Iowa.
Co. F.
Morton Hayes
C. M. Wheelock
R. J. Young
W. W. Boyd
Chas. Mayer
H. G. Merriman
Hazleton, Iowa.
Madrid, Iowa.
Oelwein, Iowa.
Marshalltown, Iowa.
Wellman, Iowa.
Waterloo, Iowa.
Co. G.
J. W. Krapfel
R. M. Higginbotham
Geo. W. Walker
N. Slaiken
Ed. J. Brown
Waterloo, Iowa.
Eldora, Iowa.
Grundy Center, Iowa.
Eagle Grove, Iowa.
Omaha, Neb.
Co. H.
B. Reitel
A. Lafollett
W. H. Spurgin
D. F. Burden
D. C. Kenworthy
Osceola, Iowa.
Russell, Iowa.
Panora, Iowa.
Albia, Iowa.
Albia, Iowa.
Co. I.
H. B. Phelps
S. T. Kempton
Hedrick, Iowa.
Corning, Iowa.
Co. K.
C. P. Atwood
M. H. Bollman
Anamosa, Iowa.
Castalia, Iowa.
Co. L.
Wm. Jenkins
Caleb Bunn,
Geo. S. Rogers
W. S. Guthrie
L. B. Manwaring
Quincy, Ill.
Cherokee, Iowa.
Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Wheatland, Iowa.
Co. M.
Geo. T. Nettle
Geo. Thompson
E. B. Hinds
Dayton, Iowa.
Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Odell, Neb.
   The following named Comrades were not present but forwarded membership fees:
E. J. Babcock, 2815, E. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colo.
E. H. Smith, Dubuque, Iowa.
D. D. McMillin, Alden, Iowa.
John Gaydes, La Grange, Mo.
S. P. Carnahan, Eldorado, Kan. 
   List of ladies registered:
Mrs. J. W. Krapful, Waterloo, Iowa.
Mrs. E. M. Manwaring, Wheatland, Iowa.
Mrs. Josey Bunn, Cherokee, Iowa.
Mrs. Jane Wheelock, Madrid, Iowa.
Mrs. S. M. Bordan, Albia, Iowa.
Mrs. W. H. Garland, Scranton, Iowa.
   The following gentlement also registered:
T. P. Bollman, Ames, Iowa.
C. P. Atwood, Grand Junction, Iowa.
Names and Addresses of the Surviving Members
   The following is a list of the field and staff officers as copied from the list of the Ninth Reunion: 
Bryan, P. Gad, lieutenant-colonel
McQueen, A. G., lieutenant-colonel
Jenks, J. D., major
Chas., Levi, major
McDermott, John, major
Ladd, J. A., assistant surgeon
Kerr, David A., adjutant
Donnell, J. A., adjutant
Bryan, J. M., adjutant
King, J. L., B. S. M.
Albers, C. H., quartermst'r
Dashiell, H. L., commissary
Newell, Robert T., commissaryElder, Thomas H, hospital steward
Doellfilder, G., hospital steward
Edwards, B. S., hospital steward
Aiken, John B., B. S. M
Keller, Henry B., musician
Keene, Lewis, musician
Mitchell, Samuel, bugler
Wood, Harry, wagon-master
Butler, Henry M., regimental band
Mussey, W. H., regimental band
Easley D., quartermaster sergeant
Cunningham, A. G., bugler
Manwaring, L. B., commissary sergeant,
Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Flora, Clay Co., Ill.
Butte City, Mont.
Sandiago, Cal
Chicago, Ill.
Traer, Iowa.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Audubon, Iowa.
Springfield, Ill.
400 Merch'ts Ex., St. Louis, Mo.
Albia, Iowa.
Fremont, Iowa.
Winfield, Kan.
Tipton, Iowa.
Chetapo, Kansas.
Troy, Vt.
Wapello, Iowa.
North McGregor, Iowa.
Denver Colo.
Pleasanton, Kan.
St. Joseph, Mo.
St. Louis, Mo.
Promise City, Iowa.
Little Rock, Ark.
Weheatland, Iowa.
Obleness, T. J.. captain
Bishop, John A., lieutenant
Turner, James P., lieutenant
Albers, D. H
Babcock, E. J
Blair, Wm. W
Bridges, Brainard
Carter, Wm. H
Carter, Charles Alexander
Coon, Oliver L
Copp, Milton
Dwigans, Joseph
Fortune, William H
Gray, Walter S
Goodin, William
Horton, William
Henkle, John
Johnston, James E
Kennedy, Alex
Kerr, D. A
Lyon, John C
Markley, James, K. P
Moss, Charles E., Jr
McKibbon, Charles
McKay, George W
Nelson, N. P
Newel, Samuel H
Oiler, Eli R
Reynolds, Thomas
Reed, Elmore
Skinner, John
Sweet, E. L
Shook, Jacob M
Seabolt, Edward
Sala, Orlando P
Smith, John W
Smith, Willis
Turner, Davis C
Tassett, Lucius
Wilson, Abraham
Walker, Addison
Wright, A. J
Wright, John
Welchymer, George
Wuilson, Walker
Wyatt, William H
Wilson, A. J.
Wilson, Harrison T
Walker, F. J.
Alexandria, Mo.
Wellington, Kan.
Keokuk, Iowa.
400 Merchants Exchange, St. Louis, Mo.
Davenport, Iowa.
Menominee, Wis.
Englewood, Ill.
Bentonsport, Iowa.
Bentonsport, Iowa.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Holyoke, Col.
Stuart, Iowa.
Davis City, Iowa.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Farmington, Iowa
Montrose, Iowa.
Afton, Iowa.
Kansas City, Mo.
Keokuk, Iowa.

Keokuk, Iowa.
Arroyo Grande, Cal.
River Falls, Wis.
Kansas City, Mo.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Howard, Kan.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Holton, Kan.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Confidence, Iowa.
Montrose, Iowa.
St. Charles, Iowa.
Greeley, Iowa.
Scottsville, Kan.
Scandia, Kan.
Bloomington, Wis.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Santa Barbara, Cal.
Helena, Mon.
Nichols, Minn.
Coin, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Kan.
Garden Plain, Kan.
Springfield, Mo.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Montrose, Iowa.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Austin, Neb.
Montrose, Iowa.
Keokuk, Iowa.
Burdett, S. S., captain
Heberling, Hiram S., lieut.,
Adams, Nicholas
Allen, George D
Buell Freeman
Bullock, D. S
Carney, George R
Crandell, Henry C
Chatfield, M. M
Cunningham, M
Downing, John
Emery, Silas H
Fulton, R. B
Finkenkeller, Andrew
Garland, W. H.
Gage, J. T
Gulic, Isaac
Hopkins, E. T
Hughson, Henry W
McMillen, D. S
McKeene, John
Miller, John A
Pearson, Luke
Smith, John T
Smith, E. H
Stephens, John
tyler, George C
Truman, S. C
West, W. H. H
Williams, Warren
Haney, William J
291 F. St., Washington, D. C.
2736 N. Paulina St., Chic., Ill.
Elkader, Iowa.
El Reno, O. T.
Lyons, Iowa.
Norfold, Neb.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Shell Rock, Iowa.
Ellsworth, Minn.
volga City, Iowa.
Andrew, Iowa.
Audubon, Iowa.
Red Cloud, Neb.
Florence, Neb.
Scranton, Iowa.
Hawkeye, Iowa.
State Center, Iowa.
Davenport, Iowa.
Esbon, Kan.
410 Park Ave., Waterloo, Iowa.
Green Springs, Ohio.
Silver City, N. M.
Rising, Neb.
Herron Lake, Minn.
Dubuque, Iowa.
Lyons, Iowa.
De Witt, Iowa.
Arlington, Iowa.
De Witt, Iowa.
Chetopa, Kan.
Stanhope, Iowa.
Andrews, Sol M
Atchison, Stout
Allen, W. P
Boyer, Michael
Boltz, Joseph
Brice, A. C
Bowman, A. W
Brees, Joseph
Brant, John H
Castle, Ben S
Carter, Jackson,
Chickering, Charles
Errickson, Frank
Gerhast, Henry M
Hendricks, Paul
Hammond, Ike
Hook, George
Johnson, C. B
Keaver, W. O. P
Kirchner, John W
Kelley, H. B.
Mellinger, John
Payne, Horace
Richey, Joe C
Stutsman, A. H
Sackett, George C
Stoddard, A. K
Swan, R. M
Unger, James W
Van Beck, George
Van Fleet, James
Welsh, Samuel B
Wilson, Thomas D
Wilson, Samuel H. F
Walker, Al
Zingre, Theodore E
Seymour, Iowa.
Denver, Col.
111 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Wapello, Iowa.
Morning Sun, Iowa.
Bedford Taylor Co, Iowa.
Lamoni, Iowa.
Kingman, Kan.
Augusta, Iowa.
Johnstown, Ohio.
Monet, Mo.
Red Oak, Iowa.
Lockbridge, Iowa.
Virdigris, Kan.
Highmore, Dakota.
Augusta, Kan.
Memphis, Tenn.
Anita, Iowa.
Parnell, Mo.
Monet, Mo.
Nat. Bk. Building, Topeka, Kan.
Morning Sun, Iowa.
Geneva, Ohio.
Des Moines, Iowa.
Burlington, Iowa.
Winterset, Iowa.
Canning, South Dakota.
Danville, Iowa.
Enid, Oklahoma.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
May, Oklahoma Territory.
Middleton, Iowa.
Morning Sun, Iowa.
Pleasant Grove, Iowa.
Russell, Iowa.
Hartsell, Oklahoma.
Walker, George M., captain
Benge, A. M
Brown, A. Z
Barker, Elihu G.,
Burnett, D. W.,
Black, Thomas
Bascom, S. C
Burnett, David D
Carpenter, W. W
Carter, W. C
Creeswell, J. M
Davis, Henry C
Francher, Jack
Francher, A. J
Grant, W. K
Gray, James J
Groom, Isaac E
Hornby, Wm. L
Hill, Peter,
Howery, James
Hicks, W. W
Harsh, Jacob
Hammond, David
Harmon, T. G
Imes, W. L
Judkins, Milton R
Judkins, J. V
Judkins, Jonathan
Jones, Wm. L
Kirk, J. W
Ludlow, W. O
Lee, Wm. O
Lewis, Thomas J
McClelland, J. L
Moore, Ephriam
Metcalf, H. F
McCoy, G. W
Rutter, D. H
Reed, Y. S
Shannon, Samuel E
Snydebotham, Jabez
Smith, Jackson C
Srackengast, J. W
Shannon, Enoch
Stradley, G. P
Stradley, T. T
Wilson, William W
Williams John H
Wright, W. W
Seward, Neb.
Winterset, Iowa
Fredonia, Kan.
1623 N. Webber St., col. Springs, Colo.
Gerard, Kan.
Jamaica Iowa.
Sanborn, Iowa
Ashtabula, Ohio.
Indianola, Iowu
Atlanta, Iowa.
Grandview, Iowa.
Lindsburg, Kan.
Leighton, Iowa.
Olivet, Mahaska County, Iowa.
Danville, Iowa.
Monroe, Iowa.
Marysville, Kan.
Denmark, Iowa.
Schuyler, Neb.
Shenandoah, Iowa.
Milo, Iowa.
New Virginia, Iowa.
Filmore, Mo.
Dryden, Oregon.
fountain, Col.
Indianola, Iowa.
Indianola, Iowa.
Mankato, Kan.
1721 Grant Ave., Colo. Springs, Colo.
Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Winterset, Iowa.
2307 Greenwood Ave., Pueblo, Col.
Indianola, Iowa.
East Perue, Iowa.
Winterset, Iowa.
Indianola, Iowa.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Wymore, Neb.
Winterset, Iowa.
Atlantic, Iowa.
Derby, Iowa.
Caldwell, Iowa.
Fairoaks, Cal.
Atlantic, Iowa.
Swan, Iowa.
Swan, Iowa.
Osceola, Iowa.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Winterset, Iowa.
Coulter, William A., captain
Baxter, Robert, lieutenant
Buffington, John J
Beam, Thomas N
Bigler, Theodore
Bird, C. M
Beam, Frank B
Chatterton, A. B
Cornwell, Arthur M
Canterberry, C
Colville, B. P
Campbell, James A
Cratty, William
Chase, Moses
Frank, J. E
Gregory, D. B
Hancock, T. J
Helphrey, D
Howard, C. M
Hess, H. H
Hall, I. N
Klingaman, W
Kenneth, Zachariah,
Lynch, Clarke
Lyman, Gad
Masden, Joseph
McCormick, John
North, John T
Prickett, Elias
Patterson, T. E
Pickard, Edward
Pickard, T. E
Potter, J. J
Pfontz, Jacob
Ramsey, George W
Ramsey, Joseph
Stapleton, E. M
Snyder, C. M
Van Orsdol, George W
Williams, O. N
Wiggins, L. D
Weller, Charles B
Hubbel, Neb.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Salem, Iowa.
Eagle Rock, Idaho.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Afton, Iowa.
Ebson, Kan.
Birmingham, Iowa.
New London, Iowa.
New London, Iowa.
Topeka, Kan.
Severance, Kan.
McCook, Neb.
Quasqueton, Iowa.
Red Oak, Iowa.
Osage Mission, Kan.
St. John, Mo.
Mt Pleasant, Iowa.
Shorey, Kan.
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Creston, Iowa.
Ayer, Neb.
Granger, Mo.
Mt Pleasant, Iowa.
New London, Iowa.
Lenora, Kan.
Witchita, Kan.
Winfield, Iowa.
New London, Iowa.
Anamosa, Iowa.
Salem, Iowa.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Gunnison, Col.
Fairfield, Iowa.
New London, Iowa.
Slolomon City, Kan.
Kinsley, Kan.
Mt Pleasant, Iowa.
Silver Lake, Kan.
Wendell, Kan.
Wayland, Iowa.
Kent, Iowa.
Dustin, C. L., captain
Dow, Charles, W. W., lieutenant
Austin, A. W
Barry, H. L
Bessy, John
Boyd, D. D
Boyd, W. D
Bunker, Jesse
Bowen, W. J
Cooper, John
Craig, L. R
Druff, F. A
Hart, Ray S
Hart, George
Hise, J. G
Hayes, Morton
Klein, Max
Kimberly, W. C
McCord, James H
McCord, D. M
Mayer, Charles
McCormick, J. W
Mathews J. L
Merriman, A. G
McClure, William
McClure, George
Morrow, John A
Owen, Alonzo
Powers, Albert
Patten, J. G
Park, Russell
Poole, James
Poole, Ezra
Platt, J
Prindle, Amos
Riley, George W
Sayles, W. O
Smith, Carey R
Stebbins, M. L
Sims, M. J
Sexton, S. M
Tatman, W. E
Wylie, J. L
Woodruff, Chalmer P.,
Wildman, Ira H
Wilson, J. P
Wilson, J. D
Wheelock, C. M
Young, R. J
soldiers' Home, Los angeles, Cal.
Worthingtonm, Minn.
Rifle, Col.
Constatine, Mich.
Fullerton, Neb.
Williamsburg, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Gilmore, Mich.
Iowa City, Iowa.
Susanville, Cal.
Dennison City, Texas.
Riverside, Iowa.
Denmark, Iowa.
Ft. Madison, Iowa.
Washington, Iowa.
Hazleton, Iowa.
Allegheny City, Pa.
Kellogg, Iowa.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Schuyler, Neb.
Wellman, Iowa.
Davenport Iowa.
Conway, Iowa.
Waterloo, Iowa.
Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Cal.
Blue Rapids, Kan.
Castalia, Iowa.
Menong, Wis.
River Junction, Iowa.
Denmark, Iowa.
Pierce, Neb.
Nira, Iowa.
Oelwein, Iowa.
Decatur, Texas.
Montezuma, Iowa.
Oelwein, Iowa.
Santa Anna, Cal.
Waverly, Iowa.
Riverside, Iowa.
Wellsville, Ohio.
Harper, Kan.
Granville, Ohio.
6131, columbia Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Central city, Neb.
Rock Island, Ill.
Pleasant Hill, Oregon.
Madrid, Iowa.
Oeilwein, Iowa.
Thompson, Josiah D., captain
Kingenburg, E. A., lieut.,
Smith, Solomon, lieut
Alline, A. A
Brown, Edward J
Byreley, Purdy M
Bartow, Clinton M
Bardfield, H. S
Birk, Stephen
Bronson, L. H
Babcock, W. W
Baker, W. H
Clark, Wilson
Clinkenbeard, E. L
Carr, George W
Cassleman, Levi
Dawson, J. W
Duboise, George H
Evans. J. B
Eggleston, C. B
Fowkes, Allen
Guitsch, Franz
Hanna, John Q
Hoff, Samuel M
Higginbotham, R. M
Johnson, W. D.
Libbee, Charles H
Krapful, J. W
Kirk, John
Lounsberry, Joel G
McMillen, e. H
McCartney, Charles P
McCall, W. J
Palmer, Silas,
Rambargh, W. H
Rudolph, A. T
Schoonover, L.,
Severance, F. H
Slaikey, N  [Slaiken/Slaikeu-this info not part of document]
Trenchard, S. W
Thompson, A. J
Walker, George W
Walton, George W
Wright James
Young, John M
San Francisco, Cal.
Soldiers' Home, Waupaca, Wis.
Dubuque, Iowa.
LeMars, Iowa.
428 N 40th St., Omaha, Neb.
Farley, Iowa.
Gordon, Neb.
Williams, Iowa.
Eldora, Iowa.
Raymond, Iowa
Gordon, Neb.
Bethesda Springs, Ark.
Fairbury, Neb.
Eldora, Iowa.
Independence, Iowa.
Delphos, Kan.
Great Bend, Kan.
Manchester, Iowa
Princeton, Mo.
3615 Edwards St, Denver, Col.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Plainfield, Iowa.
Olga, Texas.
Waterloo, Iowa.
Eldora, Iowa.
Wilsonville, Neb.
Mitchell, Dakota.
Waterloo, Iowa.
Hughes, Iowa.
Union, Iowa.
iowa Falls, Iowa.
Oakland, Kan.
Secor, Iowa.
Vermillion, Dakota.
Eldora, Iowa.
Interstate Commerce com., Wash., D. C.
Anamosa, Iowa.
Grundy Center, Iowa.
Eagle Grove, Iowa.
Manchester, Iowa.
Anthon, Iowa.
Grundy Center, Iowa.
Ida grove, Iowa.
Emily, Minn.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Westcoatt, Riley, captain
Mark, George M., lieutenant
Bates, Joseph S
Bates, Sterling S
Bernard, Washington
Burkhall, Francis
Burden, Frank
Carnes, David
Carroll, Nathan A
Carrolton, L. B
Callahan, C. W
Crouse, Stephen
Cowan, James H
Dull, Thomas H
Dashiell, Henry L
Dixon, S
Elder, D. M
Fodge, J. M
Ferman, James H
Freiner, Levi R
Gilbert, John
Hodge, David
Hale, B. A
Harrington, Ozra
Jones, Isaac S
Jefferson, H. H
Denworthy, D. C
Kelso, James
Kester, S. M
Lafollette, Adam
Miller, Henry M
Mauk, John W
Mark, James M
Maxwell, W. T
McCoy, Moses
McCoy, William
NMeill, Dyas
Parmenter, W. O
Rietel, Blaire
Ross, John P
Sinclair, Archie
Spurgeon, Wm. H
Staggers, Joseph L
Smith, G. D
Thompson, George C
Teas, Joseph B
Wilson, John
Wells, Sidney
Wood River, Neb.
Desota, Iowa.
Bethlehem, Iowa.
Welshfield, Ohio,
Golden City, Mo.
Greely, Kan.
Albia, Iowa.
Castana, Iowa.
Huntsville, Mo.
Albia, Iowa.
Chariton, Iowa.
Leon, Iowa.
Elgin, Oregon.
Mt. Ayr, Iowa.
Albia, Iowa.
Wallowa, Oregon.
Artesia, New Mexico.
Merua, Neb.
Binkleman, Neb.
Newark, Ohio.
Farnhamville, Iowa.
Ottawa, Iowa.
Egerton, Kan.
Hale, Kan.
Albia, iowa.
Lineville, Iowa.
Albia, Iowa.
Blanche, Neb.
Albia, Iowa.
Russell, Iowa.
Chariton, Iowa.
Chariton, Iowa
Adel, Iowa.
Creston, Iowa.
Melrose Iowa.
Blanche, Neb.
Lineville, Iowa.
Chariton, Iowa.
Osceola, Iowa.
Ness city, Kan.
Albia, Iowa.
Panora, Iowa.
Powell, Ohio.
Snohomish, Wash.
Albia, Iowa.
Chariton, Iowa.
Grant City, Mo.
Russell, Iowa.
Dinsmore, D. C., captain
Kitterman, W. H., lieutenant
Bickley, Thomas,
Bottorf, W
Braden, John L
Bollin, Gottleib
Crocker, B. F
Chapman, A. J
Curtis, R. G
Davis, James
Daley, Frank
Decker, David
Dickens, George W
Donnell, R. L
Dornsife, Jerome
England, James P. R
Gillespie, A. J
Hawk, Washington
Hawk, Andrew
Jobe, W. S
Johnson, A. J.
Kempton, J. B
Kempton, G. W
Lynn, H. C
McCauley, William
Myers, T. J
Mallonee, William D
Mallonee, W. A
Phelps, A. B
Reed, John
Reiley, William H
Rouse, George W
Rentfro, William S
Schreeve, John
Street, William E
Street, J. S
Thompson, E. C
Thompson, C
Van Hoosen, William
Kirksville, Iowa.
Ottumwas, Iowa.
Ottumwas, Iowa.
Richland, Iowa.
Ioka, Iowa.
Nauvoo, Ill.
Martinsburg, Iowa.
Oberlin, Kan.
Alerton, iowa.
Maquoketa, Iowa.
Pontoosuci, Ill.
Competine, Iowa.
Hedrick, Iowa.
Sigourney, Iowa.
Independence, Oregon.
Bloomfield, Iowa.
Atlantic, Iowa.
Blue Rapids, Kan.
Brewster, Kan.
Perue, Kan.
Martinsburg, Iowa.
Evans, Colo.
Loveland, Col.
Sigourney, Iowa.
Carthage, Ill.
Burlington, Iowa.
Hedrick, Iowa.
Ottumwa, Iowa.
Hedrick, Iowa.
Quenemo, Kan.
Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Ottumwas, Iowa.
Oak Valley, Kan.
Ottumwas, iowa.
Hedrick, Iowa.
Kansas City, Kan.
Agency City, Iowa.
Antioch, Ohio.
Beaver City, Neb.
Carpenter, W. W. l.eutenant
Dubois, Charles, lieutenant
Atwood, C. F.
Allsbaugh, David A
Black, John
Bailey, J. R
Baker, John T
Baldwin, Moses
Bollman, M. A.
Bolton, James
Campbell, T. F.
Fitzsimmons, John
Fairies, Royal P
Fay, B. A.
Goodrich, Solomon
Gaydas, John
Hyde, Edward
Hemon, Henry L.
Heacock, William H.
Jamison, S.
Jennings, J. W.
Keene, Lewis
Kelly, G. W.
Logan, William
McCorkle, James
McCloskey, Alex
Meddows, Alex
Miller, C. L.
Oathout, George W
Phibbs, Thos. M
Phillips, O. A
porter, R.
Rathbun, D. B.
Reed, Louis
Reynolds, Edward
Robey, Calvin A
Roe, C. E
Stanley, B. G.
Stillians, Samuel
Swingle, Nicholas M.
Slitor, E. F.
Saucer, Wm. H.
Tupper, thos. J.
Monta Vista, Col.
Macon, Mo.
Anamosa, Iowa.
Castalia, Iowa.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
St. Paul, Minn.
Decorah, Iowa.
Castalia, Iowa.
Castalia, Iowa.
Racine, Wis.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Monticello, Iowa.
Witchita, Kan.
Springfield, Mo.
Urbana, Ill.
La Grange, Mo.
Ossian, Iowa.
Columbia, S. Dakota.
Ames, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
McGregor, Iowa.
Lotham, Oregon.
Ft. dodge, Kansas.
Dexter, Iowa.
Decorah, Iowa.
2912 1st Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn.
Waukon, Iowa.
Luana, Iowa.
Streater, Ill.
Arlington, Iowa.
Danville, Iowa.
Windom, Kansas.
Waukon, Iowa.
Fullerton, Neb.
rossville, Iowa.
Waterloo, Iowa.
Rossville, Iowa.
Soldiers, Home, Iowa.
Davenport, Iowa.
Monona, Iowa.
Ackley, Iowa.
Rock Rapids, Iowa.
Bunn, Caleb
Barnes, Alexander
Brown, J. V.
Blair, Thompson
Carnahan, S. D.
Davis, John H.
Davis, James
Esson, C. G.
Ginder, Peter
Guthrie, Wm. S
Jenkins, William
Jack, David
Keyes, S. K.
Maurice, Nicholas
Miller, Andrew
Miller, William
Mallory, W. L.
Moody, Joseph
Potter, Henry C.
Rogers, G. S.
Scott, W. H.
Swartzel, David
Slade, C. M.
slade, Wm.
Stoneman, Lewis J.
Turner, George P.
Thomas, A. B.
Taylor, William
Tucker, P. H.
Williver, Nathaniel W.
White, John
Holstein, Iowa.
Salem, Kansas.
2119 Watervliet Ave., Denver, Colo.
Vinton, Iowa.
El Dorado, Kan.
Farmington, Conn.
Maquoketa, Iowa.
Dubuque, Iowa.
Dubuque, Iowa.
1820 D Ave., Cedar, Rapids, Iowa.
Soldiers' Home, Quincy, Ill.
Peru, Neb.
Cambridge, Neb.
Monticello, Iowa.
Laramie, Wyoming.
Winthrop, Iowa.
Rockwell City, Iowa.
North Auburn, Neb.
Pleasant Hill, Tenn.
Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Ohiowa, Neb.
Quasqueton, Iowa.
soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Cresco, Neb.
El Reno, Oklahoma.
Quasqueton, Iowa.
Forest grove, Oregon.
Guthrie, Okla.
Hillards, Mich.
McGregor, Iowa.
Moline, Kan.
Crosby, Jas. P., captain
Ware, Edward, lieutenant
Allen, George
Ballard, N. U.
Bunce, J. F.
Brudor, Ambrose J
Dean, Daniel
Dierks, Hans E.
Dora, Francis A
Else, Thomas
Francis, T. E.
Greene, Melville
Hill, Nelson P.
Hunting, W. H.
Hathaway, W. w.
Hoopes, John M
Hill, W W.
Holtz, Nicholas
Hinds, E. B
Killmer, J.
Lillie, Marquis D
Lake, S. K.
Ladd, D. A.
Mackinson, John W.
McMartin, Peter
Mullen, E. J.
McCullom, Russell
Nettle, George T
Noon, T. C
Pennington, Geo.
rice, John C
Sears, George
Stoops, Henry J.
Thompson, George
vosburgh, John L.
Walling, W. J.
Black river Falls, Wis.
Soldiers' Home, Iowa.
Castalia, Iowa.
Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Iowa Falls, Iowa.
Forsythe, Mo.
Lyons, Iowa.
Clinton, Iowa.
Boulder, Col.
Parker, Dakota.
Cambridge City, Ind.
Castalia, Iowa.
Burlington, Iowa.
Clinton, Iowa.
Davenport, iowa.
Dallas Center, Iowa.
Ramona, Dakota.
Charlotte, iowa.
Odell, Neb.
Camanche, Iowa.
Clinton, Iowa.
Wausau, Wis.
Tripoli, Iowa.
Clahoun, Mo.
Castalia, Iowa.
Hayes City, Kan.
King's Valley, Oregon.
Perry, Iowa.
Sumner, Iowa.
2620 Garfield Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
clinton, Iowa.
Onslow, Iowa.
firth, Neb.
Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Clinton, Iowa.
Leigh, Neb.
Transcribed by MA Schwanke