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(From Nashua Reporter, 26 November 1908)

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Chickasaw County, Iowa November, 1908, Session. Board met in the auditor's office, New Hampton Iowa on Monday Nov. 9th, 1908, at 1:30p.m. Present Denner, Pickar, Cagley, Parks and Oleson. The Board proceeded to canvass the vote cast at the General Election held Nov. 3rd, 1908, and the following named persons were declared elected.

F. A. O'Connor, Representative
F. N. Lentz, Auditor
H. N. Reich, Treasurer
A. A. Kutish, Clerk of Dist. Court
J. J. Wandro, Sheriff
E. T. Griffin, Recorder
M. F. Condon, County Attorney
E. J. Feuling, Co. Superintendent
G. W. Coutant, Surveyer
E. N. Johnston, Coroner
Ole Oleson, Supervisor Dist. No. 1
F. C. Kepple, Supervisor Dist. No. 2
L. Benz, Supervisor Dist. No. 5

John Commerfield, Utica
John Gorman, Jacksonville
Mike Weigel, Jacksonville
H. Koust, Washington
G. E. Rechford, Washington
John Trask, Deerfield
Peter Herzog, Chickasaw
W. B. Waite, Chickasaw
Fred Babcock, Dayton
Joe Keating, Dayton
J. F. Noble, New Hampton
J. W. McIntee, New Hampton
Peter O'Byrne, Stapleton
C. E. Young, Stapleton
H. B. Carpenter, Fredericksburg
C. T. Hasket, Fredericksburg
G. H. Fay, Dresden
L. McGee, Dresden
L. P. Bailey, Richland
H. C. Ransom, Richland
H. T. Dexter, Bradford
N. E. Gary, Bradford

N. N. Ambie, Utica
F. A. Pechota, Utica
P. J. Commerford, Jacksonville
D. N. Collins, Jacksonville
Mike Ries, Washington
Wm. Merritt, Washington
John Quirk, Deerfield
John Burgart, Deerfield
C. F. Faber, Chickasaw
Carl H. Ebert, Chickasaw
J. C. Tierney, Dayton
Paul Sack, New Hampton
John O'Day, New Hampton
W. S. Springer, Stapleton
Pat Green, Jr., Stapleton
J. N. Coleman, Fredericksburg
A. D. Thomas, Fredericksburg
Frank Kolthoff, Dresden
H. Witthop, Dresden
J. W. Hicks, Richland
F. R. Shope, Bradford
Warren Parish, Bradford

Adjourned yt 6 p.m.

Contributed by Claudia Groh, Transcribed by Mike Peterson