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Marcus Township, Cherokee County, IA

The earliest settlers came to the township in May of 1869. They were H.W. Bowman and his son Thomas; and W.E. Rose and his brother Lewis. Others who followed included James Barnes, Joseph F. Shelden in 1870; James Monier, Prentice Foster and Charles "Whisky" Smith in 1871. R.W. Heath and "Charlie" Johnson were also early settlers.

First Events
Land broken: W.E. Rose's homestead in 1869.
House: W.E. Rose
Death: Grandpa Bird in 1874
Birth: Elsa Bowman in 1875
Marriage: George Proctor to Miss Lina Shelden, Fall 1878
School: winter of 1873-74 by Miss Lina Shelden
City of Marcus
Was platted November 27, 1871 as a point on the railroad and was, for the most part, comprised of Americans, Germans and some Scandinavians. It was incorporated in June of 1882.

First Events
Building: a frame house built by I.M. Hackson in 1872
Goods handler and general merchandising: J. Hyndman. He opened a store in 1873.
Family: A.H. Dwight and family in April of 1872.
Hotel: Wilmott and Row in the spring of 1874.
Grain warehouse: Parkins Brothers, 1874
Hardware dealer: L. Kloster, 1876-77
Furniture dealer: Fred Collier
Drugs and Medicines: Dr. J. Failing
Attorney: B.H. Wilmott
Blacksmith: William Orr
Wagon-maker: Clarkson Barwick
Postmaster: William Campbell
Livery: J. P. Roe
Shoemaker: John Ernster in 1876
Agricultural implement dealer: I.M. Jackson
Jeweler: Frank Hyde
Harness-Maker: John Bawman
Bank: Bank of Marcus established by Gund and Hiltgen in June 1881
Milliners: Mrs. Wilmott and Mrs. Ruming
Photographer: F.E. Dwight in 1880
School: 1874
Church: Roman Catholic, 1876
Newspaper: Marcus News, established by J. A. Parks in August of 1882

Roman Catholic in 1876
Methodist Episcopal about 1882
Christian in 1883
Swedish Lutheran 1878

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SOURCE:  Biographical History of Cherokee County. W. S. Dunbar & Co., 1889.

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