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Amherst Township, Cherokee County, IA

 The first homesteader was Mattias Smith, who came in the autumn of 1869. Other early settlers were Wireman Miller, M.E. Hinkley, P.C. Stone, W.R. Bartlett, two men named Hyatt, J.P. Adam Dorr and his brother John Dorr, Jacob Perkins, David Barlett (son of W.R. Bartlett), Ed. Smith, and gentlemen named Ray and Christie.

First Events
Term of School: taught by D. J. Bartlett in the fall of 1871
Schoolhouse were built in 1873
Death: the infant child of William Fosket in 1874
Marriage: David Bartlett to Miss Belle Anderson

Methodist Episcopal built in 1884
German Baptist Bretheren (Dunkards) organized in 1887
German Lutherans erecting a church in 1889

Holy Name Cemetery
Marcus-Amherst Cemetery

SOURCE:  Biographical History of Cherokee County. W. S. Dunbar & Co., 1889.

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