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Cherokee County World War II Casualties

Cherokee County's casualty list from WW II, as recorded in the Ward Records Division of the Iowa State Department of History and Archives at Des Moines, lists forty-eight dead.  Though the list is official for Cherokee County, it may not e complete.  Dr. Estelle Wise, representing the American Legion Auxiliary, sent all casualty items from the local newspaper to the department during the war.  The list was then compiled from these accounts.  This is the official list of Cherokee countians, who gave their lives in the service of their nation during World War II, as published in the Cherokee Daily Times, January 28, 1946.

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Last Name First Name Rank &
Date of Death
Family Incident
Barnes Dale E. 1st Lt
Wife: Mrs. Harriet Barnes, Cherokee, IA Killed in action in the Battle of Cassins (Italy)
Becker Roy Erwin Jr. Ship's Cook 2/c
Wife: Mrs. Lorraine Lois Becker, Cherokee , IA
Sister: Mrs. Esther June Corderman, Fenton, IA
Reported missing.  Now reported dead
Brown Wesley J. F 2/c
Mother: Mrs. Tom Leesley, Oto, IA Killed at Pearl Harbor
Corrington Floyd "Bud" Sgt.
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Corrington, Los Angeles, CA
Sister: Mrs. Roy Mummert, Cherokee, IA
Killed in action - D Day
Crane Ernest R. Jr Sgt
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Crane, Cherokee, IA Wounded in North Africa 2/1/1943; Died in
Crane Harold "Bud" Sgt
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Crane, Aurelia, IA Killed in action in France
Dalton Thomas robert Seaman
Father: James Dalton, Marcus, IA Killed on aircraft carrier in Pacific
Day Marvin Wesley Cpl
Quimby - formerly
Wife: Mrs. Marian V. Day, Sioux City, IA Killed in action on Anzio beachhead, Italy
Eisenmenger Cletus J. S/Sgt
Father: Mr. Paul C. Eisenmenger, Cherokee Killed in France
Ford Donald E. S 2/c
Father: Mr. John Ford, Cherokee Gave his life while seabees off Hollywood Beach, CA
Fuller John Daniel AMM 3/c
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. John Fuller, Cleghorn, IA Killed in bomber crash at Camp Kearney Air Base Barracks,
San Diego, CA 
Garvin James M. 2nd Lt
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Garvin, Marcus, IA Killed in action in European area 
Gilbert Leslie B. Capt
Mother: Mrs. Esther S Gilbert, Cherokee, IA
Wife: Mrs. Leslie B. Gilbert, Madison, WI
Captured by Japs on fall of Corregidor 1/24/1942
In ship sunk by sub 5/6/1942 in China Sea 
Glass Robert Milton Lt
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Glass, Omaha, NE
Wife: Mrs. R. M. Glass, Crete, NE
Killed in action in Italy 
Haley Ernest Sgt
Mother: Mrs. Pearl M. Haley, Cherokee, IA Killed in action in France 
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Bert Heinen, Cherokee, IA
Wife: Mrs. Dorothy L. Heinen, Meriden, IA
Killed in action in France on D-Day
HurtigWerner JPfc.Father: John Hurtig, Cleghorn, IAKilled in action in European area
Johnson Floyd C. Pvt
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Axel L. Johnson, Quimby, IA Killed in action in Germany 
Johnson Forest B. Cpl
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Johnson, Cherokee, IA Wonded in N. Africa 3/29/1943. Died on 4/1/1943 
JohnstonDelbert E.T/Cpl
Sister: Mrs. W. Casey (given as next of kin)
Spencer, IA
Killed in action in Italy
KeeganJohn J.Cpl
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Smorowske, Marcus, IAKilled in action on Iwo Jima
LochnerWilliam CharlesS l/c
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Lochner, Meriden, IAKilled aboard USS California
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Earl Mahoney, Redondo Bch, CA
Sister: Mrs. Ben W. Sadler, Sioux City, IA
Killed in action over Italy, after having been reported
as missing
Parents: Mr. & MRs. Chas. Meyer, Cleghorn, IAKilled in action in France
MonganGlenn RobertPFc
Father: C. H. Mongan, Aurelia, IAKilled in accident between Camps Polk & Claiborne, LA
MorrowLynn5/30/1944Parents: Mr. & MRs. Frank Morrow, Vancouver, WA
Brother: Meredith Morrow, Cherokee, IA
Killed in action in Italy
MuellerFred1st Sgt
Wife: Mrs. Joan M. Mueller, Cherokee, IAKilled in action in France
NeglessLaVerne L.Sgt.
Parents: Mr. & MRs. Frank Negless, Battle Creek, IAKilled in action in Italy
Wife: Mrs. Faith McCannon Niemeier, Quimby, IA
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Niemeier, Ida Grove, IA
Died in France of wounds received in action
OhlendorfHenry F., JrCpl
Father: Henry H. Ohlendorf, Marcus, IAKilled in action in N. Africa
OwensWarren D.Sgt.
Mother: Mrs. Anna M. Will, Aurelia, IAKilled in action in European area (Belgium)
PetersonGene L.Pvt
Wife: Mrs. ALice E. Peterson, Aurelia, IAKilled in Pacific area
PhippsDean S.Pfc - USMCR
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. John Phipps, Cherokee, IAKilled on Saipan
ReinertLeRoy F l/cParents: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Reinert, Cherokee, IANavy dead
SchmillenFrancis C.Sgt
Mother: Mrs. Alice B. Schmillen, Cherokee, IA
Aunt & Uncle: Mr. & Mrs. N. P. Ellis, Waverly, IA
Killed in Pacific Area
ShoveRobert G.F l/c
Father: Geo. Shove, Cherokee, IADied in Jap Prison Camp 1, in Philippines of
pulmonary T.B
SrockJohn FrankPfcFather: Albert Srock, Sr. Cherokee, IA
Sister: Mrs. Mary Peterson, Cherokee, IA
Died in post hospital at Ft. Sill, OK
StahlLewis C.S 2/c
Sister: Miss Hestr Stahl
Father: Albert Stahl, Stahl's Furniture Exchange,
Cherokee, IA
Went down with cruiser Vincennes in S. Pacific
StanfordJames KeithPvt
Sister: Mrs. Wayne Wilson, Aurelia, IA
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. David L. Stanford, Peterson, IA
Died from wounds received in action in Italy
StevensonBeryl R.Pfc.
Mother: Mrs. Ruby Stevenson, Cherokee, IAKilled in action in Pacific area (Luzon)
StevensonVernon R.Pvt
Wife: Mrs. Lamona M. Stevenson, Cherokee, IA
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Stevenson, Quimby, IA
Killed in action in Italy.  Reported missing as of 5/29/1944
StewartWayne E.Pfc.
Parents: Mrs. Eileen Bates & Vernon Stewart, both of Cherokee, IA
Grandfather: Frank Stewart, Clinton, IA
Killed in action N. Africa
StiversJames L.Pvt
Wife: Mrs. Lucille Stivers, Waterloo, IA
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Stivers, Cherokee, IA
Killed in action in France
TotmanJames AllenPfc
Parents: MR. & Mrs. Geo. Totman, Quimby, IAKilled in Alaska, presumably in air carsh. Telegram
says he died over Ft. RIchardson, Alaska
UngerDaniel RexEM 3/c
Wife: Mrs. Lucille Unger (divorced), Cherokee, IA
Father: Roe Unger, Cherokee, IA
Killed by hit & run driver at Long Beach, NY
Parents: MR. & MRs. Merle Weicht, Marcus, IADied as result of wounds received in action in
Woodbard Paul E. Pvt Sister: Mrs. Thelma I. Burch, Cherokee, IA Killed in action - European area 
Ziegenbusch John Ivan Aviation Cadet
Parents: MR. & MRs. Ivan Ziegenbusch, Cherokee, IA Killed in plane crash near Coffeyville, Kansas 
Source: Special Issue Cherokee County Historical Society Newsletter, Vol 15, Num 10, October 1980, Section XIV

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