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Marriages Licenses Issued in 1878

This list was transcribed from a January 1878 issue of The Free Press. Note - names are spelled as they are in the paper. The paper may be incorrect. If you spot an error, please let the County Coordinator  know so the correct information can be added in addition to the newspaper's version.  

Through the kindness of Oscar Chase, we are enabled to publish the following list, giving the names of the parties for the marriage of the licenses have been issued for the past year. The record show that the greatest number were issued in March and October, each having seven, while the least number issued were in August, the only one. The entire number is but 51; hard times and the intensity of the summer months having a delaterious effect.

Jan. 7 -- Ralph Rubertson and Lizzie A. Bates

Jan. 15 -- B. S. Campbell and Sarah Lutz

Jan. 17 - David L. Angle and Ida Besline

Jan. 21 -- Chas. A. Lokin and Emma Lockin

Jan. 30 -- Peter Larson and Mary Johnson

Feb. 1 -- F. P. Stiner and Saddie M. Hawn

Feb. 13 -- Albert Ratkee and Ernestine Fett

Feb. 20 -- C. C. Conklin and Sarah E. Wright

Feb. 16 -- Thos. Farley and Rebecca K. Thompson

March 1 -- Christian Corksen and Jensene P. Peterson

March 9 -- Ole Oleson and Caroline Hanson

March 14 -- Knudt Kerudtson and Mary J. Burr

March 19 -- George A. Brown and Mary M. Soutter

March 20 -- John F. C. Ward and Allie Zwick

March 23 -- R. Larkin and Sarah A. Pixler

March 27 -- H. W. Smith and Annah E. Gillett

April 2 -- Allen A. Cunningham and Sarah Hayes

April 8 -- John Ernster and Katie Umhoefer

April 9 -- Charles A. Stiles and Willie F. Bailey

April 22 -- Hamilton Mitchell and Arsulia Reed

April 23 -- H. Huenke and Mary Steke

April 26 -- W. J. Reeder and Estelle Jessup

May 8 -- Andrew Johnson and Anna Sodderbury

May 22 -- Watson Pelton and Maggie Knapp

May 29 -- Byron Reed and Bena Samuelson

June 8 -- Neil Nelson and Maggie Nelson

June 26 -- G. F. Tucker and Emma Faus

July 3 -- James L. Stockton and Maggie Ryan

July 15 -- Hirman Schmidt and Bertha Risner

August 22 -- Russel J. Kidder and Polly H. Bernard

September 3 -- Milton Lewis and Addie A. Randall

September 7 -- George A. Douglas and Mary A. Rhodos

September 22 -- William Howard and Lydia Toons

September 28 -- William C. Hoit and Emma L. Conger

October 5 -- John Harty and Kate Christopher

October 10 -- David E. Ware and Laura A. Whitney

October 16 -- Adolphus Polley and Alma Thompson

October 17 -- Michael Kane and Mary McCarthy

October 17 -- Thomas G. Smith and Ida M. McCullough

October 28 -- Andrew Miller and Minnie Staplefield

October 29 -- George H. Boles and Clara Wical

November 4 -- James Brockway and Emma N. Proctor

November 5 -- George W. Proctor and Madaline E. Sheldon

November 26 -- Alney Moon and Matilda Hoffs

November 27 -- John Kearney and Mary O<92>Donovan

November 29 -- C. S. Wilson and Lydia I. Menefee

November 30 -- Clarence Putnam and Annie Collister

December 20 -- Levi Bailey and Harriet A. Gatliff

December 25 -- Henry E. Stewart and Wrelta M. Benedict

December 28 -- John Graff and Catherine Pool

December 30 Thos. W. Kissinger and Hannah E. Pearson

One more license was taken out yesterday but the fellow wanted to keep it secret, as the clerk informed us the applicant wished to make it a surprise for his girl."

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