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Cherokee County Marriages

Marriages Certificates Issued in 1876

This list was transcribed from a January 18, 1877 edition of The Cherokee Times.   

The Matrimonial Market
Showing the number and names to whom Marriage Certificates were issued during the Year 1876. It is, perhaps, a matter of no great concern to the reading public how many couples were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock in Cherokee county the past year, yet for the benefit of those who may have some anxiety to know the condition of the matrimonial market, we herewith present the names and dates to whom certificates were granted for the year ending January 1, 1877:

Jan. 5 - John Cantwell and Mary Chase
Jan 25 - Abram Stinar and Emma Hitchcock
Jan 26 - John McCowen and Cornelia M. McCowen

Feb 22 - Aaron Eshleman and Amanda E. Bugh
Feb 29 - Jno. W. Tilden and Cynthia Homibrook

Mar 1 - Harmon P. Seely and Henrietta Norman
Mar 4 - S. A. Keister and Perrissia Fuller
Mar 25 - Abel Westerdell and Matilda Cook
Mar 29 - Peter Thoren and Jubelina Swenson

Apr 6 - A. C. Bean and Maggie Virth
Apr 17 - Henry Hoffman and Angelina Compton
Apr 27 - Adolph Fagerberg and Louisa Nelson

May 13 - Howard C. Henderson and Nettie E. Welker
May 25 - Henry Johnson and Anna Landeen

Jun 8 - N. C. Buswell and Lillias H. Hobart
Jun 12 - Chas. Rydo and Sarah Lawson

Jul 15 - D. A. Durham and Allie Norman
Jul 25 - Moses Bombard and Annie Andrews
Jul 27 - Chas. Hubbard and Elizabeth Whipkey
Jul 28 - F. A. Foster and Mary Cody

Aug 17 - Perry McLain and Mary J. Hurd
Aug 19 - C. B. Clark and Kate Malrick
Aug 26 - H. B. Brundige and Minnie L. James
Aug 28 - Wm F. Shuly and Mary McKenzie

Sep 3 - H. M. Porter and Naoma F. L. Chase
Sep 3 - James Biddlecolm and Mary Hammond
Sep 4 - Edmund Miller and Mary J. Stone
Sep 4 - W. B. Morse and Maria A. Stanford
Sep 14 - G. M. Barr and Magaret M. Ward
Sep 17 - J. C.Clifton and Agnes Hogg
Sep 25 - Daniel Butcher and Maria Warburton

Oct 3 - L. H. Hartman and Grace Schofield
Oct 9 - Chas. Pettengill and Jane Hill
Oct 14 - E. E. Morrison and Frances Stahl
Oct 14 - John A. Stahl and Emma Dolph
Oct 14 - John Olney and Alta A. Ware
Oct 19 - Robert H. Corbett and Harriet Youde

Nov 6 - Pter Reigler and Maggie Umhoefer
Nov 9 - W. F. Whisman and Amelia Franklin

Nov 14 - W. F. Jones and Ida M. Conger
Nov 16 - H. P. Hubbard and Ida M. Brown

Dec  9 - Caleb S. Chase and Margaret Walters
Dec 12 - J. C. Benson and Maria Highland
Dec 20 - Silas Gould and Ida McCowen
Dec 23 - R. L. Robie and Ella L. Fairfield

No date - Samuel S. Bixler and Alice Fay

Making a grand total of forty-seven, and more than any other previous year since the organization of the county.  It wll also be seen by this that the fair ones have taken the advantage of leap year, which in a great measure augmented the number very materially.

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