Osterling - Smith Wedding

"A brilliant and lavish public wedding with a prominent young Cleghorn couple to be married against the background of a spectacular musical venue will climax the Clay county fair at Spencer on the final night of the exposition, Saturday, September 24.
The bride will be Miss Marjorie Smith and the groom, Mr. Gunnar Osterling.   Rev. C. Roll, pastor of the Church of Christ, Cleghorn, will read the ceremony.
Fully 10,000 spectators are expected to jam the grandstands and line up the fences Saturday night to witness the greatest spectacle that has ever been staged in the fifteen years that the Clay county fair has been in existence.
Lavish Display
The music for the wedding has been expecially written for the occasion and the entire company of Ernie Young's "Passing Parade of 1932," night show at the fair, will participate in the scene.  The bride and groom will be showered with gifts donated by Clay county merchants and the complete wedding outfit is to be provided by different firms.
The bride, eighteen years of age, and the groom, twenty-two, both are members of two of Cherokee county's best known families.  Following the wedding at Spencer they will honeymoon in Chicago and will return to take up their residence on a farm ten miles south of Cleghorn where they will farm 360 acres of land."

Source: Newspaper Source unknown.  Contributed by John F. Smeltzer, Colorado