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Cherokee, IA 1889

The following is a transcription of the 1889 Iowa State Census for the town of Cherokee, IA.  Please be aware that, based on the census scribers assumptions & interpretations,  names could be spelled incorrectly.

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Line #Name
Pg 1 #1Jay, E E
2Jay, Maggie
3Jay, Evelin
4Faus, Thos W
5Faus, D B
6Faus, Lucinda B
7Faus, Ilin
8Faus, Daniel W
9Faus, Minnie
10Faus, Anna
11Faus, Carrie
12Faus, Stella
13Young, J H
14Carrick, Al
15Carrick, Phalinda
16Carrick, Lula
17Carrick, Bert
18Carrick, Karl
19Carrick, Clay
20Fisher, J D
21Kramer, William
22Kramer, Sue E
23Kramer, Sadie
24Kramer, Frank
25Kramer, Mary
26Kramer, Artie
27Myris, RObert
28Seaman, Benjamin
29Seaman, Lyvenus
30Seaman, Isreal Milton
31Seaman, Hattie
32Seaman, Benjamin L
33Seaman, Everitt
34Seaman, Joseph
Pg 2  Line 1Brunnell, J M
2Brunnell, Sarah
3Brunnell, Rosa
4Brunnell, Georgie
5Brunnell, Mary
6Brunnell, Isaac
7Zook, John A
8Zook, Nellie A
9Miles, Sarah
10Beddinger, L H
11Beddinger, Esta
12Beddinger, Newa
13Beddinger, Ross
14Williams, Emma
15Williams, Hattie
16Williams, Maggie
17Williams, Pearl
18Williams, John
19Williams, Robert
20Stahl, John
21Stahl, Laura
22Searls, John
23Searls, Salina
24Searls, Rosa
25Searls, Frank
26Searls, Carnil
27Searls, Elmer
28Searls, Suse
29Brooks, Edward
30Brooks, Ida
31Brooks, Carrie
32Brooks, Minnie
33Brooks, Emma
34Brooks, Bill
Pg 3 Line 1Arnold, Thomas
2Arnold, Melissa
3Arnold, Frank
4Arnold, Minnie
5Arnold, Myrtie
6Arnold, Laura
7Arnold, Lilley
8Arnold, John
9Prescott, H W
10Prescott, Mattie
11Prescott, Flloyd
12Cowans, Anna J
13Cowans, Anna B
14Cowans, Homer
15Walvath, I G
16Walvath, Lena
17Whitehouse, Else
18Whitehouse, Fred
19Whitehouse, Charles
20Whitehouse, Robert
21Young, Wm
22Young, Elizabeth
23Reed, C M
24Reed, Theodosa
25Kelper, Mamie
26Baumgardiner, A R
27Baumgardiner, Ella
28Block, Richard
29Horton, Scott
30Smeltzer, Grant
31Jones, W F
32Jones, Ida
33Jones, Nellie
34Jones, Nettie
104Jones, Charles
105Jones, Pearl
106Jones, Grace
107Jones, Hazel
108Browslow, A L
109Browslow, Adelin
110Browslow, Clara
111Browslow, Maud
112Browslow, Nina
113Broughton, L C
114Boughton, Mary A
12Boughton, Lillie
13Boughton, Lester
14Metcalf, John A
15Metcalf, Mattie K
16Murphey, James
17Scutt, R
18Carney, John
19Carney, Mary
20Carney, Willie
21Hall, William
125Bird, J V
126Bird, Amanda
127Bird, Lualla
128Bird, Clifford
129Henderson, J A
130Henderson, Helen
131Henderson, Bertha
132Henderson, Mary
133Henderson, Katie
134Knox, Wallace
135Knox, Isabell
136Keggy, Wm
137Keggy, Estella
Pg 5 #138Herrick, E C
139Herrick, Manona
140Herrick, Inez E
141Herrick, William K
142Herrick, Robert M
143Stoner, Anna
144Ingersoll, T S
145Ingersoll, Bell C
146Ingersoll, Allie
147Ingersoll, Hellen
148Ingersoll, Robert
149Ingersoll, H G
150Isacson, Hulda
151Gill, Daniel
152Gill, Anna
153Gill, Lizzie
154Gill, Maggie
155Gill, John
156Gill, Fred
157Gill, Jerry
158Husey, Leroy
159Buel, Peter
160Williams, Aron
161O'Brien, Morris
162Bagley, Frank
163Bagley, Fannie
164Bagley, Fred
165Little, Lewis
166Little, Laura
167Little, Paul
168Pearle, Katie
169Kirkpatrick, John
170Kirkpatrick, Kate
171Kirkpatrick, Myrtie
Pg 6 #172Kirkpatrick, John Jr
173Kirkpatrick, Susan
174Stoner, Al
175Foss, Matilda
176Hobart, Aggie
177Hobart, Tuina
178Smith, Matthias
179Smith, Ruth
180Smith, Ruth G
181Chapman, Lydia
182Chapman, James E
183Chapman, Bertha
184Chapman, William
185Chapman, Melvin
186Chapman, Oscar
187Currier, John E
188Currier, Blon A
189Currier, Myrtle Anna
190Lund, Anna M
191McGlocklin, Alva L
192McGlocklin, Jamie
193McGlocklin, Jane
194McGlocklin, Sarah
195McGlocklin, Robert
196McGlocklin, William
197McGlocklin, Grace
198Ramsden, Samuel
199Ramsden, Esta
200Ramsden, Thomas
201Ramsden, Charles
202Ramsden, Fred
203Ramsden, Grace
204Ramsden, Wallace
205Ramsden, Curtis
Pg 7 #206Backus, Charles
207Backus, Eugene
208Sandusky, A W
209Sandusky, Kate
210Sandusky, Mort
211Yarrington, Harmon
212Yarrington, Juleitt
213Yarrington, Phillip J
214Yarrington, Austin
215Lewis, T W
216Case, Sarah
217Case, Wallace
218King, Littie
219King, Sarah
220King, John
221Olds, Frank
222Olds, Laura
223Olds, Dora
224Mosher, Emily
225Mosher, Edwin
226Mosher, Rose
227Mosher, Arthur
228Mosher, Elizabeth
229Mosher, James
230Graves, Charles
231Graves, Mary
232Graves, Jane
233Yarrington, William
234Yarrington, Nellie
235Yarrington, Hammond
236Yarrington, Esther
237Hohensholt, Sandy T
238Hohensholt, Minnie
239Hohensholt, Eva
Pg 8 #240Dyer, William H
241Dyer, Mary C
242Dyer, Emma D
243Dyer, Elmer
244Dyer, Amanda
245Dyer, George H
246Dyer, Cora
247Dyer, William
248Dyer, Grace
249Reffinberger, Lawrence
250Reffinberger, Kate
251Reffinberger, Katie
252Reffinberger, Lawrence
253Reffinberger, Michael
254Reffinberger, Oscar
255Reffinberger, Rose
256Henry, George
257Henry, Ellen
258Henry, Frank
259Henry, Thomas
260Henry, Walter
261Henry, Alice
262Henry, Hazen
263Henry, George Jr
264Henry, Sallie
265Parks, Willard
266Parks, Mary
267Parks, Amelia
268Parks, Thomas H
269Parks, Charlott
270Parks, Willie
271Parks, Rose
272Hathaway, E B
273Hathaway, Laura
Pg 9 #274Hathaway, Hubert
275Hathaway, Edith
276Hathaway, Nellie
277Jackson, Cleopatra
278Sleezer, Charles
279Sleezer, Lucy
280Sleezer, Lydia
281Sleezer, Roy
282Scurlock, William
283Scurlock, Susan
284Scurlock, Ralph
285Scurlock, Unis
286Scurlock, Clinton
287Scurlock, Thomas
288Scurlock, Jasper
289Shipman, Gertrude
290Shiras, Jerry
291Beck, William
292Nwger, Daniel
293Nwger, Rosetta
294Nwger, William
295Nwger, Ollie
296Nwger, Bert
297Nwger, Elsworth
298Nwger, W J
299Nwger, Nana
300Bronson, J W
301Bronson, Alice
302Hersey, Maggie
303Eimers, Fred W
304Eimers, Carrie
305Eimers, John
306Eimers, Mary
307Eimers, Barney
Pg 10, #308Eimers, Theodore
309Eimers, Katie
310Beckman, Anne
311Scharfausteen, Frank
312Scharfausteen, Lizzie
313Jones, John D
314Jones, Ash
315Jones, George
316Jones, William
317Jones, Anna
318Jones, James
319Jones, Bertha
320Jones, Samuel
321Jones, Lena
322Jones, George Elmer
323Jones, Charles
324Hugaboom, T H
325Hugaboom, Blanch
326Hugaboom, Carl
327Hugaboom, Earl
328Hugaboom, William
329Peterson, Anton
330Peterson, Agnes
331Stolt, Erick
332Stolt, Louisa
333Evers, Henry
334Evers, Dora
335Evers, Gustave
336Evers, Benjamin
337Evers, Matilda
338Evers, William
339Evers, Mary
340Black, Doc
341Black, Fanstina
Pg 11 #342Scurlock, Newton
343Scurlock, Annies
344Scurlock, Thomas
346Scurlock, Gray
347Scurlock, Bertha
348Scurlock, Clarance
349Hull, Darias
350Hull, Mary M
351Hull, Sherman
352Hull, Allie
353Coulton, David
354Rodgers, Frank
355Johnson, E W
356Johnson, Elizabeth
357Munay, James
358Flanningan, John
359Johnson J R
360Johnson, Hattie
361Johnson, Burton
362Nichles, William
363Nichles, Annie
364Nichles, Lee
365Goff, Mattie
366Jugler, Frank
367Jugler, Gertie
368Jugler, Charles
369Jugler, Dora
370Jugler, Henry
371Clifton, Charles
372Clifton, Rosilla
373Clifton, Cassie
374Clifton, Byron
375Clifton, Neville
376Hall, Charles
Pg 12, #377Derrick, Sarah
378Fleckinger, Daniel
379Fleckinger, Emma
380Fleckinger, Lee
381Fleckinger, Mary
382Fleckinger, Minnie
383Fleckinger, Clarance
384Terry, Edward
385Terry, Ellen
386Terry, Mary
387Terry, Thomas
388Terry, Elmer
389Terry, Patrick
390Shook, Samuel
391Shook, Alice
392Shook, Ellsworth
393Shook, John
394Golden, Bill
395Golden, Andrew
396Golden, Della
397Golden, Emma
398Golden, Sherman
399Golden, Grace
400Wells, Ibe
401Wells, Lydia
402Wells, Lulu
403Wells, Charles
404Wells, Maud
405Wells, Alta
406Phoinix, J S
407Phoinix, Margureta
408Phoinix, William
409Olison, Delia
410Rosenbrook, Sophia
411Jacobs, C C
412Jacobs, Mary
413Erickson, Maud
414Comstock, L H
415Comtock, Mary
416Comstock, Mary
416Comstock, Andrew D
417Comstock, Edward S
418Comstock, Mary
419Comstock, Edward
420Fisher, Clara F
421Fisher, Annie E
422Fisher, Eddie C
423Fisher, Florence
424Fisher, Ray L
425Trego, Frank
426Trego, Angeline
427Trego, Maud
427Trego, Doris
428Stoddard, C B
430Stoddard, Mary
431Stoddard, Gertie
432Stoddard, Eddie
433Stoddard, Blanche
434Stahl, J M
435Stahl, Rosa
436Stahl, Eva
437Stahl, John
438Cromloff, Jane
439Danford, J H
440Danford, Carrie
441Danford, Eda
442Danford, Mamie
443Morey, Eugene
444Morey, Addie
Pg 14, #445Morey, Roy
446Morey, John
448Bugbee, M J
449Bugbee, Tinnie
450Bugbee, George M
451Bugbee, Elizabeth L
452Bugbee, Rosa
453Bugbee, John
454Burtrum, W E
455Burtrum, Nilter
456Burtrum, James
459Jones, Lilley
458Spears, James
459Spears, Anna
460Spears, Mabel
461Spears, James H
462Spears, Claud
463Spears, Aaron
464Whipple, Wm M
465Whipple, Estella
466Whipple, Lillie
467Whipple, Grace
468Whipple, Eva
469Whipple, Cyrus
470Sherman, Amy
471Bruce, N
472Bruce, Ellen
473Bruce, Stella
474Bruce, Rossella
475Metcalf, S A
476Metcalf, C C
477Metcalf, Wayne
478Dull, Mary
479Beckwith, Charles
Pg 15, #480Beckwith, Al
481Kladus, Frederick
482Kladus, Anna
483Kladus, Fred J
484Stiles, C A
485Stiles, Lilly F
486Stiles, M E
487Stiles, N L
488Stiles, Frank B
489Martin, Julia
490Foot, A J
491Foot, Emogene
492Peters, Eva
493Mathews, Peter
494Mathews, Custina
495Mathews, Eliza J
496Snell, Wm
497Snell, Bil
498Snell, Fannie
499Snell, Nellie
500Langley, F M
501Langley, D H
502Langley, S R
503Langley, F W
504Langley, C R
505Langley, M M
506Langley, C B
507Collins, John
508Collins, Fannie
509Collins, Eva
510Collins, Alta
511Collins, Mary
512Allien, Joseph
513Allien, Nellie

Source:, Iowa, State Census Collection 1836 - 1925

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