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Listed below are birth records submitted by fellow researchers, along with ones that were transcribed with permission from the Iowa Genealogical Society Hawkeye Heritage publication, Vol 8, # 1, 1973 c.2. Ante -dating 1 July 1880 Copied by Bernice W Ferrin. Many thanks to the IGS for allowing me to share this information on our county site.

If you have information you would be willing to contribute to this page, please contact me, the County Coordinator. Please include as much of the following information as you can.

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Surname Given Name Sex DOB Place of Birth Mother
Place of Birth
Place of Birth
Submitter Source Comments
ADAMS George Andrew M April 26, 1910 Cherokee County, Iowa  

Colette Miles Obituary death date-Jan. 14, 2004 in Elcampo, TX
AMENTF19 Sep 1921Willard Theodore AmentColette MilesThe Semi-Weekly Democrat
26 Sep 1921
ARFMartha S28 Apr 1876HansHawkeye Heritage
ARNOLDDavid M28 Nov 1875Mary LFranklin DHawkeye Heritage  
ARNOLDGeorge O2 Jan 1878Mary LFranklin DHawkeye Heritage  
BAKERArmilda28 July 1850Hawkeye Heritage (Mrs. John H)
BAKERErnest D22 Mar 1876ArmildaJohn HHawkeye Heritage
BAKERGertrude10 May 1880ArmildaJohn HHawkeye Heritage
BAKERHenry A12 Feb 1872ArmildaJohn HHawkeye Heritage
BAKERWilliam A23 Jul 1873ArmildaJohn HHawkeye Heritage
BANISTERGeorge Washington12 Sep 1835NathanHawkeye Heritage
BANISTERMargaret Anne22 Jun 1839Hawkeye Heritage w of George W
BARNES   M 18 Dec 1883   Algy Angelina RICHARDS
Colette Miles Cherokee County Archives according to my records this should be Louis
BAUER David Hans   25 DEC 1889   Caroline WITT
Plymouth County
Joe Miller Book 5  
BAUER Francis Jacob   15 May 1886   Mary FISCHE
Fred BAUER Joe Miller Book 1  
BAUER Josephine   07 Dec 1893 Rock Twp Anna RUPP
Frederick M. BAUER
Joe Miller Book 2 p. 71 father is farmer
BAUER Fritz   16 Nov 1870    
Joe Miller Book 5  
BAUER Johanna Frederick   25 Jul 1873    
Joe Miller Book 5  
BAUER Martha Anna   13 Jan 1884 Rock Twp Mary FISCHE
Joe Miller Book 1, P. 47 father is farmer
BAUER Robert Emil Jacob   26 OCT 1885   Caroline WITT
Joe Miller Book 5  
BAUER Wilhelm   8 JUL 1869    
Joe Miller Book 5  
BAUMANNHeinrich Carl Hans26 Jan 1880Hawkeye Heritage
BECKERHima CharlotteF20 Feb 1877John AlfHawkeye Heritage
BELLArtie30 May 1879LauranaZ RHawkeye Heritage
BELLCharles P27 Oct 1870LauranaZ RHawkeye Heritage
BELLLaura May14 Sep 1872LauranaZ RHawkeye Heritage
BELLZimri T (innie)M30 Jun 1876LauranaZ RHawkeye Heritage
BILLINGJohan RobertM24 Dec 1879Hawkeye Heritage
BILLSHannah C9 Aug 1870Spencer CHawkeye Heritage
BJORKCarl TheodoreM4 Nov 1879Caroline JonsonJohannes Bjork'Hawkeye Heritage'
BJORKEllen MaudF11 Sep 1877Caroline JonsonJohannes Bjork'Hawkeye Heritage'
BJORKHulda MariaF16 Jul 1875Caroline JonsonJohannes Bjork'Hawkeye Heritage'
BJORKLANDRenald NelsM22 Jan 1876MariaNels Bjorkland'Hawkeye Heritage'
BJORKLANDWilliam CM29 Sep 1878/9Harriet ANels Bjorkland'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOLTEWilhelminaF1 May 1880'FrederikaHenry Bolte'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOOTHboyM20 Apr 1890Tilden Twp.Rose Waller
E.E. Booth
Cindy Booth MaherVol 11st child
BOOTHLeslieM7 May 1899Grand Meadow Twp.Rosetta WallerEugene E BoothCindy Booth MaherVol 1
BOOTHPatrick RoyM25 Oct 1900Grand Meadow Twp.Alice M LemonnierJesse O BoothCindy Booth MaherVol 1
BOOTHJames WM17 Jun 1901Tilden Twp.Olive F PetermanR E BoothCindy Booth MaherVol 1
BOOTHMaeF29 Jul 1902Tilden Twp.Mable M McCounChas M BoothCindy Booth MaherVol 1
BOOTHForrest ElbertM2 Feb  1908Grand Meadow Twp.Maud MinerJames E BoothCindy Booth MaherVol 1
BOOTHBYClara EF24 Mar 1876'HannahWm'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOOTHBYElmer FM18 Aug 1879'HannahWilliam'Hawkeye Heritage '
BOSSENDora SophiaF18 Dec 1879''Hans'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOSSENFedder'4 Jun 1873''Hans'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOUCHERF H'2 May 1871''Joseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOUCHERG H'20 Sep 1872''Joseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOUCHERLulu Bety'9 Nov 1874''Joseph G'Hawkeye Heritage'
BOWMANElsieF1 Mar 1873'Mary FHarlan Wm'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRETSCHAugust Friederich Wilhelm'2 Oct 1873''''Hawkeye Heritage'
BRIGGSEsther MariaF3 Sep 1877'Catherine M PeaveyH S Briggs'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRIGGSOtis HenryMNov 1872'Catherine M PeaveyH S Briggs'Hawkeye Heritage'
BROWNCharles HughM1 Jan 1872'EAlex'Hawkeye Heritage'
BROWNClarence HarveyM1 Jul 1879''H'Hawkeye Heritage'
BROWNEdgar ElmerM14 Jan 1876'EAlex'Hawkeye Heritage'
BROWNFrank SwanM6 Dec 1871'EAlex'Hawkeye Heritage'
BROWNHarry ElwoodM31 Jul 1869'EAlex'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCECharles HM24 May 1861''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCECorneliusM14 Mar 1852''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCEEllen DF13 Oct 1847''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCEGeorge AF30 Aug 1859''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCEMary A'5 Aug 1845''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUCEWilliam'30 Dec 1854''George Bull'Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUMMERAnna Caroline Henriette'28 Aug 1878''''Hawkeye Heritage'
BRUMMERHans Joarchim Heinrich'7 Jul 1876''''Hawkeye Heritage'
BUGH Isabell   09 MAR 1890   Anna PEEL
Francis BUGH
Joe Miller    
BUGH Clarence   14 MAY 1892 Pilot Twp. Anna PEEL
Frank BUGH
Joe Miller   father is a farmer
BUGH   female SEP 1888   Anna PIEL
Daniel BUGH
Sac Co. IA
Joe Miller   father is farmer
BUNTINGEarle S'18 Jun 1880''William'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAINLuther M'19 Nov 1872'E J MerrilArnold B'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAINMabel L'16 Mar 1875'E J MerrilArnold B'Hawkeye Heritage'
CANTINEGertrude'24 Jul 1874''''Hawkeye Heritage'
CANTINEH Lee'23 Jul 1867''''Hawkeye Heritage'
CANTINEHolmes'21 Apr 1869''''Hawkeye Heritage'
CARLYLERichardM8 Jan 1843'Margaret BrowPasley'Hawkeye Heritage'
CARRIERMillie MayFJun 1877'Elizabeth SGeorge E'Hawkeye Heritage'
CARTERAlbert SmithM9 May 1863'Julia RadleyGeo W'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAULEYAnthonyM24 May 1877'___ DelaneyFrancis'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAULEYCatherineF13 Mar 1879'___ DelaneyFrancis'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAULEYJohnM26 Jun 1872'___ DelaneyFrancis'Hawkeye Heritage'
CAULEYMaryF27 Mar 1870'___ DelaneyFrancis'Hawkeye Heritage'
CHALLMANA L25 Sep 1877'BetsyAndrew P'Hawkeye Heritage'
CHALLMANEmily AF27 Dec 1879'BetseyAndrw P'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKCoraF15 Aug 1870'SusanJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKFloraF19 Jul 1869'SusanJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKHarryM15 Aug 1866'Susan John'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKMayF19 Oct 1874'SusanJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKJennieF3 Oct 1876'SusanJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKLauraF19 May 1878'Susan John'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLARKSusanF4 Jun 1872'SusanJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
CLINEEdwin LM14 May 1878'Sophia JPhil'Hawkeye Heritage'
COBBM13 Sep 1921A. B. CobbColette MilesThe Semi-Weekly Democrat
26 Sep 1921
CORRINGTONNathanielM1 Jan 1846'Ruth WhalyIra'Hawkeye Heritage'
CORRINGTONWm BM23 Jul 1864'Elizabeth CookStephen'Hawkeye Heritage'
DAHLSTROMEmmaF3 Jun 1876'Amanda AndersonCarl Alf'Hawkeye Heritage'
DAHLSTROMMaria AlbertinaF17 Nov 1879'AmandaCarl Alfred'Hawkeye Heritage'
DARLEYMary GawF12 Feb 1873'A GA M'Hawkeye Heritage'
DAUBERMANJames AlbertM3 Jul 1877'Mary Jane DaurtJohn Henry'Hawkeye Heritage'
DAVISClinton MonroeM23 Mar 1873'Gertrude FritcherJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
DEWARLauraF2 Apr 1879''Thomas'Hawkeye Heritage'
DIGELErnst FriedrickM3 Oct 1878''Jakob'Hawkeye Heritage'
DIGELMartinM25 Feb 1880''Jakob'Hawkeye Heritage'
DINGMANArthur AM30 Jul 1877'Ellen EP W'Hawkeye Heritage'
DIXONAdolf EdvinM3 Apr 1875''Jacob N' Hawkeye Heritage'
DIXONEllenF14 Jan 1870'AgnesJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
DIXONPeter AlexanderM9 Apr 1879''Jacob N'Hawkeye Heritage'
DORRCarl WilhelmM10 Feb 1872''John'Hawkeye Heritage'
DORRTheodore EmilieM30 Dec 1875''John'Hawkeye Heritage'
DOSEJohanna Maria EngelF25 Nov 1878''Carl'Hawkeye Heritage'
DOWDING Catherine May   22 JUN 1885 Diamond Twp Catherine McCULLOCH
Joe Miller    
DOWDING Ida Jane   11 JAN 1870   Isabella
DOWDING Isabella   11 JUN 1851    
DOWDING Joseph H.   12 MAY 1844    
DOWDING Lillie Maude   26 DEC 1876   Isabella
DOWDING William   06 JAN 1885   Anna FARMER
DUBELLMaria CatherineF17 Apr 1877'Ellen NEEBERRYJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
DUNNEliM3 Oct 1872''W D'Hawkeye Heritage'
DUNNF M15 Oct 1866''W D'Hawkeye Heritage'
DUNNLeviM3 Oct 1872''W D'Hawkeye Heritage'
DUNNMargaretF4 Mar 1875''W D'Hawkeye Heritage'
DUNNMaryF22 Feb 1870''W D'Hawkeye Heritage'
EVERHARTJohn'4 Dec 1860'Elizabeth BakerHenry'Hawkeye Heritage'
FAGERBERGAlice TheresiaF18 Jun 1877'Louisa M NilsonAdolf'Hawkeye Heritage'
FARRLee'6 Sep 1878'Minnie CrosbySelem'Hawkeye Heritage'
FARRENJamesM1 Mar 1880'EleanorWm C'Hawkeye Heritage'
FEEEarnest C McLainM3 Jan 1880'E MW G'Hawkeye Heritage'
FENTONMary EF24 Apr 1880''''Hawkeye Heritageg dau of John Anderson
FERGUSONRose MaryF14 Apr 1877'SophroniaDavid C'Hawkeye Heritage'
FERGUSONVeda Ann RachelF19 Oct 1879'SophroniaDavid C'Hawkeye Heritage'
FERRINAliceF30 Mar 1843'Elizabeth PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Fewsmith)
FERRINBertha F24 Jun 1869'Elizabeth PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Carraher)
FERRINClarissaF2 Mar 1852'Eliz. PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Overholtzer)
FERRINElmer VM21 Sep 1866'Mary H JeffersJoseph;Hawkeye Heritage'
FERRINHorace'27 Mar 1848'Elizabeth PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
FERRINJessie'1 Jun 187'Mary H JeffersJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Snidecor)
FERRINJoseph Linwood'28 Jul 1860'Mary H JeffersJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
FERRINLavisa'12 Dec 1854'Elizabeth PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Hollinger)
FERRINMary'19 Aug 1846'Elizabeth PrestonJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage(Overholtzer)
FERRINRaymond'7 Nov 1874'Mary H JeffersJoseph'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLANAGANJames'13 Feb 1868'Bridget?'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLANAGANJohn McTomey'29 Jul 1870'Bridget?'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLANAGANKatie'6 Feb 1867'Bridget?'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLANAGANThomas'15 Jan 1875'Bridget?'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLANAGANThomas'Jan 1874'Bridget LandyBrian'Hawkeye Heritage'
FLORENCEWilliam Joseph'5 Jul 1868'Nellie CrawfordRobert'Hawkeye Heritage'
FOXKatie'27 Nov 1879' Mary LJohn S'Hawkeye Heritage'
FOXMaggie'30 Jan 1875'Mary LJohn S'Hawkeye Heritage'
FOXParlis'14 Oct 1877'Mary LJohn S'Hawkeye Heritage'
FRAMBAUGHMathias'16 Oct 1866'KatherineJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
FRAMBACHWilliam'2 Apr 1870'KatherineJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
FRANKNathaniel'9 Nov 1878'Caroline Stieneke (Cort)Julius'Hawkeye Heritage'
FRANKVictor'25 Nov 1876'Caroline Stieneke (Cort)Julius'Hawkeye Heritage'
FRAZERZelda Celestine'14 May 1871''Alexander'Hawkeye Heritage'
FREDERICKPaulina'30 Jan 1872'Caroline FrabskeJohn'Hawkeye Heritage'
FUHRMANAlbert Johann Frederick'19 Nov 1876''Fritz'Hawkeye Heritage'
FUHRMANMetha Wilhelmina Dorothea'11 Apr 1879''Fritz'Hawkeye Heritage'
FULLERAlbert'20 Jan 1868''Frederick'Hawkeye Heritage'
FULLERFred'21 Mar 1863''Frederick'Hawkeye Heritage'
FULLERJohn Wilberforce C'2 Jan 1879'Marg ShellingtonJohnn'Hawkeye Heritage'
FISCH Frederick Geo.   20 APR 1888   Anna THOLE
  Book 1, p. 125  
FISCH   Male 17 NOV 1894   Anna THIEL
Nicholas FISCHE
  Book 1, p 86 father is a Liveryman
FISH Francis Howard   19 OCT 1890   Blanche V.
Howard FISH
FISH Ruby Rose   20 JUN 1888   Blanche V.
Howard FISH

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