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Cherokee County Probate Records

Early Probate Records

Name Date Record
ALLISON, Emma, Minor Heirs 26 Dec 1881 Clarence D. & Irene A.; Colburn Allison appointed guardian for sale of reasl estate
ASHENFELTER, Daniel died 9 Feb 1881 Cherokee. Heirs mentioned: Martha E. widow & admn.; Ada; Isabell I. Sturdevant; Daniel B
BAUER, Minor heirs 12 Dec 1883 Lena 15 (Andrew Grode); Fred M., majority before 20 Jun 1891. Guardian, Fred Bauer, father, appointed.
BELDEN, M. G. died 2 Mar 1880 Inv., 12 Mar 1880. Heirs: Catherine Belden, wife and admnl, 72; Hilen, 50 of Waukee; Harlow, 47, Chicago; Margaret A. Rose, 46 of Cherokee
BERRY, John C died 2 Nov 1880 Selina M., widow, and admn., with Charles Leslie Parsons. Herir: Mary H. Parsons
BJORKLAND, Nels died 24 Sep 1882 Harriet A., widow & admn, Heirs: Reynold Nels*, 12; William Cecil, 10; Daisy Matilda, 8.
BLAKE, John D. died 19 Mar 1884 Louisa, widow & admn. Heirs: Fred L. 19; Edith 17 (m Scott).
BRIGGS, Esther S. gr-mother 19 Jul 1884 H.S. Briggs appointed guardian of his children. Heirs: Otis Henry* 12; Esther*  7. Catherine Peavey appointed guardian of Minta Esther Peavey, 6.
BUCK, Elizabeth 9 Jan 1884 Minor heirs: Frank 16, Hattie 14, Zenas 13.  Father, David S. Buck, appointed guardian.
BUTLER, Myrtie C 22 Apr 1879 James Henderson appointed guardian. Her mother, Mrs. A. E. Caswell.
BUTTS, Josiah H. Sr Will dated 8 Feb 1887, filed 17 Dec 1887 of Silver twp, Cherokee Co. Widow, Lucy S. named exec. Only heir, son Joseph H. Butts, Jr
CARRIER, George E died 16 Nov 1883 of Marcus, Cherokee Co. Widow, Lizzie S. admn. Heirs: Millie May, 5; Clayton Earl, 1 1/2 years.
CAIN, Arnold B died 15 Jan 1882 Wido, E.J. Cain (merril) admn. Heirs: Luther M. 10; Mabel L. 7; Winthrop B. b after death of father. Amherst Twp.
CHEESBRO, Chas. E Will dated 1 Sep 1873, probated 11 Nov 1873 Widow, Alice A. exec. Alice A. Funk, nee Cheesbro appointed guardian of minor heir, Chas. E. on 11 Nov 1873. Final report April 1888.
CLARK, W. H. died 27 Oct 1878 Wido, Amanda J. Administrator. Minor heirs: Ida E. 5; George H. 2  yr.
COWLES, Eugene died after 22 Jul 1880 Widow, Julia, admn., appointed guardian of minor heirs: Eugenia J. 19; Harriet E. 16 (H. Allison).
CRELLY, Nicholas, died 24 Mar 1881 Widow, Alice 37, admn. (later Alice Ryan of Larchwood, IA. ). Heir: Anna Mary born after father's death.
CRIPPEN, John W. died 27 Jul 1884 Widow Mary E. admn. Heirs: Clara May 12; Julia Josephine 4; Hawley J. 1.
CROSBY, Theophilus died 27 Jun 1874 Admn. Carlton Corbett, for assignment of military land warrant, MBLW #37428 of 120 acres, $140.
DENIO, Fanny E died 25 Aug 1877 at 5 years, Mother and heir, Elizabeth Miller (W.P. Miller). Brother, Arthur L. Denio and sister Virginia F. Denio, also residents of Cherokee County. Aurelia, Cherokee Co.
DOOLITTLE, Samuel Final report 19 Apr 1888 Widow, Ruth admn. Heirs: Charles E. 32; wife Angeline, Cherokee; Edwin A. 30 Cherokee; Mary A. 25 (Mrs. John Robinson), St. Paul, Neb.; Eva 23 (Mrs. Spinharney) Cherokee; Clara E. 20 (Mrs. A. J. Nochols) Cherokee; Cora B 18 (later dickey) Cherokee; Clarence 13 Cherokee; John E. Robinson, son of dec dau. 7 of Lodge Pole, Neb.
DREFKE, Carl Died 26 Feb 1880 Liberty Twp.  Widow Katy, John Dorr appt adm 17 Mar 1880. Heirs: Albert F. 5; Ernest J. 6; Louisa (Schafer) 4; Carl 2: Minnie 1; Catherine Drefke 27, later Schmidt.
Source: Hawkeye Heritage,  Vol. 8 no 1 1973 c.2. 

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