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soux valley hospital
main street little sioux
Sioux Valley Hospital
R E Wall Photo
Postmarked May 22, 1924
To: Mrs. Harold Brewer Brownmiller
"Cherokee, Mary 24 of '24
Dear Niece, I was glad to get your card and the invitation to the picnic and would like so much to be there for I know I should enjoy it but it is such a busy time with me. Love, Aunt Maggie"
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Main Street Looking East
Cherokee, Iowa
Postmarked Nov 21, 1908
To: George Galvin
Fulton, IL. Route # 2
"We are eating rice with love" From Lenora & Kirk
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Little Sioux River
Cherokee, Iowa
Postmarked Aug 13, 1912
To: Mrs. G. Froehlich
3835 W Park Ave
Chicago, ILL
between Hamlin & 40th
"Dear Aunt Mary, Up in the country and is a pretty place. Feeling better, will soon be home again. Julia"
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High School
Cherokee, Iowa
To: Mrs. Miller Jamison
"It is pretty hot here and not so cool at night as in Cal. We are having ____ ____  and pretty busy. Irene"
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cherokee library HS
 Public Library
Cherokee, Iowa
Cherokee High School
Corlew Coal
Cherokee, Iowa
T.A. McKichan
Washington High School
Cherokee, Iowa
Main Street Looking East
Cherokee, Iowa
Greetings From Cherokee, Iowa
To: Mr. Francis P. Conard
#1312 State Street
Santa Barbara, Cali
"Many thanks for your pretty card. Delighted with it. Come again.  How large a collection have you? I've about one thousand. Grayce McElwee"
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Cherokee, Iowa
1. Main Street
2. Spring Lake Park
Cherokee's Newest and Finest Supper Club

Phone 225-2196 Cherokee, Iowa
Located on the East Hill, Hiways 3 & 5
Residences - Whitney Lockin, Bishel & Whitney, Aurelia, IA
Postmarked Sep 9, 1909
To: Miss Alma L. Rasmussen
R#1, Delmar, IA
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I.C.C.R. Bridge, Cherokee, Iowa
New Presbyterian Church,
Cherokee, Iowa
Postmarked Feb 4, 1916
To: Miss Rosa Benyon
Independence, Iowa
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Dr. Pritchard's Croup Powder
Cures in 20 minutes
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Main Street
Cherokee, Iowa

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