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History of Cherokee County
WPA History of Cherokee County

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Compiled and written by The Iowa Writer's Program of the Works Projects Administration, For the State of Iowa

Project Administration For the State of Iowa

Sponsored by County Superintendent of Schools
Cherokee County

Federal Works Agency
John M. Carmody, Administrator Work Projects Administration
F. C. Harrington, Commissioner
Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner
George J. Keller, State Administrator


Many stories have been written about the pioneer days in Cherokee County but this is the first written for boys and girls. In the summer of 1939 the Iowa Writers' Program began the long task of collecting data around which has been written this very interesting story about the pioneers of this county. A little of human interest has been woven into the story. As time passes we can readily see the many changes that have taken place within the borders of Cherokee County since the first white settlers came here in 1856. Every effort has been made to have all information and dates correct.

Irene Brooks
County Superintendent of Schools
Cherokee County

Table of Contents

Title page ; pages: 0_1-0_1

Front matter ; pages: 0_2-0_3

Contents ; pages: 0_4-0_4

Introduction ; pages: 1 - 3

The making of the prairie. Chapter I ; pages: 4-5

The mound builders. Chapter 2 ; pages: 6-8

The land of the Indians. Chapter 3 ; pages: 9-12

The white man comes to Cherokee County. Chapter 4 ; pages: 13-16

Building on the prairie. Chapter 5 ; pages: 17-20

Trouble with the Indians. Chapter 6 ; pages: 21-24

Breaking the prairie. Chapter 7 ; pages: 25-30

Growth of industry in Cherokee County. Chapter 8 ; pages: 31-36

Agriculture in Cherokee County. Chapter 9 ; pages: 37-43

The railroads of Cherokee County. Chapter 10 ; pages: 44-46 

Education & Religion in Cherokee County. Chapter 11 ; pages: 47 - 50

Towns and townships of Cherokee County. Chapter 12 ; pages: 51-58

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