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Cherokee County Fair - 1894

The Cherokee County Union Fair was organized in 1889. The Cherokee County Historical Society, reproduced a copy of the 1894 Premium Book. That book, which was made available to the public for a nominal fee at the 1975 Fair, is shown on this page.  

The Premium Book shows rates of admission, single tickets, admitting one person once, were just 25 cents. Children under 14 years were admitted for only 15 cents. In 1894, the Fair offered $3,000 in Premiums and Purses.

Further listings in the Union Fair Premium Book, 1894, state that admission for a saddle horse or team and vehicle was 25 cents. A season ticket could be purchased for $1, for one person and a person including horse or team cost $1.50. Vehicles hauling passengers for pay were charged $5 . Anyone wishing to purchase a seat in the amphitheater paid 15 cents.

The 1894 Fair Officers, Directors and Superintendents are listed below:

A. F. Meservey...President
M. E. Davis...Vice-President
F. S. Barnes...Treasurer
J. H. Shelden...Secretary
A. F. Meservey, O. B. Fobes, W. J. Forbes, T. D. Kennedy, M. R. Nagle, F. J. Collins, J. H. Shelden, H. Mankey
Grounds: M. R. Nagle
Speed Department: M. R. Nagle
Clerk of Speed Department: O.B. Fobes
Horse Department: J. F. Means
Cattle Department: W. J. Forbes
Sheep & Swine Department: John Greff
Poultry Department: John Knox
Machinery Department: R. G. Gracey
Agrigultural Hall: M. E. Hinkley
Farm & Garden: A. J. Cushman
Gates: M. E. Davis
Pantry Stores: Mrs. B. A. Barnes & Miss Kate Heck
Fine Arts: Mrs. John Ernster
Birds & Flowers: Mrs. H. Niemann
School Work: Miss Eva L. Gregg

Source: 1894 Fair Book & Excerpts from Cherokee Daily Times, Cherokee, Iowa, Aug 19, 1975, pg. 1

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Advertisers Listed
The Giant Clothing House  - Margerson & Anderson - Marcus, Iowa
People Mentioned
E. J. Edmonds, Louis Gund, W. J. Creglow, M. R. Nagle, S. H. Henley, F. S> Barnes, P. J. Keogan, E. E. Martin, H. Hiemann, W. J. Forbes, M. E. Davis, J. H. Shelden, Chutley Wilson, M. Christiensen:
I. C. Thompson Furniture & Undertaking - Marcus, Iowa
A. H. Dwight Groceries 
Thos. Patton Lumber - John Knox, Agent - Marcus, Cleghorn, & Primghar
John Ernster - Marcus, Iowa
Georges Bros - Drugs & Medicine - Marcus, Iowa
The Tailor -  M. Lamberto - Marcus, Iowa
Mills House - J. M. Mills -  Cleghorn, Iowa
J. W. Dailey Hardware - Cleghorn, Iowa
Bank of Marcus - L. Gund, Banker
Keogan Bros. Dry Goods - Marcus, Iowa
H. Mankey - Marcus, Iowa
Citizens Bank - F. S. Barnes, President - C. W.  Roe, Cashier - Marcus, Iowa
Wm. Ross  Fresh Groceries - Marcus, Iowa
M. R. Stewart Groceries, Notions & Queensware - Marcus, Iowa
S. J. Beardsley - Ice Cream Parlor - Marcus, Iowa
James McIntosh - Blacksmith - Marcus, Iowa
J. Jungers - Marcus House - Marcus, Iowa
J. M. Dwight - The Photographer - Marcus, Iowa
Dan Collins - Farm Machinery -  Marcus, Iowa
City Livery - M. R. Nagle - Marcus, Iowa
Joseph Beck -  Hardware - Marcus, Iowa
G. M. Barr - Auctioneer - Marcus, Iowa
I. M. Jackson - Lumber Yard - Marcus, Iowa
The Wilson Hotel & Restaurant - Marcus, Iowa
Cisne & Eichhorn - Heavy Hardware - Marcus, Iowa
The Tinner - Jacob Kauer - Marcus, Iowa
J. Hyndman - Groceries, Boots & Shoes - Marcus, Iowa
Marcus Roller Mills
U. R. Lichtenberger - Groceries, Fruits, Confectioneries - Marcus, Iowa
Highland Herd - C. D. Luther - Near Marcus, Iowa
Hardware - H. Niemann - Marcus, Iowa
Schoenfelder & Seeger Harness & Saddlery - Marcus, Iowa
Flaherty & Bancroft - City Meat  Market - Marcus, Iowa
E. Turner Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes - Marcus, Iowa
Scott & Day - Breeders - Marcus, Iowa
Geo. T. Woods & Co. - The Merchants of Marcus - Marcus, Iowa
S. M. Wixcel - Painter - Marcus, Iowa
C. Wilkins Livery - Marcus, Iowa
Wheaton College -  Wheaton, Illinois
Central House - J. A. Dempsey - Marcus, Iowa
Miss Mabel Goodburne Artistic Milliner - Marcus, Iowa
A. W. Margeson Painter & Decorator - Marcus, Iowa
Geo. Prunty & Sons - Meat Market - Marcus, Iowa
Miss Lizzie Mc Connell - Fashionable Milliner - Marcus, Iowa
Walsh Sisters - Milliners & Dressmakers - Marcus, Iowa
E. J. Edmonds - Grain & Livestock - Marcus, Iowa

M. E. Hinkley - Nurseryman - Marcus, Iowa
The Marcus News - F. A. Lewis - Marcus, Iowa

Farm and Dairy Co.  - Ames, Iowa

Wind Mill & Farm Machinery - Barnes & Bird - Marcus, Iowa
H. H. Niemann - The Jeweler - Marcus, Iowa

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