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Hotel Lewis Will Shut Friday
Hotel Lewis and the Chief Cafe will close Friday, owers Mrs. Hazel Goldie and Mrs. Birdie Goldie said today. The hotel is a Cherokee landmark.
Mrs. Hazel Goldie said the hotel was being closed down because of difficulties incurred in current operations.
She said the hotel will be shut until a time when it may be released.  Mrs. Goldie said she feels lthe city of Cherokee "needs a hotel badly" and that she regrets the closing. Mrs. Goldie said it's hoped that anyone who leases or manages the hotel in the future would live there.
Under present plans, the restaurant, all its dining rooms, hotel rooms, Iowa Coaches Bus Line services and the Western Union services will be shut down. A decision is to be made on the future status of the J. Barber Shop and Andrea's Beauty Salon also located in the building. Source: Newspaper clipping from unknown source dated 14 Dec 1966

General Practice Law Firms

    General practice, Firm consists of: Ernest C. Herrick, William K Herrick
    Ernest Clarence Herrick b. Linden, Vt.  Aug. 19, 1848; a. to bar, 1875, la.; legal ed. Mich. Univ., B. L. Pres. Cherokee Co. Bar Ass'n.
    William Karl Herrick b. Cherokee, Ia., June 22, 1878; a. to bar 1904 la.; ed Lake Forest College 1897-8; grad. Univ. of Wis., Civic Historic Course, 1900; legal ed. Univ. of Ia. B. L. Mem. Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi fraternities; Cherokee Co. Bar Ass'n.
    Attorneys for Cherokee State Bank; Farmers Nat'l Bank, Aurelia, la.; First Nat'l Bank Peterson; Washta State Bank, Washta, la.; New State Telephone Co., Sioux City, la.

Molyneux & Maher
    General practice. Firm consists of: A. R. Moylneux,  C. J. Maher.
     A. R. Molyneux b. Sullivan Co., Pa., Apr. 19, 1856; a. to bar 1881, Ia.; ed. State Normal Sch., Cedar Falls; legal ed. Iowa Univ., LL.B., 1881. Co. Atty., 1887-1891.
    Charles J. Maher, b. Ft Dodge, Ia., July 28, 1882; a. to bar, 1907, Mich., la.; ed. Notre Dame, South Ben, Ind.; legal ed. Univ. of Mich. LL.B. 1907. Co. Atty. Cherokee Co., 1913 1915. Mem. Delta Chi fraternity.
 Attorneys for: First National Bank; Cherokee State Bank; Cherokee Co. State Bank, Meriden; W. L. Gund, Marcus. Local attys., Ill. Central Ry.
Source: Google Books: The American Bar - A Biographical Directory of Contemporary Lawyers of the United States. Published byThe James C Fifield Company, Minneapolis & New York, 1921

General Review
    History -- This company was incorporated under the laws of Iowa, February I8, 1920, and was licensed to transact business in the State of Iowa, May 22, 1920.  It began to write business June 1, 1920.  It has $150,000 authorized capital stock, par value $100, of which $100,000 has been subscribed and paid for in cash.  The stock was sold at $125 per share, which produced an initial cash surplus of $25.000.  No commission was paid on the sale of this capital stock and the company was organized without any organization expenses, which is commendable.
    Management and Reputation -- The company will write fire, theft, tornado, collision, transportation aud property damage on automobiles and tractors.
    The underwriting manager is Mr H. R. Spurrier, who was formerly in charge of the underwriting and agency of the Bankers Automobile Insurance Company of Lincoln Neb.  He has had previous general agency and local agency experience since 1912.
    The superintendent of agencies is Mr D. L . Hollub, formerly state agent for Iowa of the Employers Liability Insurance Corp., Ltd., of London and the Bankers Automobile Insurance Co., of Lincoln, Neb.  He has had insurance experience since 1900.
        Officers -- President, F. J. Stanosheck, Cherokee, Iowa,  vice-president, of the Cherokee State Bank:  vice-president, C. J. Maher, Cherokee, Iowa, attorney:  secretary, CM Sullivan, Cherokee, Iowa, postmaster at Cherokee: treasurer, Roy H. King, vice president of the First National Bank, Cherokee: vice president of the First National Bank of Prlmghar, Iowa.
       Directors -- The above officers and Gracey, Robert, president of the First National Bank of Holstein, Iowa:  Hinman, Ralph, president of the First National Bank Primghar, Iowa:  Donahoe, George, Dr. superintendent of the Cherokee State Hospital:  Anderson C. G., chief train dispatcher of the Illinois Central Railway, Cherokee, Iowa. 

May 10, 1920,      Best's Insurance News      Vol XXI No. 1 page 31

Iowa House

Source: The Cherokee Times, Cherokee, IA Friday, Nov 11, 1870, pg 3

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