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Other Information

BEAN, BEANE, BROOKS, COLLINS Diane McBain dianemmcbain@yahoo.com>  
BOKELMAN Seth Bokelman bokelman@gmail.com The Bokelman family has lived there since 1870, in the Ventura area.
BRISLIN or BRESLIN Sandy Wronski atmswronski@yahoo.com James P. marr. Annie Boyle. Name changed to BRESLIN after 1918.
BROOKER Lois Branch Bfamilyseekr@wmconnect.com Edward Lewis Booker, b. 1881, m. Lucy Ann Phillips, b. 1878. To Burchinal, IA between 1903-1919
CASEY Richard C. Casey richard.c.casey@comcast.net Mason City 1894 to present.
EILER & RUARK Stephanie Schroeder bertha72645@yahoo.com William 'Bill' Eiler and Geneva Ruark Eiler were my Great Grandparents.  William was born in Sept. 1888 and d. Mar. 1971.  Geneva Ruark Eiler was b. in 1877 in Dorchester Co. MD. d. in 1951 in Ventura IA. They are both buried in Ventura, Cerro Gordo Co. IA.  They are also listed in the 1925 IA census records.
ELSHAM Steve Butler stevebutler60@gmail.com Mason City 1870-1920
ERSLAND & FLEMING Stacey Jo staceyjo@iowatelecom.net
Clarence Ersland married Annie Warda Fleming at Belmond, Iowa on Jan. 9, 1932. Had at least one daughter, Caroline Olive Ersland. Looking for any information on this family.
FINLEY Joyce Urban tlurban-chgo@att.net Martin, later son James had rooming house in Mason City 1920-1930; Martin buried St. Joseph Cemetery..WPA records
GOHEEN Norma Gilbertson njgilber@rconnect.com James Wilson Goheen and wife Mary Ann Burress lived in present day Pleasant Valley twp abt. 1856-1876, on the border with Franklin Co. abt 4 mi. west of Sheffield.  He was b. in Botetourt Co, VA 1832. Mary Ann was b. in Ogle Co, IL.
GOODELL Richard C. Casey richard.c.casey@comcast.net Clear Lake/Mason City 1900 to 1973.
Douglas Edward Graham
b. 30 Jan 1951 
Mason City
benesar@gmail.com Father: Vernell William Graham B: 24 Sep 1922 Corwith, IA Mother: Mildred Irene Shaffer B: 29 Feb 1924 in Mason City, IA My Paternal Grandfather is Alvin Alfred Graham B: 1890 Linn County, IA D: 8 Dec 1961 Mason City, IA. My Paternal Grandmother: Addie Mae Stokesbary B: 1895, Corwith, IA D: 25 March 1975 in Mason City, IA
Elaine elaine@cyberhouse.org *Mathew and Charlotte, Mason City **Charles B. and Mary, Mason City (Wives nee Mansfield)
MANNING, POWER and BUTCHER Joe Manning manningfamily@rcn.com
James Gordon Manning, wife Jenny Christa Butcher Mason City 1910-1915. Son; Joseph Howard Manning. 
PALS / GROEN Beverley Groen-Johns momjohns@sbcglobal.net Two names of my German FamilyThere are many others but these are my main names. The family was also in Wright Co.
PEDALTY Elaine elaine@cyberhouse.org Lyle "Ped" and Catherine (nee Griffen)  dau: Lee and Judy  Mason City/Nora Springs
REHM Suzanne Pennington jspenn@mhtc.net
George John Rehm and children from first marriage to Eva Balbach
SANCHEZ, MENDOZA, CASTRO,INFANTE, JIMINEZ Kaye Sanchez kkcs@aol.com All but Mendoza are buried in Elmwood/St. Joseph's Cemetery
SHINN James Shinn jshinn@netconx.net Family migrated from England to New Jersey in 1678, New Jersey to Iowa in 1876.
SKIPTON David LeRoy Skipton diskipton@juno.com Gerald S. and Camilla 1932-1980  Mason City
STITES Jodie Stites Huff Huffrx@netamumail.com C.M. (Clarence Milton) Stites and wife Rachel Moore moved to a farm just outside Ventura in the late 1800's
SWANSON Richard C. Casey richard.c.casey@comcast.net Clear Lake/Mason City
1878 to 1991.
THOMPSON & GILLETTE Don Thompson dethom@tds.net
Father and his parents born in Cerro Gordo Co. More names on in Marriages
THORP and WILLIAMS Laurie Hale jlhale@owt.com Edward Thorp (b. 1827 in Ohio or Vermont) married Sarah Williams (b. 1838 in Ohio or Pennsylvania) and had four children: Capitola (b.1860), Flora (b. 1858), Charles (b. 1852), and Rosa (b. 1868). They were in Avery Twp., Hancock Co., Iowa for the 1860 Census, but had moved to Mason City, Clear
Lake Twp., Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa by the 1870 Census. Sarah Williams' father, Abraham Williams (b. 1830 in Pennsylvania) lived in Mason City also in 1870.
VEGA, VASQUES, LIEVANOS, BIAS Kay Sanchez KKCS@aol.com Cerro Gordo County 1920-1930

Patrick and Ellen Welch lived in Cerro Gordo Co. 1870-1880. Dau. Margaret m. John Steward 1875.
YOUNGS & HILL Mike Cleary sakmc1@msn.com Working on Elbert Osborne Youngs [b] 20 Oct. 1842 [d] 16 Nov. 1904 & Eliza Hill - Youngs [b] 20 July 1844 [d] 45 June 1910   -


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