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 The Globe-Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
November 06, 2005

Veterans monument grows
by Dick Johnson

MASON CITY — Murray Lawson just had to come and see his name and that of his late father, Millard C. Lawson, newly etched on the Mason City Area Veterans Monument in Central Park.

There they are together: Millard, who served in the Army during World War I, and Murray, who served in the Navy during World War II.

They are two of 608 veterans’ names and military branches being etched into the monument, which was dedicated on Veterans Day 2004.

“I wish my dad was here so he could see that,” said Murray Lawson, 82, of Mason City. “I was brought up on World War I, and now to have his name next to mine, I’m just thrilled.”

Phase II of the monument is virtually complete as another Veterans Day approaches. With the help of local volunteers, Tate Viere of Viere’s Granite Carving in St. Joseph, Minn., has been etching the 608 names on nine black granite stones.

The monument now includes 2,845 names, from the Civil War era through current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I kind of anticipated the second phase would be a fairly large number,” said Doug Waychus, co-chairman of the Veterans Monument Task Force Committee. “I’m pleased that we got that many names. I think that really shows a good interest in the veterans and their families, that it was a good thing. There’s a lot of support out there for it.”

Viere planned to complete the second phase in time for the Veterans Day observance set for 9:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 11.

A dedication ceremony for the new names will be held at the monument. It will feature a retirement of old flags by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, a flag-folding ceremony and the raising of new American and POW flags.

“It’s hard to drive by it and not feel some emotion and a little bit of a reality check that, ‘Gee, it’s there,’ ” Waychus said. “It’ll be nice to see it all done down there. It’ll be a showcase for Mason City and something everyone can be proud of.”

Murray Lawson said his dad would indeed be proud.

“I think he’d say, ‘What an incredible thing for a city to do,’ ” Lawson said. “It’s just a very, very nice memorial.”

Waychus said names will be added each year as long as applications are received. The cost is $100 to have a veteran’s name included. All honorably discharged veterans with Mason City connections are eligible. For more information, call (641) 749-2722 or visit www.masoncity.net and click on “Culture & Recreation” and the Monument link (applications are available online).

E-mail can be sent to waychusd@omnitelcom.com. Application forms also are available at the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse in Mason City.

More than 600 names added to Veterans Monument

Phase II of the Mason City Area Veterans Monument includes the addition this year of more than 600 names of area veterans or veterans with ties to North Iowa.

A total of 2,845 names are etched in the monument’s granite slabs, which were dedicated last Veterans Day.

The new names are expected to be added in time for this year’s Veterans Day observance on Friday, Nov. 11. A dedication ceremony for the new names will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the monument.

Here are the names added this year:

— A —

Mark Dana Albaugh, NavyHarry W. Alcorn, Navy William V. Alman, ArmyThomas H. Als, Navy
Leonard M. Amundson, ArmyStanley William Anderberg, Army Anton August Anderson, NavyEugene Ellsworth Angell,
Marine Corps
Francis N. Angell, NavyFloyd W. Arbuckle, Army Eldon T. Arthur, ArmyElmer A. Arthur, Air Force
Bruce Lee Auchampach, ArmyElmer W. Auck, Army
Reuben Avelar, Army

— B —

John Charles Bailey,
Air Force
Robert J. Bailey, Army
Durwood Donald Baker, Army
Harold J. Baldwin, Army
Roger W. Bang, ArmyJohn "Dick" Banning, Army D. Keith Barker, ArmyJack A. Barlow, Navy
Charles "Chuck" Barr,
Craig Roland Barr, Marine Corps
Mary "Danehy" Barr, Army
Robert M. Barr, Army
Ervin P. Bartelt, Army
Jahn Wesley Behm Sr., Army
Stanley P. Belland, Army
Kenneth Eugene Belseth,
Gary Wes Beenken, Navy
Dennis R. Begtson,
Air Force, Army
Robert Bennett, Navy
Alvin H. Berding, Navy
Henry Bernhardt, ArmyDavid K. Bier, Army Glenn W. Bier, ArmyDwight E. Bisbey, Army
Paul A. Bischoff, NavyBradly R. Bitker, Marine Corps Darold L. Blazek, ArmyAlvin E. Boelman, Army
Norman D. Boelman,
Martin E. Boomgarden, Navy
David A. Borger, Navy
William C. Brower, Army
Paul B. Brown, ArmyClifford Dustin Bruce, Army Fritz Brunsen, ArmyCarl F. Brust, Navy
Bert J. Bryant, Air Force
Jack J. Buehner, Air Force
Lee G. Buffington, Army
Charles W. (Bud) Burgess,
Roscoe Burgess Jr., NavyGlenn Ellsworth Burgraff, Army Thomas Allen Burke Jr., ArmyWilliam F. Burke, Navy
John James Burnett Jr.,
Air Force
Joseph A. Burnett, Air Force
Michael Raymond. Burnett Jr.,
Patrick J. Burnett,
Marine Corps
 Thomas E. Burnett, Army William F. Burnett , Air Force 

— C —

Gerald W. Cady, Navy
James Gerald Cahalan,
Air Force
John Joseph Cahalan, Army
William F. Cahalan, Navy
Orrin Dale Callow, ArmyDenny E. Carmody, Army Larry Leroy Carmody, ArmyLloyd D. Carmody, Army
John Raymond Carpenter, Army
Richard John Carpenter,
Michael Lee Casey Sr., Navy
William J. Chambers, Navy
Balentin R. Chavez, Army
Carlos Chavez, Army
John “Jack” Christiansen,
Morris E. Clark, Navy
Robert D. Clark, Air Force
James R. Clausen, Army
Milfred Clausen, Army
Thomas Michael Clausen,
Marine Corps
Edward Dale Coen, Navy
Ronald Raymond Colby,
Air Force
Odeon Leonard Comstock,
Walter D. Conn, Army
Ben Lee Cordes,
Navy, Air Force
Lyle Rodney Corn, Navy
Dominic J. Corsello, Army
Gerald D. Cory, Army
Harry Cottrell Jr., Army Bartley Curran, Marine CorpsBradley Curran, Marine Corps 

— D —

Harold Dahlstrom, Air ForceOliver R. Dalluge, Navy Ricky L. Davis, ArmyRalph W. E. Decker, Army
John Deets, Army
William John DeKruif Jr.,
John Ivan DeKruif, Army
William DeKruif, Army
Hugh L. Delaney, Army
David R. DeWitt,
Army/Air Force
Guadalupe Dianda, Army
John F. Dianda, Navy
Carroll L. Dickinson, ArmyJohn Diekema, Army John F. Diekema, NavyJohn Q. Dietz, Navy
Wilbert A. Dietz, Navy
Meredith Lyle Dillon, Army
Alfonso DiMarco,
Marine Corps
Robert W. Dirksen, Army
Cecil Harry Ditsworth, Army
Thomas M. Dixon, Army
James D. Dlouhy, Army
Chad M. Duckert,
Marine Corps
Merle L. Duckert,
Marine Corps
Robert McArthur Dunn, Navy
Elmer E. Dye, Army

— E —

Elmer W. Edel, Air ForceDelmer C. F. Eggert, Army Duane Carl Eggert, NavyMerle A. Eksman, Army
Dennis Eugene Ell, Marine CorpsArthur Raymond Eller, Navy Larry Joe Espinosa, ArmyLaurence J. Espinosa, Army
 Ronald E. Everding, Army Neil Michael Everett, Army 

— F —

Fay D. Fessenden, Army
Gerald B. Fish, Army
Mark J. Flatness, Air Force
Harold D.“Fletch” Fletcher,
Robert Lyman Fletcher, NavyLee Russell Floy, Marine Corps Luther G. Follmuth, ArmyDarwin Karl Foote, Air Force
Frederick R.T. Foote,
Air Force
Jonathan Warner Foote, Army
Jacob P. Frank, Army
John Charles Frank, Navy
Joseph L. Frank, Army
Michael Robert Frank, Air Force
Todd Allen Frank,
Air Force/Army
Kenneth Darrel Fredrickson, Army
Kneeland B. Fredrickson,
Martin Dean Fredrickson,
Air Force
Paul Morris Frelund, Navy
Roy W. Frelund, Navy
C. E. “Jack” Freudenberg,
Homer William Friend, Navy
Robert E. Friend, Navy

— G —

Charles Gagnon,
Marine Corps
Joe Garcia, Navy
Clinton Gardinier, Army
Donald J. Gebel, Army
John Richard Gerard,
James A. Germundson,
Marine Corps
Carl O. Gibbs, Navy
Richard E. Gildner, Army
Tim Alfred Gilmore, Navy
Daryl E. Gobeli, Army
John George Gooder,
Jack C. Graney, Navy
Kelly N. Graney, Navy
Robert D. Graney, Army
Dewayne William Grant,
Duane L. “Dub” Graversen,
Marine Corps
Richard A. Green, ArmyHarold Lloyd Grell, Navy James M. Grell, ArmyMichael Gribben, Marine Corps
Karl Wendell Griffith,
Victor Groh, Navy
Paul R. Gugel, Army

— H —

Robert Hacker, Navy
James Wactin Hahn,
Army/Air Force
Marshall Jene Hain, Army
Michael W. Hakes,
Marine Corps
Joel Jay Hanes, ArmyJim Jr. Hanley, Army Richard Wayne Hanley, NavyGary E. Harless, Army
Pearl A. Nesje Harrington,
Clifford L. Harris, Army
E. Richard Hartley, Air Force
Bruce Hartwell, Army
Jamie Joseph Havig, Navy
Jeff Edward Havig, Navy
Donovan K. Havnen Sr.,
Air Force
Cory Jason Hayes, Navy
Stanley L. Haynes, Army
Charles J. Hazlett, Army
Lloyd LeRoy Heinselman,
Norman Charles Heinselman,
Lester G. Heitland, NavyEdward Alex Heizelman, Navy Jess B. Helgeland, ArmyArthur Helland Jr., Navy
Arlin E. Helland, NavyAlbert Herrera Jr., Army Edward Hert, ArmyRobert Joseph Hickey, Army
Robert O. Hickok, NavyGeorge Arthur Hill, Navy Richard L. Hill, ArmyRobert J. “Bob” Hill, Navy
Christopher John Holahan,
Patrick Brian Holahan, Navy
John F. Holmen, Army
Arnold G. Holstad, Army
Harry V. Homrig, ArmyErvin G. Hoveland USCG Walter W. Hoveland, NavyJohn Howard, Army
Justin Scott Huffman,
Marine Corps
Wayne S. Hult, Army
Lyle Maynard Humphrey,
Stephen Jay Humphrey, Army
Bradford K. Huso, NavyTelman G. Huso, Army Everett L. Hutchens, Army 

— I —

 William Raymond Ingersoll, Navy Michael Ivonavitch, Army 

— J —

Howard E. Jackson, Army
Robert H. Jackson, Army
William Osman Jackson, Army
Jimmy G. Janssen,
Marine Corps
Gerald William Jeffrey
James M. Jensen Jr., Navy
Thor J. Jensen, Navy
Fred L. Jilek, Army
Joseph L. Jimenez, NavyTed Jimenez, Air Force Thomas M. Jimenez, ArmyClaire O. Johnson, Army
Craig Lynn Johnson, Army
Donald L. Johnson, Navy
Floyd Charles Johnson,
Air Force
Maurice S. Johnson, Navy
Percy G. Johnson, NavyQuentin L, Johnson, Navy Wayland, D. Johnson, ArmyThomas P. Johnston, Air Force
Fred Howard Jones, NavyJames R. Jorgensen, Army Eugene Charles Joynt, NavyPaul Robert Joynt, Navy
 Forrest G. Judd,
Marine Corps

— K —

Gus J. Kantaris, Army
Thomas Paul Kantaris,
Marine Corps
James Kavars, Navy
John M. Kavars, Navy
Steve N. Kavars, Army
James M. Kelley, Army
Richard John Kelley,
Air Force
Richard James Kelley,
Air Force
Vere E. Kelly, ArmyDonald W. Kepley, Army Robert D. Kerdus, Air ForceJohn Ketchum, Army
Stanley R. King, ArmyGail Wendell Kingsbury, Navy Merle Keith Kingsbury, NavyJames Patrick Kirk, Army
Nels Lars Kittleson, ArmyDavid L. Klatt, Army Ralph D. Klatt, NavyRalph L. Klatt, Army
Dennis Harold Klein, ArmyJeffrey Francis Kleinow, Army Teddie D. Klemas, NavyKenneth P. Kleven, Army
William “Bill” Kloberdanz,
Air Force
Lawrence C. Kofoot, Army
Herbert Dale Konigsmark,
Kenneth Dale Konigsmark,
Stephen P. Kowny Jr., NavyCharles V. Kraft, Navy Frank G. Krause, ArmyErnest L. Krieger, Army
Martin J. Kroeze, Navy
Harvey Lincoln Kunzman Sr.,
Francis Joseph Kurash,
Jay A. Kvigne, Air Force

— L —

Foster J. Langhoff, ArmyMyron E. Langhoff, Army Dean Andrew Lauen, ArmyRobert E. Lauritson, Army
Millard C. Lawson, ArmyMurray C. Lawson, Navy Virgil Leath, ArmySteven Lee, Navy
John Victor Legler, ArmyLarry Dean Legler, Army Charles R. Lennan, ArmyLarry Lightbody, Marine Corps
Adam R. Lincicum, ArmyKenneth E. Lincicum, Navy Kenneth R. Lincicum, ArmyJohn J. “JJ” Long, Army
Alan L. Loterbour, Air ForceEdward W. Loterbour, Army Craig Scott Lovstad, Air ForceJames Edward Lovstad, Air Force
Leonard E. Lovstad, Air ForceCalvin R. Lubben, Air Force Howard Lucas, Army, KIARobert F. Lucas, Army
Paul H. Ludeman, NavyRobert L. Lukes, Army Robert Stanley Lumley, ArmyCarl R. Lundgren, Army
 Keith D. Lundquist, Navy Cornelius J. Lynch Jr., Army 

— M —

Duane C. Mabb, Air ForceCraig L. MacDougall, Army Allen I. Macer, Air ForceMorris E. Macer, Navy
Richard A. Macer, Navy
Harlan S. MacMillan, Navy
William G. “Bill” Mahone,
Air Force
James Emil Malfero, Navy
Elbert Mallo, ArmyHarry G. Marinos, Army John G. Marinos, NavyMilton G. Marinos, Army
John L. Marshall, NavyPaul Eugene Martin, Navy George A. Maskarina, NavyMark Mathahs, Air Force
Dann T. May, Army
Orson Reeve McNitt, Army
John J. McAleer, Army
John Robert McCaulley,
Kenneth E. McClemons, NavyBlair L. McCready, Army Tamerah McCready, ArmyIrvin V. McGowan, Navy
Michael B. McGowan,
Air Force
Charles R. McGreevey, Army
Thomas Ross McKibben, Navy
Lester Ray McRoberts,
Carl Joseph Mealy, ArmyJohn Jerome Mealy, Army William Robert Mealy, Air ForceClair S. Mellang, Army
David L. Milbrath, NavyLori Ann Milbrath, Navy Ralph L. Milhan, NavyGary Dean Miller, Air Force
Gary Dean Miller, Air ForceLawrence E. Miller, Army Robert Vernon Miller, NavyRussel W. Miller, Army
Harold Clifford Mix Sr.,
Air Force
Harold M. “Casey” Mohr, Army
Larry Glenn Montgomery, Army
James S. Mott, Army
Russell V. Mott, ArmyVern E. Mott, Army Lyle K. Murl Jr., ArmyJames E. Murphy, Army
 Loren E. Murphy,
Marine Corps
Miles J. Murphy, Air Force

— N —

David Nelson, ArmyLeonard V. Nelson, Army Neal Nelson, ArmyRichard Arlen Nelson, Army
Richard A. Nesje, ArmyCarl F. Netzel, Air Force Jennifer M. Noll, Air ForceTodd M. Noll, Air Force
Don Nuehring, Air ForceWilbert M. Nuehring, Army Clarence L. Nutting, ArmyRichard J. W. Nyhus, Navy

— O —

Fred L. O’Dell Sr., NavyRobert Michael O’Dell, Marine Corps Edward F. O’Donnell, ArmyJames A. O’Donnell III, Army
James A. O’Donnell IV, ArmyWilliam F. Oertel, Navy William F. Oertel Jr., ArmyBob D. Oliver, Army/POW
Norman Olaf Olsen, ArmyAnnel B. Olson, Army Emery W. Olson, ArmyLeonard H. Olson, Army
Marlin Dean Olson, ArmyMarvin Richard Olson, Army Orville L. Olson, NavyGene C. Ostmo, Army
 Jack E. Ouverson, Army   

— P —

Gregory E. Paine, ArmyGus Pappas, Army Duane A. Paschka, NavyMerlyn R. Paschka, Navy
William F. Paschka, ArmyClarence E. Patterson, Army Lawrence M. Paul, ArmyGregory Allen Paulsen, Navy
Walter F. Pearce, NavyAlfred Wesley Peasley, Navy Monte Ray Perau, NavyPeter A. Pergakis, Army
Marvin S. Peter, ArmyCarl O. Peters, Navy Lloyd G. Peters, NavyCecil Vernell Peterson, Navy
Dean L. Peterson, NavyDonovan P. Peterson, Army Earl M. Peterson, NavyMarvin C. Peterson, Navy
Royden O. Peterson, Navy
William Russell Peterson,
Gene L. Pettey, Navy
Merlin G. Peyton, Army
Alan David Pierce,
Marine Corps
Dean A. Pierce, Marine Corps
James W. Pierce,
Marine Corps
Richard David Pierce,
Air Force
Brian Roy Pike, Air ForceFloyd F. Pinneke, Navy Fred F. Pinneke, ArmyTip Ted Piper III, Army
Charles Ray Piper, ArmyJack Oliver Piper, Army Terry Ted Piper, ArmyTip Ted Piper, Army
Charles B. Pippert, NavyJess G. Pippert, Army V. Paul Pippert, ArmyLarry Dean Pittenger, Army
John F. Plonsky, NavyJohn L. Plonsky, Army Robert E. Plonsky, NavyMatthew J. Pohlman, Army
 Walter S. Portis, Army Donald Duane Price, Navy 

— Q —

 Delmar D. Quandt, Army   

— R —

Dorothy Helen Rankin USCG
Richard W. Rasmuson,
Arnold Lyle Rasmussen,
Marine Corps
Benjamin P. Rasmussen, Navy
Donald Edward Rasmussen,
Donald H. Rasmussen,
Jeroald R. Rasmussen, Navy
Martin Edward Rasmussen,
Paul X. Rasmussen, Navy
Leonard R. Raymond,
David J. Reab, Army
Francis X. Reardon, Army
Hubert P. Reardon, NavyJohn T. Reardon, Navy Richard J. Reardon, NavyRobert W. M. Reese, Navy
Dennis Renner, Navy
Walter Kurt Renner, Army
Hans Pierre Revaux, Marine Corps
George Page Reynolds,
Air Force
Johney T. Rhem, ArmyJay V. Richey, Army Harold C. Rish, NavyLarry A. Ritter, Marine Corps
 Merlin D. Ruiter, Army William J. Russeff Sr., Army 

— S —

Laverne Stanley Sandvik,
Michael A. Savas, Air Force
Milford M. Scherf, Army
Edward J. Schick, Air Force
Dale E. Schmidt, ArmyFrank A. Schmidt, Army Norman V. Schmidt, ArmyRichard E. Schmidt, Army
Carl L. Schneider, ArmyLeo A. Schultz, Army Roger R. Schumaker, ArmyGordon Schupbach, Navy
Robert C. Schurtz, Navy
Harry George Schwegler,
Larry L. Scott, Army
George A. Seeberger, Navy
Leland T. Seeberger, Army
Robert Dale Seeberger,
Russell D. Seidel, Navy
Patrick A. Seny, Marine Corps
Frank Thomas Shafer, Army
Harold E. “Gene” Sharp,
Merle M. Shaver, Army
C. E. “Buck” Sheldon,
Dennis Lee Shipman, ArmyMarvin Ross Shipman, Navy Eldon H. Siemers, ArmyHarold R. Skilbred, Army
Arthur L. Skram, Air ForceCharles F. Smith, Army Paul Ben Smith, NavyCharles J. Sorlien, Army
Palmer Solum, Army
Dale W. Spilman Jr., Army
Daniel T. Spilman, Army
Lloyd A. “Speed” Spilman,
Orval “Fritz” Spilman, ArmySammy Spilman, Army Wayne M. “Shorty” Spilman, ArmyAlvin J. Sprau, Navy
Warren L. Sprau, ArmyLouis G. Stadtlander, Army Kenneth A. Stalheim, NavyRalph Leonard Stangler, Army
Donald C. Stanton, NavyElmer E. Starr, Navy Burl William Stepleton, ArmyChad M. Steward, Air Force
Roy M. Stolen Jr, Navy
Robert Stolen, Marine Corps
Samuel G. Stoltenberg,
Marine Corps
Dennis Gene Strong, Army
Letcher R. Strong, ArmyCleo Dee Sullivan, Army Cleo Dee Sullivan, ArmyGerold “Babe” Suter, Army
 Lyle R. Sutton, Army   

— T —

Marvin A. “Mickey” Tanner,
Gerald M. “Jerry” Tatum,
Air Force
Mervin B. Teig, Army
Albert C. H. Theilen Jr., Army
Orville M. Dean Theilen,
Ronald D. Theilen, Navy
Carroll Arthur Theis, Navy
James Edward Thompson,
Marine Corps
Eugene F. Thornton, Army
Frank Cecil Thornton Jr.,
Air Force
Frank Cecil Thornton Sr.,
Glen Everett Thornton, Navy
Philip W. Thurtle, ArmyDonald Richard Tickal, Army Arnold Dallas Tilton, ArmyWarren Arnold Tilton, Navy
William Clifford Toinbee,
Lester E. Toole Jr., Air Force
Jonathan Louis Tracy,
Robert Harold Trainer, Army
Mark A. Treadway, Army
Robert Trebil, Army
Michael David Truax,
Air Force
Carl Richard True, Army
Dennis D. True, ArmyRandall R. True, Army Richard A. True, ArmySteven D. True, Air Force
 Donald J. Tubbesing, Navy
Harold L. Tuthill,
Marine Corps

— U —

 Donald Ubben, Navy James C. Ulum, Navy 

— V —

Duane Carrol Vaage, ArmyJames E. Van Heel, Army Alfred Van Hyfte, ArmyGeorge Van Hyfte, Army
Jim Van Heel, ArmyKarl F. Vaughn, Army Henry G. Vierkant, ArmyRichard B. Vosburgh, Navy
 Roy K. Vosburgh, Army   

— W —

Carl A. Waddell Jr., ArmyClifford E. Walker, Navy Richard E. Walker, NavyStephen A. Walker, Army
Robert L. Wallace, Army
Rollo B. Wastier, Army
Larry Dean Welsh,
Air Force
Wardie E. Wendt, Air Force
Raymond K. Wenrich,
Charles Allan West,
Marine Corps
Gary Lynn West, Army
Edward Eugene Westover, Navy
Merle R. Whipple, NavyJesse E. White, Army LaVern A. White, ArmyEarl Mason Whitney, Army
Kenneth L. Whitney, NavyMelvin Owen Whitney, Navy Rex D. Whitney, ArmyWilliam Carl Whorley, Army/POW
Gerald Eugene Wike,
Clarence J. Williams, Army
Gerald “Bud” Williams,
Everett D. Willier, Army
Clarence G. Winter, NavyLeon J. Wise, Army David L. Withers, NavyDennis W. Withers, Army
Jon E. Withers, Air Force
Donald A. “Pete” Wolske, Navy
James C. Wolske USCG
Robert E. Wolske,
Army/Coast Guard
Willis R. Wood, ArmyDoyce E. Woodiwiss, Army Glen Milton Wyborny, ArmyMichael Shane Wyborny, Army

— Y —

 Kaye D. Young, Navy   

Photograph courtesy of Globe-Gazette
Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, November of 2016

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