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 Transcribed and contributed by Joe Conroy.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
1 Aug 1918
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Six Men Leave To Camp Forrest, Ga.

Sending of Other Thirty-Four Postponed a Few Days

Saturday Or Sunday

Board Ordered to Postpone Making Up Quota Until District Board Holds Special Meeting to Reclassify Enough Others In This County.


Only six men of the forty who were supposed to have been sent were entrained for Camp Forrest, at Lytle, Georgia, last Tuesday. The remainder of the men included in this call will be entrained next Saturday or Sunday, in all probability, the delay in making up the quota having been occasioned by the fact that a misunderstanding has arisen as to the proper men to send.


The contingent sent Tuesday was under charge of Charles Harris, top sergeant for the occasion, and was given the usual farewell on the court house lawn. J. F. Coupe and George Galloway were the speakers for the occasion, and both rendered speeches resounding in patriotism. Just at this time, when the calls are being made up mostly of boys from the farms, the selection of Mr. Coupe for an address was extremely fortunate, for he explained the situation fully and gave a new conception of the reasons for the demands on the farmers.


Those going at this time were Charles Harris, Mankato, Minnesota; Jacob Wittry, Breda; Anton Heiman, Carroll; Frank M. Nagl, Dedham; Edward J. Glass, Carroll; Raymond E. Fox, Carroll. Mr. Fox is a volunteer for this call and will take up his duties as a shoemaker at Camp Forrest.


This shipment exhausted the single men in Class One and even included some married men who were volunteers. The board was ordered to postpone sending the other thirty-four men until the district board could act upon the reclassification of other men in the county. A large number of questionnaires of single men holding deferred classification were sent to Waterloo at once, and the district board held a special meeting Wednesday to consider the cases.


The return on those questionnaires is expected this morning, and if possible the list of men selected for entrainment Saturday or Sunday, together with the time of entrainment, will be published elsewhere in this paper. Those facts are not available at the time of writing.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
22 Aug 1918
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Sixteen Carroll Men Go To Funston

Will Entrain Wednesday of Next Week, August 28, at 12:05 p.m. for Service.


Sixteen more Carroll county boys will leave to join the army on Wednesday of next week, going to Camp Funston, Kansas, to take up their training. They will leave here on Northwestern train 3, at 12:05 p.m. These men are all men from the first draft who have been recently reclassified, none of them coming from the class of 1918. No calls have as yet been made on this class and the board to date has no definite information as to when they will be called into service. It was believed a month ago that their call would come in August, but this appears now to be a remote possibility, as the time is late in the month and it probable that they will be passed.


On account of a shortage of class one men in the former draft Iowa is being spared the heavy calls this month in order that more reclassifications may be effected and the state put on a better basis as regards its manpower. The July calls almost depleted Iowa and left it in very bad shape.


The men who will entrain Wednesday for Camp Funston are:
Peter Neilson, Dedham.
Otto Herman Popp, Arcadia.
Rudolph Brockmann, West Side.
Nicholas C. Schrum, Manning.
Albert J. Schoeppner, Templeton.
Alois Wernimont, Carroll.
Leapha L. Morron, Auburn.
Alvin Leroy Mooney, West Side.
Walter H. Brockmann, West Side.
Ben C. Wempe, Arcadia.
Leo C. Miller, Glidden.
Clemens H. Hoelscher, Arcadia.
Henry H. Sieve, Arcadia.
James Herbert Brand, Glidden.
Lincoln V. Thompson, Manning.
Emil J. Jansen, Manning.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
22 Aug 1918



Killed in Action
Merle D. Hay, of Glidden
Byron Van Raden, of Lanesboro
Lloyd Ripley, Lanesboro


Died of Disease
Loren H. Bayliss, Carroll
Michael J. Kerwin, of Carroll
Charles P. Schuett, of Lanesboro
Lars Nielsen, Carroll

Missing in Action
Edmund C. Naber, Arcadia

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
29 Aug 1918
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June 5 Men Are Called To Army

Will Entrain At Carroll Some Time Next Week For Dodge

Deep Cut Into The List

Eighty Men of June 5 Registration are Called at This Time —

Remainder of Class One in Old Registration Will Soon be Cleaned Up.


The first call for men who registered in June of this year was made last week, and the men so called will entrain at Carroll during the five-day period beginning Tuesday, September 8. The call takes in all of the men remaining in Class One under the old registration who had been reclassified up to the time of the call, and eighty of this year's registrants in addition. Other men of the old registration have been reclassified since this call was made, but they will not be called to service until next time.


These men will go to Camp Dodge to help fill up the ranks of the new Nineteenth Division, which has been in process of formation for the past two weeks, or ever since the Eighty-Eighth left for over-seas service. This call cuts deeply into the registration for last June and leaves but few men available in that section. These, together with the reclassified men in the old registration and the available men under the August 24 registration will probably be just about enough to fill the calls which are expected later in September.


The exact date and time of entrainment of this contingent is not yet known, but as nearly all calls for service from this county have been entrained on Tuesday or Friday it is expected that the official order will designate one of those days of next week. The list as so far selected is as follows:

Arthur John Foster, Manning
Hubert Knight, Glidden
John B. Danner, Dedham
Orel H. McCoy, Lanesboro
Theodore Schmitz, Halbur
John Langel, Coon Rapids
William J. B. Textor, Coon Rapids
Edward Otto Erps, Arcadia
Otto Gotsch, Arcadia
James F. Hested, Lanesboro
Joe Brincks, Carroll
George D. Biggs, Chesterton, Ind.
John Testroet, Halbur
William J. Sondgeroth, Halbur
Bernard H. Troupke, Carroll
Sylvester John Thelen, Carroll
Aloysius Schueller, Carroll
John Hacker, Templeton
Jacob Peter Hahn, Carroll
William Julius Hinz, Arcadia
George Roger Winter, Lanesboro
Adolph Johannes Hagge, Arcadia
Joseph Hagen, Carroll
William Joseph Frank, Carroll
William H. Scott, Coon Rapids
Orville R. Wolf, Guthrie, Minn.
Adolph J. Hoffman, Carroll
William Mohns, Manning
Edward Reimers, Manning
Joseph H. Wempe, Breda
Robert G. Clemmer, Mo. Valley
Edward Lehmberg, West Side
Vincent George Broich, Carroll
Frank A. Schroeder, Arcadia
Lea Determan, Breda
Harley Hagaman, Carroll
Virgil H. Davenport, Glidden
Leo Joseph Hoffman, Carroll
John Bernard Wessling, Arcadia
John L. Golwitzer, Dedham,
Paul Francis Berger, Carroll
Clarence Hupp, Coon Rapids
Arnold Witt, Manning
Martin Edwin Fritz, Manning
John Alvls Kanne, Carroll
Joseph A. Berger, Carroll
John F. Lasher, Glidden
William Goerke, Henning, Mo.
John H. Tigges, Carroll
Edward C. Carver, Carroll
Ben Heithoff, Carroll
Henry August Wurr, Carroll
Verne F. Welker, Lanesboro
Henry C. Dugan, Carroll
Herbert A. Bobard, Co. Bluffs
Herbert Ray Stribe, Manning
Arthur Joseph Danner, Breda.
Joseph Lea Hackfort, Carroll
Oliver Nlcholason, Lanesboro
Jacob W. Berger, Arcadia
Charles T. Connor, Glidden
Joe G. Klocke, Templeton
Walter Herman Rohe, Templelon
Clarence H. Odendahl, Carroll
Wilbur A. Kroeger, Carroll
Daniel M. Wenck, Glidden
Guy Nnight, Carroll
Joseph G. Heying, Breda
Raymond P. Haselton, Glidden
John S. Bernholtz, Carroll
Frank S. Hoffman, Dedham
Henry G. Gross, Loup City, Neb.
Joseph Sextro, Templeton
Peter Wendy Bartel, Carroll
Roy Alden McCoy, Glidden
Harry H. Bright, Green Castle, Mo.
Albert H. Reiff, Carroll
V. B. Vanderloo, Coon Rapids
Adolph R. Morman, Carroll
Wendy Joseph Reiling, Carroll


Old Registrants
Henry J. Hannasch, Carroll
Carl L. Piper, West Side
Luther Mattocks, Arcadia
B. V. Brincks, Carroll
Carl M. Peterson, Ogden
Jacob Kraus, Carroll
H. C. Schluter, West Side
B. J. Olberding, Arcadia
Joseph Fischenmeyer, Carroll
John Stuker, Carroll
William H. Heuton, Glidden
Hugh Bull, Coon Rapids
John L. Zitzlsperger, Dedham
Louie Uhlenkamp, Templeton
Albert J. Schoeppner, Templeton
William Reichenbach, Carroll
William Pudenz, Carroll
Frank Zitzlsperger, Carroll
B. H. Stuhr, Manning
A. A. Sporleder, Carroll
Rufus Earl Hicok, Norfolk, Va.
C. J. Thede, Lanesboro
Karl Rohr, Manning
F. W. Loeffelholtz, Carroll
J. G. Venteicher, Carroll
H. M. Peterson, Glidden
L. A. Wiederin, Carroll
Frank G. Schreck, Templeton
Frank, Wittrock, Halbur
William Krause, Okarche, Okla.
Edward Dopheide, Templeton
Edward Schleisman, Carroll
Gustave Anderson, Arcadia
Ralph H. Nesbitt, Ralston
August C. Warnke, Carroll
Joseph H. Drees, Carroll
Ben Bekehermes, Carroll
Thos. B. Satterfield, Coon Rapids
Will Lamaak, Breda.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
29 Aug 1918
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45 Men Register, 36 Waived Claimes

Goodly Number of Men Available From Saturday's Work

Two Are Alien Enemies

Five Married, and of Remaining 38 Only Two Claim Deferred Classification —

List of Men Becoming Twenty-one Since June 5 is Large.


While the registration of men who have become of age since Jun 5 was of necessity light, it was considerably in excess of the number anticipated in Carroll county last Saturday. Another feature which speaks exceedingly well for the boys is the fact that of the 45 who registered, 36 immediately signed all waivers and automatically placed themselves in Class One, subject to immediate call. Of the remainder, five are married, two are alien enemies and two claimed deferred classification. Some of those who are married have become so since the prescribed date and will be placed in Class One by legal process, under the present army regulations.


The registration was held in the office of the local board all day Saturday, and it adds considerably to the number of men in this county available for immediate military service.

Those registering were as follows:

Elgie W. Wessel, Glidden
Bennie Berns, Glidden
John Freese, Breda
Arthur M. Hagen, Arcadia.
Edwin William Onken, Glidden
John Golterman, Arcadia
LeRoy T. Lillie, Coon Rapids
Frank Theodore Eischeid, Halbur
Herman Frahm, Manning
Frank Michael Schachtner, Carroll
Wm. Peter Daiker, Carroll
Dan S. Blakeley, Coon Rapds
Laurence Leo Balk, Templeton
Lloyd Orris, Coon Rapids
Corliss R. Bruntlett, Glidden
Wm. J. Ewart, Glidden
Frank H. O. Koepke, Arcadia
Leonard Murphy, Carroll
Frank Wille, Carroll
Vitus Jake Schechinger, Carroll
Edward Kemper, Templeton
Wilbur D. Fry, Coon Rapids
Walter Raleigh Grene, Glidden
Gus Soll, Manning
John Julius Thelan, Templeton
Henry J. Niehaus, Arcadia
Ariel Lloyd Waldron, Glidden
Joseph J. Haubrich, Carroll
Joseph Kukar, Carroll
Vinas Wimber, Breda.
Frank H. Vogt, Halbur
Joseph M. Wegman, Breda
Alfred John Rix, Arcadia
Mathew N. Bornback, Templeton
Charles W. Davidson, Coon Rapids
Floyd Stapleton, Glidden
William O. Subbert, Glidden
George L. Leonard, Coon Rapids
Clarence D. Bengford, Templeton
Frank H. Reiff, Carroll
Marshall E. Pomeroy, Dedham
John J. Schumacher, Carroll
Frank X. Kasperbauer, Templeton
Clem A. Rehker, Arcadia
Theodore Julius Poeppe, Carroll

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
29 Aug 1918
Page 1


Grover Beiter Gone To Enter The Army

Left Tuesday Evening for Waterloo, Then Goes to Washington Barracks, D. C.


City Engineer Grover C. Beiter left Tuesday evening for a short visit with friends and relatives at Waterloo before going into the military service of the United States. He will leave Waterloo the latter part of this week and will report at Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C., where he will enter the training school for officers for the Engineer Corps, and will be attached to the First Replacement Regiment.


The council at its meeting Monday evening gave Mr. Beiter leave of absence for the duration of the war, at the end of which he will be privileged to return to Carroll and resume his position with the city. The office will be cared for by his assistant, Warren G. Toyne, during his absence.


The council also presented Mr. Beiter with a handsome comfort kit as a token of remembrance and appreciation.

Some time ago Mr. Beiter made application for admission to the training school, and about two weeks ago was advised that he had been accepted. His order to report for duty came Monday morning.


Grover Beiter is a splendid engineer, far above the average physically, mentally and morally, with a personality that equips him in every way for high leadership, and there is no doubt but that he will make good in every way in the army. His friends in Carroll expect great things of him, because they feel that he represents the ideal type for which the war department is scouring the country in its search for officers. There is not a shadow of doubt concerning his qualifications or his ability to go just as high in army service as time will permit.

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