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The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
21 Feb 1918
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List of the Men Who Go To Camp Feb. 26

Last Increment of First Draft Ordered to Camp Dodge on Tuesday, Feb. 26th.

88 Men in the List

Carroll County's Quota On the First Selective Draft is Now Complete, and the Board Awaits Orders for Next Call, Which is Expected Soon.

On Tuesday morning, Feb. 26th, at 10:25 o'clock, the following men will entrain for Camp Dodge, Iowa, where they will go into military service and begin actual training. This completes the list of Carroll County's quota on the first draft. These men are all in Class 1, and we publish their order numbers and post office address, as follows:

46 — John Hulsing, Carroll.
54 — H. W. Moller, Arcadia.
58 — Frank Nicholson, Lanesboro.
74 — Bernard Hulbar, Halbur.
124 — Henry Riesenberg, Carroll.
158 — Philip W. Dentlinger, Arcadia.
178 — Lawrence E. Meyers, Carroll.
196 — G. W. Claussen, Arcadia.
199 — L. A. Augustine, Carroll.
219 — C. H. Snyder, Glidden.
237 — Andy Krapfl, Templeton.
251 — Carl E. Koepke, Carroll.
261 — R. A. Cox, Glidden.
262 — Nick Vinzin, Woodlawn, Pa.
264 — Ben H. Holstein, Lidderdale.
271 — H. F. Bruggeman, Arcadia.
273 — F. C. C. Passick, West Side.
291 — E. Koch, Alhambra Hamel, Ill.
294 — John B. Morgan, Carroll.
308 — Jos. Muhlbauer, Manning.
313 — Theo. Tunning, Dedham.
314 — G. B. Parker, Coon Rapids.
316 — J. W. Schleisman, Lidderdale.
322 — Peter Balk, Dedham.
323 — A. A. B. Nelson, Chicago, Ill.
331 — Joseph Soppe, Templeton.
334 — Dick F. Prill, Glidden.
337 — J. F. Hagge, Arcadia.
341 — Leon C. Carty, Glidden.
342 — J. H. Wiederin, Carroll.
355 — Robt. McKinney, Bucyrus, Mo.
363 — P. C. Ratzeburg, Wonewoc, Wis.
366 — Frank Truhe, Templeton.
369 — Ray. T. Odendahl, Carroll.
377 — H. D. Freese, Dedham.
379 — L. A. Miller, Carroll.
388 — Joseph Heinrichs, Breda.
389 — A. C. Subbert, Glidden.
391 — R. E. Ogg, Dedham.
395 — Henry F. Mohr, Manning.
401 — Herman Stallman, Templeton.
402 — P. J. Friedman, Halbur.
421 — Bernard Krapfl, Templeton.
424 — L. C. Forbes, Carroll.
427 — H. W. Nauroth, Templeton.
428 — Tony Strunck, Dedham.
431 — Harry Hinz, Manning.
433 — A. F. Carl, Scranton.
435 — Frank Pauley, Carroll.
438 — William Renze, Carroll.
439 — C. E. Dickson, Glidden.
440 — Henry Schelle, Breda.
442 — Fred Gruhn, Manning.
445 — H. A. Schelldorf, Manning.
457 — Joseph Kraus, Carroll.
459 — Daniel Hupp, Coon Rapids.
473 — F. H. Cooney, Carroll.
479 — Albert Kurth, Lidderdale.
481 — J. H. Claussen, Manning.
486 — H. C. Phade, West Side.
498 — E. A. Torney, Morgan, Minn.
502 — Arthur Turner, Arcadia.
513 — Jos. F. Hoelscher, Carroll.
516 — B. H. Schumaker, Albers, Ill.
519 — W. H. Kempf, Manning.
525 — E. H. Albert, Manning.
527 — Henry Kalkhoff, Templeton.
534 — H. W. Waller, Verona, Ky.
535 — H. G. Cummings, Sioux City.
537 — C. P. Steinhagen, Claremont.
538 — Charley Pauley, Carroll.
541 — A. J. Pollmann, Breda.
553 — Henry Lehrter, Arcadia.
560 — E. C. Sehlke, Council Bluffs.
566 — M. J. Berger, Carroll.
567 — Gus. A. Bauer, Breda.
572 — Carl Nees, Carroll.
596 — Carl J. Larson, Carroll.
597 — Glenn A. Hunter, Glidden.
599 — Arthur A. Stang, Halbur.
602 — Joe A. Noethe, Arcadia.
606 — Lars S. Hansen, Carroll.
615 — Rodney M. Burke, West Side.
618 — Earl Chess, Coon Rapids.
623 — Theo. Koester, Carroll.
631 — Otto Voege, West Side.
628 — Harm F. Seeden, Lidderdale.

Since placing the above in type an order has been issued making it optional with the local boards as to whether or not they will take the credits due them by enlistment on this or the draft that is to soon be made. As we have been bombarded with questions from all over the county regarding what is to be done in the matter in Carroll county, inquiry from the board brings out the decision from a majority of that body that the credits due this county will be taken on the next call, which means that the men in the above list will necessarily have to go next Tuesday. Many of the counties of the state are taking advantage of the order and accepting the credits on this call. Had the loal board made this decision it would not have been necessary to send but one or two men on this increment, as we understand that the county has some 83 or 84 enlistments to her credit.

Just as we go to press we learn that the local board has telegraphed Adjutant General Logan for definite instructions whether or not to accept credits on this call or send the last increment of this quota, and that the matter rests with his decision. Therefore we are unable to say whether the men listed above will leave next Tuesday or the county will accept its credits.


The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
21 Feb 1918
Page 1

Twenty-Three Men Have Volunteered

Carroll County Has a Very Credible List of Volunteers Now in the Service of Uncle Sam.

The following Carroll county men have been inducted into the military service of the United States by voluntary enlistment since Janu. 30th, and have been assigned to the stations set opposite their names in the appended list. We are informed that the county will receive due credit for these men on the next call.
937 — Alfred Fonken, Lanesboro, to Vancouver Barracks.
1192 — John Bueltel, Arcadia, to Vancouver Barracks.
418 — J. B. Albers, Templeton, to Vancouver Barracks.
1193 — Wm. H. Tiessen, Coon Rapids, to Vancouver Barracks.
1586 — Arthur F. Flesch, Ralston, to Vancouver Barracks.
832 — George Herren, Carroll, to Vancouver Barracks.
748 — B. M. Torgersen, Manning, to Vancouver Barracks.
1912 — Peter H. Bolke, Carroll, to Camp Dodge, Iowa.
600 — Arthur Riedesel, Glidden, to Vancouver Barracks.
155 — Byran F. Payne, Manning, to Vancouver Barracks.
1939 — Earl Bowles, Glidden, to Camp Dodge, Iowa.
1917 — Claude Wright Noe, Carroll, to Camp Dodge, Iowa.
1524 — Niels Alfred Nielsen, Glidden, to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.
621 — Ralph C. Ridenour, Lake City, to Vancouver Barracks.
917 — H. U. Fiscus, Carroll, to Camp Dodge, Iowa.
1253 — John W. Gorham, Wall Lake, to Vancouver Barracks.
393 — Frank A. Kruse, Carroll, to Vancouver Barracks.
492 — Karl John Schmidt, Manning, to Vancouver Barracks.
336 — Glen McGill, Carroll, to Camp Dodge, Iowa.
591 — C. R. Roderick, Dedham, to Engineer Reserve Corps.
1854 — Lloyd S. Ripley, Lanesboro, to Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C.
675 — Henry J. Heue, Carroll, to Kelly Field, Texas.
(?) — Frank R. Johnson, Estherville, to Vancouver Barracks.

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