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 Transcribed and contributed by Joe Conroy.
The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
13 Jun 1918
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Registration Listed For Nation's Call
Nearly Two Hundred Added To List In Carroll County Every 3 Months Now
New Registration Quarterly to Keep List Up to Date —
Newly Registered Men Cannot Volunteer Until After They are Classified.

The local registration board has furnished The Times with a list of young men who registered on June 5, having become 21 years of age since the registration of last year. This list contains 181 names, instead of 176, as was first reported, and is given in full herewith.
Some of those who registered last Wednesday have already attempted to enlist in the military or naval service of the country, but all such enlistments are being rejected by order of General Crowder until such time as the new registrants have filled out their questionnaires and have been given their proper classification. After that time their enlistments will be accepted the same as those of any other registered men.
The clerk of the local board is authority for the statement that hereafter these registrations of men just coming 21 years of age will be conducted every three months, instead of once each year, and that so far as is now known they will be conducted on the same basis and according to the same rules as the registration just finished.
The list of men who registered June 5 is as follows:
1 — Robert Probst, Dedham.
2 — Willi Kansmeier, Manning.
3 — Ludwig Rohrl, Carroll.
4 — Vinki Kufrin, Carroll.
5 — Derk Renie Peters, Glidden.
6 — Herbert Roy Stribe, Manning.
7 — Henry August Weirr, Carroll.
8 — Arnold Witt, Manning.
9 — Clarence F. Grundmeier, Manning.
10 — Arthur John Foster, Manning.
11 — Wm. A. Sibbel, Templeton.
12 — John L. Golwitzer, Dedham.
13 — William Joseph Frank, Carroll.
14 — Joseph Leo Hackfort, Carroll.
15 — Henry George Gross, Glidden.
16 — F. C. Winebrenne, Coon Rapids.
17 — Earl Reeves, Carroll.
18 — Edward Lehmberg, West Side.
19 — Carl J. Kessler, Carroll.
20 — Julius J. Berger, Carroll.
21 — Albert J. Rettenmaier, Carroll.
22 — Linus J. Wiedemeier, Carroll.
23 — Oscar Edmond Oliver, Dedham.
24 — Arthur J. Derner, Breda.
25 — Leo Joseph Hoffman, Carroll.
26 — Peter W. Bartel, Carroll.
27 — Verne F. Welker, Lanesboro.
28 — James F. Hested, Lanesboro.
29 — Hubert Knight, Glidden.
30 — (not listed)
31 — Samuel Rudd, Lake City.
32 — Guy E. Carpenter, Glidden.
33 — George R. Winter, Lanesboro.
34 — Nile Ray Smith, Willey.
35 — Edward Reimers, Manning.
36 — Clarence H. Odendahl, Carroll.
37 — Walter H. Rohe, Templeton.
38 — Ben Heithoff, Carroll.
39 — Virgil H. Davenport, Glidden.
40 — William E. Akey, Glidden.
41 — Sylvester John Thelen, Carroll.
42 — Wendy John Oswald, Carroll.
43 — Albert H. Reiff, Carroll.
44 — Joseph G. Heying, Breda.
45 — John Testroet, Halbur.
46 — Arthur L. Juergens, Glidden.
47 — Harld R. Merkley, Glidden.
48 — Joseph Hagen, Carroll.
49 — John P. Lippold, Templeton.
50 — Baptist Schafer, Breda.
51 — Bernard H. Troupke, Carroll.
52 — Herbert A. Bobar, Manning.
53 — Harry H. Bright, Carroll.
54 — Vincent G. Broich, Carroll.
55 — William J. Hinz, Arcadia.
56 — Adolph J. Hagge, Arcadia.
57 — Theodore Schmitz, Halbur.
58 — John B. Wessling, Arcadia.
59 — Joe G. Klocke, Templeton.
60 — Peter Reck, Halbur.
61 — William J. Sondgeroth, Halbur.
62 — Robert G. Clemmer, Carroll.
63 — Chas. W. Smith, Coon Rapids.
64 — William H. Scott, Coon Rapids.
65 — Lincoln V. Thompson, Manning
66 — John Hacker, Templeton.
67 — Edward C. Carver, Carroll.
68 — Wilbur A. Kroeger, Carroll.
69 — Tony J. Bernholtz, Carroll.
70 — Edward O. Erpe, Arcadia.
71 — Jacob W. Berger, Arcadia.
72 — William A. Mess, West Side.
73 — Joseph B. Micka, Carroll.
74 — John Babis Danner, Dedham.
75 — Frank M. Nagl, Dedham.
76 — John Lengel, Coon Rapids.
77 — Clarence Hupp, Coon Rapids.
78 — W. J. B. Textor, Coon Rapids.
79 — Julius A. Bohnenkamp, Breda.
80 — Adolph R. Morman, Carroll.
81 — Frank A. Schroeder, Arcadia.
82 — Harrison B. Jewell, Coon Rapids.
83 — William C. Kokenge, Carroll.
84 — Aloysius Schueller, Carroll.
85 — Daniel M. Wenck, Glidden.
86 — Charles W. Bedford, Carroll.
87 — Walter Ostk, Arcadia.
88 — Leo Determan, Breda.
89 — Joe Brincks, Carroll.
90 — Geo. D. Briggs, Chreston, Ind.
91 — Julius C. Mahnke, Arcadia.
92 — William Garrels, Arcadia.
93 — Frank T. Roth, Templeton.
94 — Wm. Goerke, West Side.
95 — Maurice Bowler, Carroll.
96 — Lambert E. Odendahl, Carroll.
97 — Albert H. Craddock, Dedham.
98 — Homer Hobart Farrell, Carroll.
99 — Martin Edwin Fritz, Manning.
100 — F. V. Stevenson, Holliday, Ill.
101 — Wendy J. Reiling, Carroll.
102 — Orange W. Norris, Glidden.
103 — George G. Kloser, Carroll.
104 — Ray E. McCoy, Glidden.
105 — August E. Thieleke, Templeton.
106 — V. B. Vanderloo, Coon Rapids.
107 — Lester F. Aiken, Carroll.
108 — Otto Gotsch, Arcadia.
109 — Louie Struve, Sidney, Neb.
110 — Frederick Theo. Schwiemann, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
111 — Joseph H. Heue, Carroll.
112 — Paul F. Berger, Carroll.
113 — Joseph H. Wempe, Breda.
114 — Harley Hagaman, Carroll.
115 — Anthon Riesenberg, Carroll.
116 — John H. Jewell, Coon Rapids.
117 — Clemens Greteman, Carroll.
118 — Henry Dopheide, Carroll.
119 — Loren C. Leonard, Coon Rapids.
120 — Joseph A. Berger, Carroll.
121 — Geo. J. Schwaller, Templeton.
122 — Otto B. Paige, Carroll.
123 — John Alvis Kamme, Carroll.
124 — Ed. H. Friederickson, Manning.
125 — John P. Roggenderf, Manning.
126 — John Herman Liechti, Arcadia.
127 — Wm. L. Scarmon, Coon Rapids.
128 — Frank S. Hoffman, Dedham.
129 — Mark A. Carpenter, Carroll.
130 — Howard J. Hart, Coon Rapids.
131 — Virgil A. Fuller, Odin, Minn.
132 — Gurney O. Piper, Dedham.
133 — Albert C. Salisbury, Glidden.
134 — Otto Paul Alex, Coon Rapids.
135 — Jos. E. Stevens, Templeton.
136 — H. I. Klotzbach, Oelwein.
137 — Ormille R. Wolf, Glidden.
138 — Leo Barrett, Coon Rapids.
139 — Emil J. Jansen, Manning.
140 — Paul E. Black, Glidden.
141 — Joseph Sextro, Templeton.
142 — L. C. Bowman, Coon Rapids.
143 — George Scott, Manning.
144 — Albert E. Karstens, Manning.
145 — Orel H. McCoy, Lanesboro.
146 — Lohd Dillivan, Glidden.
147 — (not listed)
148 — Roy Thomas Solt, Glidden.
148 — Edward Kruse, Carroll. (148 listed twice)
149 — Aloysius F. Schroeder, Arcadia.
150 — John Ferris Lasher, Glidden.
151 — Charles H. Jennings, Carroll.
152 — John S. Bernholtz, Carroll.
153 — Jacob P. Hahn, Carroll.
154 — Geo. E. Gillespie, Coon Rapids.
155 — Rudolph J. Hoffman, Carroll.
156 — John H. Tigges, Carroll.
157 — Floyd Krentzinger, Coon Rapids.
158 — William Mohns, Manning.
159 — John Henry Sibbel, Manning.
160 — J. A. H. Walters, Glidden.
161 — Otto H. Juergens, Glidden.
162 — Perry Danfort Hewitt, Glidden.
163 — George E. Astkeford, Glidden.
164 — Raymond P. Haselton, Glidden.
165 — Oliver Nicholson, Lanesboro.
166 — Chas. N. Phipps, Lohrville.
167 — Frank Carl Jentzen, Arcadia.
168 — Johnnie Finnegan, Carroll.
169 — Joseph Hugeback, Carroll.
170 — Walter A. Bischel, Carroll.
171 — N. J. H. Siepker, Templeton.
172 — Guy Knight, Carroll.
173 — Frank S. Piersol, Carroll.
174 — Joseph F. Sporrer, Dedham.
175 — John E. Determan, Breda.
176 — Marcellus J. Holland, Carroll.
177 — D. G. Martin, Jr., Carroll.
178 — Charles T. Connor, Glidden.
179 — Henry C. Duggan, Carroll.
180 — Kenneth E. Potter, Glidden.
181 — Hobart McBride, Dedham.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
13 Jun 1918
Page 1

Seventeen More Men To Leave June 24
Another Contingent Called for Camp Dodge Service and Names Now Listed.

Seventeen more men will entrain for service at Camp Dodge during the five-day period beginning June 24, and the local board has made up the list of those who are to go at this time. Five men have volunteered for this call, volunteers now being taken by the local board, so only twelve men will be called under the selective service act at this time. In this manner each county gets credit for its volunteers as it goes along.

Eighteen names are given in the list below, as being those who will probably entrain at this time. The last name on the list would probably not be called at this time, but it is reported that Briscoe, one of the others called, is in the custody of the law in Pottawattamie county and probably will not be allowed to answer this call, so Mergele must go in his place unless his release can be obtained in time.

Messrs. Sutherland, Cooley, Oswald, Free and Rich in the following list are volunteers. Mr. Rich is postmaster at Glidden, and therefore exempt from service, but has waived his claim to exemption and deferred classification on account of dependents in order that he may serve his country. The list follows:
E. D. Sutherland, Manning.
R. L. Cooley, Jefferson, S. D.
F. J. Oswald, Randolph, Iowa.
Russel M. Free, Manning.
C. E. Rich, Glidden.
Edward J. Reicher, Templeton.
Joseph R. Dally, Carroll.
Ralph Kolp, Ralston.
George H. Marksbury, Sioux City.
Carl Taylor, Coon Rapids.
Sigfried Swanson, Carroll.
William R. Briscoe, Templeton.
Joseph Goetzinger, Carroll.
John J. Quinn, Breda.
J. E. Smith, Carroll.
Ross D. Harvey, Dedham.
John Reiling, Breda.
Anton Mergele, Manning.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
20 Jun 1918
Page 1

V. J. Brown Enlists
V. J. Brown, who has been serving as assistant county engineer since the first of the year, has tendered his resignation to the board of supervisors and will leave some time today for Fortress Monroe, Virginia, where he will enter the officers' training camp for artillery service. Mr. Brown has made a very favorable impression during his short stay in Carroll, and his many friends here wish him the utmost success in the service of his country. No intimation has been given as to the appointment of his successor by the board of supervisors.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
20 Jun 1918
Page 1

Eight More Leave For Special Service
Usual Exercises Mark Entrainment of Volunteers Last Saturday Morning.

Eight more Carroll county boys went into Uncle Sam's uniform last Saturday, having answered the call of volunteers for special service. These boys will take a sixty day course of special training in their various lines at colleges, after which they will be sent directly to France for service at the front.

The usual exercises on the court house lawn marked their departure, and the meeting was attended by a goodly number of friends and relatives. Rev. Joseph Kuemper of S.S. Peter and Paul's church, and Rev. H. P. Schmidt of Lidderdale were the principal speakers on this occasion, after which the parade formed and marched to the Northwestern station, where the boys took train at 10:50 for their various places of training.

Carl Selzer, Edward Kuhse, Troy Trucks and H. F. Lippold were sent to Iowa State College at Ames; Harry H. Hillmer went to the State University at Iowa City; and J. E. Bruning, Clarence Hall and Louis Meis go to Des Moines college, at Des Moines, for their training. Nearly all of them will be engaged in motor truck transport or in some work in connection with it.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
27 Jun 1918
Page 1

Colored Men Called

The local board has received orders to entrain all colored registrants in Class One on July 16. There were but six registered in June of last year, and only two of these are in Class One and subject to military service. One other registered at the recent registration but he will not be subject to this call. These men will go to Camp Dodge, where they will be trained in the same companies with the colored troops from Alabama. Incidentally, the daily papers contain recent dispatches from the front showing that the American colored troops now in France are distinguishing themselves by their bravery and tenacity on the fighting line, and Uncle Sam wants more of them in time for the big fireworks next spring.

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