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 Transcribed and contributed by Joe Conroy.
The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
20 Sep 1917
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Second Contingent Is Called For Friday
Seventy Men to Leave Here for Cantonment Saturday Morning
Report Friday Evening
City Plans Demonstration for Troops Who are to Leave for Training Camp — First Large Bunch to Leave County Brings War Nearer.

Seventy men of those drafted from this county have been notified to appear at the court house at 5:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for the purpose of forming the second contingent to be sent from this county to the cantonment at Des Moines. This list represents the first consignment of any considerable size to be sent, and it marks the beginning of the gathering of the forty thousand or more men who will make up the big training camp this coming winter.

These men will mobilize here tomorrow afternoon at 5:30, and from that hour they will be considered as in the military service of the United States. However, the time of departure has been set for Saturday morning at 10:22 o'clock, and the city is making plans for their entertainment in the meantime. County Auditor Wohlenberg is also hustling about trying to make arrangements for their accommodation while in the city that evening. It is planned to hold a demonstration surpassing all previous efforts in that direction when it comes time for them to entrain Saturday morning.

Now that it has been definitely decided who is to be exempted and who is to go into service, those whose fortunes have elected that they be with the military forces of the country have acquired an eagerness to be the first to go. All during the latter part of last week, when the officials were making up the list of the second contingent, the auditor's office was frequented by a continual stream of young men who requested that they be allowed to go with the next bunch. There were some few, who still have crops to be harvested, who requested that they be left at home as long as possible, and the board was only too glad to accommodate these, for there were enough of the other requests to make up the seventy men needed for this week. The list selected is as follows:
Frank R. Jenks, Coon Rapids.
John Hanson, Manning.
Frank J. Weitl, Dedham.
Thomas J. Stewart, Manning.
Fred Arps, Arcadia.
Albert Lankenan, Peotone, Ill.
Wm. Friedman, Carroll.
Joseph Frank, Dedham.
August J. Ross, Manning.
Claus Struve, Manning.
Roland E. McCoy, Carroll.
Elmer Strandberg, Carroll.
Joseph W. Daniel, Carroll.
Warren D. Toyne, Carroll.
Arthur E. K. Persson, Dedham.
Wm. J. Frenking, Carroll.
Charles D. Weiland, Carroll.
Herman Sandrock, Carroll.
Walter E. Schroeder, Arcadia.
Fritz Gehlsen, Arcadia.
Bernard A. Halbur, Halbur.
Frank Kennebeck, Carroll.
Herman Schrad, Arcadia.
Arthur F. Ehlers, Arcadia.
George N. Gute, Glidden.
Clarence E. Trainer, Carroll.
George E. Stanley, Glidden.
John J. Sullivan, Carroll.
Otto Kroeger, Arcadia.
Voligo Marcheff, Carroll.
Ernest B. Dammann, Manning.
Grover H. Riggens, Carroll.
John E. Jordan, Manning.
John W. Loeschen, Glidden.
Harrold Hemming, Glidden.
Bert Wilson, Carroll.
Anton Jonsen, Arcadia.
Bernard S. Kelly, Carroll.
Joseph Crandall, Glidden.
Henry Uhlenkamp, Templeton.
Wm. J. Meyers, Carroll.
Albert L. Bruch, Carroll.
Lester Van Schoyoc, Glidden.
Philip Jacobs, Manning.
Edmund C. Naber, Templeton.
Jacob Cretsinger, Coon Rapids.
LeRoy Furman, Manning.
William Eich, Halbur.
William Leuer, Glidden.
John H. Wiskus, Dedham.
Russell Douglas, Glidden.
John A. Davis, Coon Rapids.
Geo. F. Douglas, Manning.
Mike Lammers, Carroll.
Ed Heller, Carroll.
Albert F. Schmich, Carroll.
Henry Hoffman, Carroll.
Abner Strohm, Carroll.
Wm. J. Lappe, Carroll.
John S. Cheasbro, Carroll.
Jesse H. Bayliss, Carroll.
Albert Riedmueller, Breda.
Joe Anstoeter, Manning.
August J. Berger, Arcadia.
Anton J. Kokenge, Carroll.
Floyd Sexton, Ralston.
Frank J. Lutivitze, Dedham.
Joseph H. Dewey, Glidden.
Edward O'Tool, Breda.
Nicholas A. Wolff, Carroll.

The Carroll Times
Carroll, Iowa
20 Sep 1917
Page 1

Nineteen More Men Refused Exemption
District Board Certifies Additional List for Services from This County.

Nineteen more men were certified to the local board of exemption by the district board last Monday, all of them being either on appeals taken by the government or by themselves. In some cases the action of the district board was a reversal of the local board's work and in others it was sustained, but the nineteen men so listed are now on the roster as available for military service.

The posting of this list makes it apparent that none of the last hundred men examined in this county will be needed at the present time, but of course their order of service is next, and, having been examined, they will head the list when the next call for service comes. The men so certified Monday were as follows:
Hans W. Moeller, Arcadia.
Boyd C. Morgan, Coon Rapids.
Joseph H. Woolworth, Carroll.
Joseph R. Dally, Carroll.
Guy W. Kidney, Glidden.
Louis A. Baird, Carroll.
Carl C. Piper, West Side.
Henry J. Wurzer, Carroll.
Frank Truhe, Naper, Neb.
Herman Flink, Breda, Iowa.
Raymond T. Odendahl, Carroll.
Lawrence A. Miller, Carroll.
Herman Stallman, Templeton.
Julius M. Anderson, Arcadia.
Charles G. Schaffer, Glidden.
Girolomo Gauala, Lanesboro.
John B. Albers, Templeton.
Bernard Krapfl, Templeton.
Hans Lamaak, Breda.

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