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Men who Served From Carroll County
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Album #2 
1st recruits called to duty from Washington Twp., 1917
L to R: Joseph J. Mulbauer, Frank Herbers, Bernard Halbur &
Joe Anstoeter
John Anthofer, Great War Mike Anthofer, Great War Charles Bellinghausen, Great War August Berger, Great War Joseph Berger, Great War Henry Boldt, Great War Joseph Brinks, Great War
John Anthofer Mike Anthofer Charles Bellinghausen August Berger Joseph Berger Henry Boldt Joseph Brinks
John Bueltel, Great War Joseph Danzer, Great War Philip Dentlinger, Great War Julius Ehlers,Great War William Eish, Great War Father Bernard Eischeid, Great War Henry, Eischeid, Cavalry unit, Great War
John Bueltel Joseph Danzer Philip Dentlinger Julius Ehlers William Eich Fr. Bernard Eischeid Henry Eischeid
Henry J. Eischeid, Great War Peter Friedman, Great War John Greteman, Great War Joseph Hackfort, Great War Bernard Halbue, Great War Edward Hansman, Great War Frank Hebers, Great War
Henry J. Eischeid Peter Friedman John Greteman Joseph Hackfort Bernard Halbur Edward Hansman Frank Hebers
John Hebers, Great War John Hoffman, Great War  Leo Hoffman, Great War  George Koester, Great War  James McGrane  Frank Meyers, Great War  William Meyers, Great War 
John Hebers John Hoffman  Leo Hoffman George Koester  James McGrane Frank Meyers William Meyers
Album #2

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