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Civil War Relics
~ submitted by Carroll county volunteers. ~
The Civil War in Carroll County, Iowa will forever hold the unique distinction of being the first national military conflict in which citizens of Carroll County served and sacrificed. These relic pages have been created to honor  individual citizens who were directly involved in this, our nation's greatest self-defining military period in its history.

All items pertaining to residence of Carroll county are welcome. Submitted items must be of people or items in existence during the Civil War and no later than 2880.  Please submit items to Carroll County CC
~ transcribed & contributed by Kendal Green ~
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Transcription Page 1: Aprile 20th /64
Sur after my respect to you and family I seat my self to adres you by leter
I am in good helth now and I hop thes few lines may find you and famly in joying the sam bles ing tho I hav had a hard tim of it sins I left hom I left fort Dodge on the secont of Jenuary and got to neuton and thair I took sick and I had to sta thair som ten days and then I got to Devenporte and thair I had the pleurisy in the side for a bou too weaks and I got over that andly for days and I tok the measols
Transcription Page 2 and had to go to the hospital and thair I had to stay fer nine weeks to a day I then got around a few days and started down the river and wee got to
Memphis and wee staid thair a few days and I took the ague and was sick all the wa dow the river to Vicksburg and was sick after I got thair fore days I got to Vicks burg on the 30 of march we are campt out near black river East os Vicksburg I hant much to doo I hav to stand a on piqued andby wons a weak and the balens of the tim we dont much of any thing and thair is now teling when we will do any thing for the oald vetrains hant
got back yet and tha wont be back fer a weak er too when
Transcription Page 3 tha git back then I expect we will mov som wher thou tha is onserten som of the officers that is hear thinks thar is a good chans fer us to stay hear all summer thou I don't now that tha now any thing about it than any one els fer tha ner now one els gits any noos I beleav tha I hav told you all the
noos tha I can think ove I want you to rit and let me now the noos fer I hant heard nothing from home fir fiv weeks and I hav rote hom once a weak evr since I left home and I hav rote to Crocket and M Gurda and hav had now ancer and I hant had now leter from hom for five weeks and I am oneasy about them rite and don't put it of sou now mor at
Transcription Page 4 present but remains a friend
P T Puntenney

To Wm. Gily
Direct your leter to
Victsburg missipia
Fouth Cavlry Iowa
Volutears Compny C
Rite and don't put it of

P T Punteney

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Daniel R. Minnich
(future son-in-law of P.T. Puntenney)
Daniel Minnich
(post war)
Rhoda Puntenney
(just before the war)
Daniel & Rhoda
(Puntenney) Minnich Wedding photo

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