They Served From Breda

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Information from The St. Bernard Parish, Breda, Iowa 1880-1980 (Parish Centennial book) – no author, printed 1980, no copyright, pages 66-68.

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Veterans from St. Bernard Parish

     The Civil War was fought from 1861-1865. Barney Wessling was a soldier in this war.

      The Spanish-American War was begun in 1898. There were only four months of fighting. Three enlistees from Breda were – Gerhard Lammers, Nicholas Post and Mike O’Tool.

      The first volunteer from Breda in World War I was Samuel E. Witwer. Those who died in this war were Fred F. Bruning, Joseph Middendorf, John Bartel and Tony Rosener. They perished in the flu epidemic. No service men from Breda died in combat duty.

      On December 7, 1941 Japan made a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in the Philippines. President Roosevelt held a joint session with Congress and war was declared upon Japan on Dec 8, 1941. The Selective Service had began drafting men for military service in March 1941. There were many volunteers to enlist in the service. The first to enlist from Breda was Orlin Klaus. Those who were killed in World War II are: Norman J. Bruning – May, 1944, Irwin Gute – Aug 31, 1944, Arthur Nieland – Sept 7, 1944, Leo Van Erdewyk – Oct 6, 1944, Orville Determan – Oct 8, 1944, Irwin Lengeling – Aug 1945.

World War I 

Anton Bachman Frank Hatting John Reiling
Peter Bachman Nick Hauser Herman Reiff
Frank Bachman Tony Heiman John Reiff
Pete Bartel Henry Heinrichs Arthur Ricke
John Bartel Joe Heinrichs Tony Rosener
Matt Bauer William Heires J. B. Schaefer
Leo Berning Joe Heying Henry Schelle
Clarence Bruning John Manneman Joe Schelle
Fred Bruning Fred Middendorf Florbert Stark
Frank Bruning Joseph Middendorf Julius Stark
Herman Bruning Bill Neppl Conrad Tiefenthaler
Louis Bruning Frank Olerich Steve Venner
Julius Bohnenkamp Victor Olerich Ben Wempe
Art Derner Peter Oswald Joe Wempe
Fred Determan Clem Polking George Wernimont
Joe Determan Tony Pollman Victor Wernimont
Ben Determan James Quinn Jacob Wittry
Frank Fitzsenry Joseph Reis Alvin Witwer
Ray Fitzsenry   Joe Wubben

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World War II

Francis Berning Vernice Forke Chester Ocken Merlin Schelle
Lavern Berning Arnold Freking Cletus Ocken Melvin Stark
Norbert Berning Marvin Heim Everett Ocken Edward Sturm
Cletus Boes Edwin Heiman Ambrose Osterholt Vernon Stork
Edmund Boes Clarence Heiman Virgil Osterholt Joe Stork
Ray Boes Harold Heiman Marcellus Oswald John Stork
Romaine Boes Herman Heires Richard Onken Louis Stork
Rufus Boes William Heisterkamp Paul Oswald Richard Stork
Vincent Boes Edgar Heisterkamp Vernon Peters Victor Stork
Amos Bohnenkamp Rudy Jennewein Edgar Polking Alfred Tiefenthaler
Edwin Bohnenkamp William Jennewein Marcell Polking John Tiefenthaler
Myron Bohnenkamp Clarence Klaus Warren Polking Ervil Tiefenthaler
Woodrow Bohnenkamp Mervin Klaus Eugene Pollman Ed Tacke
Warren Bohnenkamp Norman Klaus Sylvester Pollman Lloyd Tacke
Albin Brinker Orlin Klaus Walter Pollman Arnold Wessling
Alwyn Brinker John Kleespies Al Reiff Alvin Witwer Jr.
Alvin Bruning Elmo Knobbe Mike Reiff Glen Woerdehoff
Glenn Bruning Mark Knobbe Tony Rosener Art Woerdehoff
Marvin Bruning Urban Knobbe Leo Reiff Hardold Wolterman
Merlin Bruning Norbert Koester Mike Reising Merle Wolterman
Alfred Buelt Edgar Koster Paul Roth Moran Wolterman
Bernard Buelt Floyd Koster Vernon Rowe Cyril Wessling
Larry Buelt Herbert Koster Jack Schaefer John Wand
Leo Buelt Doyle Koster Robert Schaefer Ario Wente
Loyal Buxton Kermit Koster Art Schulte Clarence Wempe
John Buelt Cyril Lengeling Donald Schulte Linus Wess
John Carlin Delmar Lengeling Urban Schulte  
Walter Clifford Irwin Lengeling Marvin Schulte NURSES
Dr. John Dermody Vincent Lengeling Ambrose Schwarzkopf Matilda Jennewein
Clem Determan Albert Lammers Joseph Schwarzkopf Mary Ann Knobbe
Cletus Determan Herman Lammers Norman Smid Leona Wegman
Lowell Determan Gerhard Lammers Edgar Snyder  
Melvin Determan Leonard Lawler Julius Snyder DIED IN SERVICE
Richard Determan John Loughran Leo Snyder Norman Bruning
Wayne Determan Arnold Meyer Leonard Snyder Orville Determan
Wilfred Determan Wilfred Naberhous Cletus Stark Irwin Gute
Edgar Fee Kenneth Neumayer Willard Stark Arthur Nieland
Iver Fee Herbert Neumayer Leonard Steinkamp Leo Van Erkewyk
Virtus Fee Patrick Nieland Merle Steinkamp Irwin Lengeling
Arnold Forke Richard Nieland Norville Steinkamp  

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These persons served in the Korean War (1950-1955)


Joe Anthofer Raphael Knobbe John Quinlin Jim Stork
Art Becker Jerome Koster Richard Quinlin William Stork
Robert Becker Leroy Koster Neil Reising Glen Sturm
William Becker Jr. Roger Koster Ed Rohner Tom Sturm
Larry Berning John Koster Don Rowe Dale Thelen
Othmar Boeckman Urban Koster Gary Rutten Delmar Thelen
Earl Boes Ray Kraus Kenneth Rutten Gary Thelen
Gary Boes Lonnie Kropf Russell Rutten Howard Thelen
John Boes Tom Loughran John Schaefer Mark Thelen
Kenneth Boes Duane H. Luchtel Leland Schaefer Merlin Thelen
Kevin Boes Henry A. Luchtel Alan Schettler Roger Thelen
Keith Boes Robert A. Luchtel Charles Schettler Ronald Thelen
Marvin Boes Mark Ludwig Larry Schettler Wayne Thelen
Vernon Boes Norman Ludwig Ray Schettler Arnold Tiefenthaler
Jack Brinker Charles Malm Richard Schrad Gerald Tiefenthaler
Dale Bruning Archie Miller Alfred Schroeder Verle Tiefenthaler
Richard Carlin Norbert Miller Dennis Schulte Robert Tigges
Ed Dermody Gary Mueggenberg Elden Schulte Tom Underberg
John Dermody Jr. Joe Mueggenberg Jr. Larry Schulte Paul Venner
Tim Dermody Louis Mueggenberg Ted Schulte Dennis Vonnahme
Tom Dermody Jr. Richard Mueggenberg Wayne Schulte Lee Vonnahme
Don Derner Ronald Mueggenberg Jerry Schwabe Ron Weber
Eugene Derner Vern Neppl Steve Schwabe Ernest Wegman
William Derner Clyde Neumayer Ron Sievers LeRoy Wegman
Jeff Dirkx Jerry Neumayer Clair Snyder Leonard Wegman
Kenneth Dirkx Randy Neumayer George Snyder Vernon Wempe
William Dirkx Ron Neumayer Julius Snyder Dale Wernimont
Tom Dunn Jim Nieland Leonard Snyder Jr. Ronald Wernimont
Robert Fasbender Larry Nieland Ronald Snyder Jim Wessling
Bruce Fee Norman Nieland Vernon Snyder Edward Wilberding
Keith Fee Paul Nieland William Snyder Merle Wilberding
Paul Fee Ray Nieland Charles Southworth Dale Wittry
Phil Fee Robert Nieland Gary Stark John Wittry
Wayne Feldmann Dale Ocken Cletus Steinkamp Arlan Woerdehoff
John Forke Robert Olerich Dennis Steinkamp Ronnie Woerdehoff
David Grabner Arthur Oswald Donald Steinkamp Raphael Wolterman
Elmer Grote Charles Oswald Jim Steinkamp Clarence Ziegman
Maurice Heinrichs Leon Oswald Kenneth H. Steinkamp  
Richard Heinrichs Robert Oswald Mark Steinkamp  
  Women who served their county:  
Donald Heisterkamp Kenneth Pick Richard Steinkamp Fay Ann Schaefer
Edward Heisterkamp Jim Polking Roger Steinkamp  
John Hoebing Neil Polking Tom Steinkamp Died in service:
Jim Kennebeck Phil Pudenz Don Stork Carol Nieland
Dennis Kluver      

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