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W. H. Rickerson
Coon Rapids is particularly blessed in being represented by good newspapers. The Democratic party is represented by the Coon Rapids Reporter of which the subject of this sketch is the editor. Mr. W. H. Rickerson was born in Adel. Iowa, in 1858 he received such an education as could be obtained from the country schools, and at the age of sixteen went into a newspaper office and learned the printer's trade. He worked at the trade for three years and then took a position in Des Moines with Mills & Co. state printers. He then returned to his native town and bought an interest in the Adel New Era. He ran this paper for 7 years and then went to Stuart, Iowa, and purchased an interest in the Stuart News. He remained with this paper two years and then came to Coon Rapids and bought the

W.H. Rickerson
Reporter. This paper had been established since 1888 and had been run as an independent sheet. Mr. Rickerson at once identified himself with the Democratic party and made his paper a strong Democratic organ. Many predicted that he would make a failure but time has demonstrated that they were mistaken. The paper has continued to grow and improve under the management of Editor Rickerson until now it is considered one of tile strongest Democratic party in northern Iowa. Mr. Rickerson's policy is to make the Reporter a first class newspaper, to give all the news and give it correctly, and also to keep the Reporter up to date in appearance. He is a fluent writer and never hesitates to discuss any question that comes up in a fearless manner and is generally able to hold his own. His style is smooth and pleasing yet full of force and logic, yet when attacked he can be caustic, as has been discovered by those who have given him an opportunity to answer them. Mr. Rickerson is a popular man in his home town, as is proven by the fact that he has been elected town recorder three terms over popular opponents in a township that is quite strongly Republican.

Mr. Rickerson has been married twice, his first wife having died shortly after his coming to Coon Rapids. He later married Miss May I. Case who was a compositor in the Reporters Office.
The Reporter deserves the strongest support from the citizens of Coon Rapids and vicinity, the editor has earned it and deserves it. He turns out a line class of work and is continually adding new material to his already well equipped office. To our readers we offer this advice: Always remember the home paper, it is one of the blessings to a community.
Edwin A. Robb
The subject of this sketch comes of Scottish stock his father having come from Scotland and settled in Iowa in the early days. He was born at DeWitt in Clinton county Iowa in 1873. He attended the public school until seventeen years of age and then went to Mt. Vernon to prepare for college. After remaining there for three years he entered the State University of Iowa in 1890. He studied there three years and graduated June 15, 1893 with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. One year later June 13, 1894 he graduated from the law department with honor receiving one of the four $20,000 prizes. He located at Manning, Iowa and formed a partnership with W. R. Lee whose sketch is published on this page. The firms home offices at Carroll and

Edwin A. Robb
Manning are rapidly acquiring a splendid practice. Mr. Robb is a young man of fine presence agreeable manners and at once impressions those with whom he comes in contact as being entirely able of holding his own in any contest in which he may take part and thoroughly capable of protecting the interest of a client. He is a republican in politics and a very enthusiastic one taking an active part in all political matters

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rozelle
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Rozelle
The subjects of this sketch are well known to Carroll residents. Mr. Rozelle is pastor of the Baptist church of Carroll and Mrs. Roselle manages the choir. Under the management of this worthy pair the Baptist church has made great strides during the eight months that he has had charge of it. He has raised over $1,100 in money and added 16 names to the membership. Mrs. Rozelle is a lady well fitted for the position she holds. She received a classical musical education and can sing in three languages: English, German and Italian, she sang with Mr. Rozelle in his evangelical worth for the past few years and has an excellent voice.
A. Ries & Son
The above named firm is composed of Messrs. A. and Frank Ries. They own one of the most extensive nurseries and lower gardens to be found in any of the inland towns of the state.
They first engaged in this business in 1889 On a very small scale but from the start they have been well patronized. At the present time they have a nursery of ten acres of fancy fruit trees together with seven thousand square feet of lower beds under cultivation. Their hot-houses are within three blocks of the business portion of the city. They have excellent shipping facilities and give prompt attention to mail orders. They make a specialty of cut flowers for weddings and parties and designs for funerals.  They raise all kinds of potted plants and any thing of hot-house nature can be obtained of this farm.  Mr. A. Ries is an old resident of Carroll and has always enjoyed the utmost confidence of all his acquaintances. Mr. Frank Ries is a young man of great popularity, possesses fine business ability and his strict attention to business has acquired for him a reputation of which he may well feel proud.
The cultivation of flowers is one of the sciences, and needs great care and experience to succeed. These gentlemen are making a success of the business. To those living outside of Carroll we issue an invitation to remember this firm when needing flowers. They will ship to any point ordered on short notice.

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