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William R. Orchard
Well known to Iowa newspaper Dom is Will Orchard the graceful and cogent writer who has made the Glidden Graphic a name the extends over a large portion of the state. His father, Philip Orchard, came to Iowa in 1857 and settled in Greene county. He was a native of Indiana. The mother whose maiden name was Mary Jane Ford, was born in Ohio and emigrated to Iowa in 1855, locating in Des Moines. The parental ancestors were direct descendants of the old English stock, which according to Thierry. were nicknamed "Yankees" by the Dutch settlers of New York. A great -grandfather was one of Washington's soldiers during the war of of the Revolution. On Jan. 5th, 1867, in a log cabin on the banks of the Raccoon in Greene county, Iowa, William R. Orchard was born, and he has lived within the boundaries of the state ever

William R. Orchard
 since that time. He attended the country schools until twelve years of age, when his father died and he being the eldest son was compelled to work to assist, in the support of the mother and younger children. His labors at this time consisted in work upon the farm, for which he received eight dollars per month. At nineteen he decided to prepare himself for teaching school and to do so was obliged to study nights rainy days and Sundays, for the finances of the family would not admit of any cessation of such work as would provide immediate means of support. In two years time he had secured a certificate, and for several years thereafter taught with excellent success. In December 1893. he purchased an interest in the Glidden Graphic of I. A. Nichols. Later Nichols sold out to J. G. Shculze and Mr. Orchard became editor. In October, 1897, Mr. Schulze retired and Mr. Orchard became both editor and proprietor. In politics he is a rock-rooted republican; was elected to the office of city recorder on that ticket over one of the popular men of his town, and that too, by a big majority. He declined to be a candidate for a fourth term. In 1893 he was a a candidate for county superintendent of schools against J. J. McMahan, and, though the democrats carried the comity by 683 plurality, the plurality of Mr. McMahon was but 60. Mr. McMahon was a good school man with an excellent record. Again in 1895 these same two gentleman were candidates for that office and as before, Mr. McMahon won by only a few votes, although the county went decidedly democratic. The town of Glidden paid Mr. Orchard a line compliment in these contests by giving him almost the entire vote on both occasions. He is a Mason and a past grand in the Order of Odd Fellows. October 31, 1894, he was united in marriage to Miss Edith B. Greene, a young lady of culture and refinement who was considered among the most gifted teachers of that county. On October 14, 1897 he was commissioned postmaster at Glidden and he is now serving in the double capacity of postmaster and editor.
A. T. Olerich
A young man who is coming to the front in the political world of this district is the subject of this sketch. Mr. A. T. Olerich, county attorney of Carroll county. Mr. Olerich was born in Grant County, Wisconsin, Jan. 12th, 1856. He attended school in this place for a few years. For the first ten years of his life in Carroll county he worked on his father's farm and then went into his hardware store where he remained for about ten years more. In 1892 he entered the State University and took the law course graduating in 1895. In 1896 he was elected county attorney by a majority of 10 on the republican ticket when the regular democratic majority was 375. His election was contested and within the past month was decided in his favor.  In

A.T. Olerich
1886 Mr. Olerich was married to Miss Rutina Keffler of Sturgis, S. D. To them have been born a family of six children, four boys and two girls, all bright healthy children of whom he is justly proud.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Rev. Fr. P.J. O'Connor
Rev. P. J. O'Connor
The pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic church. Father O' Connor was born in Ohio June 2, 1854. When a small child of two years his parents moved to Iowa locating in Ottumwa where our subject attended the public schools. He was educated for the priesthood at Salesianum College. Milwaukee and Niagara University, Our Lady of Angels. From the latter institution he was ordained in 1878 the same year he was assigned to the parish at Monticello where he was continued until 1884 when he was removed to this city. He succeeded in completing a new edifice which is beyond doubt one of the finest churches to be found in Iowa. It has a seating capacity of nearly eight hundred.  The congregation of St. Joseph's consists of about one hundred families.  Father O' Connor has also charge of the parochial school assisted by St. Franciscan Sisters. There are about one hundred pupils enrolled and their parents may rest assured that their spiritual and classic education will be well cared for under these directions.

Park Hotel
Park Hotel
The Park hotel of Manning has aspired a reputation with the traveling public of being one of the best hotels in this part of the country. It is fitted up with furnace heat, sewer connections with closets, well heated and well furnished rooms. All of the twenty-two rooms in the building are first class. The bill of fare is well selected and served in a style that is tempting and palatable. Mr. W. N. Ruggs the proprietor bought the house three years ago after having run it for one year. His house is one of the neatest little hotels in the state and traveling men all speak in the highest term of it.

Carl C. Magee

W. A. McLagan
Public Schools
The pride of Carroll is her public school system. Through the liberality of the tax payers, buildings having been provided and equipped which furnish "school homes' instead of 'school prison' to the pupils. It is the policy of the board of directors to furnish for the children who are soon to be citizens the best facilities for preparing themselves for such a duty a citizenship implies. While everything is done to make the system first class, the interests of the burden bearers have not been forgotten. It is asserted without fear of contradiction that there is no "leakage" in the disbursement of taxes collected. Never has the district had a more businesslike and economical administration than that give by the present board composed of W. A. McLagan, H. W. Macomber, S. H. Johnston, N. Beiter, W. O. Rich and W. Humphrey.
Much of the credit for the present 'businesslike administration' belongs to W. A. McLagan, president of board, who has conscientiously served the district without partisanship or hope of personal gain. His services are invaluable to the district. Mr. McLagan is one of the active businessmen of Carroll. He is the owner of the block in which the First National Bank of Carroll is located. In every position he has occupied he has always give his duties the most conscientious attention and pleased the people. The superintendent of schools of Carroll, Prof. C. C. MaGee, is a native of Iowa being born in Fayette county. His early education was obtained in the public schools of Marshalltown and later he was graduated from the Iowa State Normal School. Since his graduation he has engaged in the occupation of school teaching. Two years ago he was appointed superintendent of the schools of Carroll and at the expiration of the term was re-elected for another year. Through his exceptional ability together with his thoroughness of understanding the wants and needs of the pupils, he has gained the esteem and favor of the patrons and people alike.
E. M. Parsons
We publish herewith an excellent likeness of Carroll's popular and worthy mayor Hon. E. M. parsons. He was born in Rochester, N.Y. January 28, 1847. At the age of six years his parents moved to Coldwater, Mich. where he resided until reaching the age of twenty. He then moved to Creston, Ill., engaging in the grain business. He remained here for eight years when in 1875 he came to Carroll continuing in the same line of business adding thereto live stock.
In 1889 he was elected mayor in which office he has been continued since that time. He has been a life long member of the republican party in the tenants of which organization he unbounded faith. His practically un-opposition for the office of mayor demotes the extreme popularity he enjoys and the high esteem in which he is held by fellowmen and associates.

E.M. Parsons

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