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In 1868, a year or two after the railroad come through Carroll County a depot was built and station fixed at what is now Glidden. It was named in honor of the director of the railroad company. The next building was A. B. Wattles' store which has since been torn down. Martin L. Peters built a hotel, now vacant. William Stiles, S. H. Glidden, William Harris, W. E. Potter, M. W. Beach and L. G. Bangs also located here in 1868, and of these Mr. Potter is the only resident survivor. Glidden grew slowly for several years. In 1870 the population was 177. During the next decade the number of inhabitants increased to 584. It has since remained about stationery, the state census in 1885 giving it 522 people but in 1898 the population had reached 1,000. During the last five years a better class of building have been put up and the village has a much more substantial appearance.

The village of Glidden received the name of an incorporated town on October 2, 1873.
A hand engine and 800 feet of hose were purchased in 1878 for protection against fire. The apparatus is in charge of a volunteer company of sixteen members which meets monthly in a building just south of the bank bought by the town for the use of the fire department. The most serious fire in Glidden's history occurred on Christmas Day, 1883 when nine buildings were destroyed. The conflagration began in a drug store.

The schools of Glidden are the pride of the town, The college of which we publish a picture and give a description on another page is a fine institution. Besides this, there is a splendid school building and the corps of teachers is above the average.  

Senator Warren Garst
Senator Warren Garst
Hon. Warren Garst Senator from the 1st Senatorial District, is an honor to his position he has been chosen to fill. First of all be is a man of ability and perfect equipoise. He is a student of public questions and entertains opinion based upon intelligent and careful thought. He is judicial in his mode of thought and never arrives at a conclusion until he has deliberated on the subject matter. And still he has a keen perception and quick insight into matters requiring immediate act ion. In brief, you will never catch Senator Garst "napping." neither will he ever "slop over."

Warren Garst was born in Dayton, Ohio about 1840. His parents
moved to Boone, Iowa while he was still a boy. He spent his boyhood there, and while still a young man, he worked two years as a brakeman on the C. & N. W. Railway between Boone and Council Bluffs, and won the hearts of all the railroad men who came in contact with him.

In 1874 Senator Garst, still a young man, came to Coon Rapids and entered into a partnership with his brother in the mercantile business. The business was then in a fair way to reach prosperity but with the advent of the present senator, the business grew more rapidly than before and soon became one of the best in the county. The success of the brothers is such as industry, ability, and opportunity generally accomplish. But Senator Garst has had time not only to make his own business a success but also to take a leading place as a promoter of the public interests of his town, county and state, he has devoted himself to assisting in building up the material interests of his town and community and his support to schools and churches has always been liberal and freely given. He is a republican every inch of him and always stands ready to give his reasons for being one. He is conservative by nature and is therefore what is called a safe man to thrust.

As a member of the state senate he has been one of the safest men in matters pertaining to business, public taxation and the moral welfare of the people. He is not trimmer, and his unquestioned integrity is a guarantee that he will be always found on the right side of every question.

He was first elected State Senator in 1893 and when his term expired he was re-elected in 1897 by a good majority.

W.E. Guild

Green Bay Lumber Company

J.W. Kennebeck
Green Bay Lumber Company
The history of the business interests of Carroll would not be complete without a mention of the Green Bay Lumber company.

In 1880 this company, then simply a co-partnership of which Mr. E. C. Finkbine was the head, and doing business at Odebolt and Ida Grove, came to Carroll and purchased the lumber yard owned by Wm. W. Smith & Co. The town was small and the county new but the people were rapidly improving their farms, and the towns were springing up like magic all over the country, and the new firm did a splendid business. In 1881 a new yard was started at Manning, as a branch of the one at Carroll, and Mr. W. E. Guild, who had been employed in the home yard, was made manager. This yard also did a good business and furnished all the lumber that went to build the new town.

In 1884 the Green Bay Lumber Company was organized into a corporation under the state laws and Mr. E. C. Finkbine was made president. The headquarters of the company was located at Carroll. Business prospered with the company and new yards were being established every few months at other points and its interests began to assume vast proportions. In 1887 the business had become extended over such a large territory that it was found necessary to remove the headquarters to a point that would enable them to have the advantage of road facilities, and Des Moines was chose as the point. The company how has branches on the Northwestern and its branches the Milwaukee and its branches, the Rock Island and its branches the C. B. & Q. and its branches lines. The total number of yards now owned and operated by the organization number 49 through western Iowa, and it is probably the largest lumber companies in the state.

A man who has contributed materially to the success of this great enterprise is the auditor and treasurer, W. E. Guild, who has worked from the bottom to nearly the top. He began in 1899 as a workman in the yards, at the place, and by his own exertion and ability has earned the place he how holds. He has always lived at Carroll since coming here in 1880, and is numbered among her most respected and influential citizens. Those who know him concede that he deserves the position he holds and that he is fully capable to filling it. The officers of the company now are E. C. Finkbine, president; W. E. Guild, auditor and treasurer; and K. E. Jewett secretary.  
William Gilley
When Mr. Gilley came to Carroll County he did not experience any trouble in finding breathing space, for room was plenty and the wind had nothing to stop it from blowing its own sweet will. This was the early day of 1856 and the total inhabitants of the county numbered about 75. Mr. Gilley was born in Alleghany county Pennsylvania in 1830. His parents came to Ohio when he was but three years old. Here he grew to manhood and married Mess Leah Mohler. They came to the county poor but by good management soon place themselves in comfortable circumstances. He served the county as county treasurer from 1869-1873 and then went into the coal and
lumber trade. Mr. and Mrs. Gilley have three living children, Ira M., Ida S. Tolbridge and Emma I.  Mr. Gilley is a republican in politics and cast his first vote for General John C. Fremont.

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