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The Clio Club
Top row: Mrs. Sarah S. Young, Mrs. Mattie K. Watts, Mrs. Ruth O. Culbertson
Bottom row: Miss Rosilia Thurimann, Mrs. Ella M. Burke, Mrs. Edith C. Park, Mrs. Margaret Lee

This is the age in which the women of the world are showing their true worth as they never did before. In matters of public education and advancement they are taking the lead.

In the city of Carroll the ladies have the honor of maintaining the only club in town and this one is not devoted to whist, billiards or banqueting but to furnishing means for intellectual advancement. Its rooms are located on Sixth street between Main and Adam's streets and is composed of two well furnished rooms one of which is used for a club room; the other for the library. The club was organized in 1884 by a few of Carroll's bright ladies among whom were the names of Mrs. B. Wayne (its first president), Mrs. E. M. Burke, Mrs. Rayen, Mrs. Macomber and Mrs. Cook as charter members.

The library was selected March 18, 1894 and Mrs. Martha Bangs was the first librarian. Since then the club has made rapid strides and the library is now composed of 1230 volumes of the choicest literature to be obtained.

The club has raised all the funds for the maintenance and improvement of this library by entertainments give by the organization and are entirely free from debt. The membership fee is $1 per year for ticket to library or 5 cents per volume. The club dues are $1 per year and initiation fee 50 cents per member.

The club now has a membership of about fifty composed of the most intelligent ladies of the city. A literary class meets on Saturday of each week and give a program papers are read the general topics of the day are discussed. This year the class is studying the history of Russia.
The member of the club are justly proud of their organization for there is no question its rare value as an educational venture. It speaks well for the future of the younger generation of the city and the masculine portion should give it their hearty support.

The names of the officers are as follows: President, Mrs. Edith C. Park; vice president, Mrs. Ella M. Burke; secretary, Miss Rosalia Thurimann; treasurer, Mrs. Mattie K. Watts; federal secretary, Mrs. Addie L. Wright; library committee, Mrs. Kate L. Macomber, Mrs. Ruth O. Culbertson and Miss Bertha M. Bangs; program committee, Mrs. Ella M. Burke, Mrs. Kate F. Macomber and Mrs. Margaret Lee.


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