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L. T. Anderson
Among the manufacturing institution of Carroll should be enumerated the harness factory of L. T. Anderson. He has been in the harness business here since the early days of the city. He started in a small way but as the years went by his reputation as a maker of harness increased the demand for his goods until it has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the city. His factory and store is located on west 5th street where the visitor will find an assortment of harness and saddles that will surprise him. His wholesale trade extends over a large portion of the state and is rapidly increasing . He employs several men in his harness factory the year around. the secret of Mr. Anderson's success is the superior finish and quality of the article he offers for sale.

Ubo Albertson
Ubo Albertson
For the past four years the duties of the office of treasurer of Carroll county has been discharged by this gentleman. He is a native of Germany being born in Hanover in 1848. At the age of fifteen he enlisted as a sailor at Emden. He followed the mast for seven years when in 1870 he enlisted in the Marine service where he served for three years on a Man-of-War that coasted in European waters. He served in the Franco Persian war.

In 1873 his mother died leaving him an orphan his father having died when he was six years old. Having no further ties to hold him, he came to this country in 1859 locating in Carroll county. In 1880 he engaged in the drug business at Breda under the firm name of 
 Albertson & Co.

In 1881 he was nominated by the Democrats and elected by the people to the office of treasurer and re-elected in 1893.

Bennett Bank
This banking institution was established April 14, 1899 with a capital stock of $20,000.00 and responsibility of over $50,000. The present bank building was built in the summer of 1896 and was first occupied by the bank in October of that year. It is located on Main and 3rd streets and the building is one of the finest in the town. The firs floor is occupied by the bank and the basement floor which is built half above ground with concrete floor is occupied by the Monitor printing office.

Mr. A. T. Bennett the president of the institution is well known in
Carroll county. He was born in Mendon, Mass. October 8, 1855 and moved to this county in 1869. For the past fifteen years Mr. Bennett has been engaged in the banking business and his profession as a lawyer. He has always been identified with he business interest of his town as one of its most enterprising and liberal minded citizens.  Mr. W. F. Carpenter the cashier is also well known in Manning and the county generally. He is a gentlemen of conservative methods and shrewd business capabilities and the interest of depositors are in safe hands when placed in his care. The new bank is enjoying a very prosperous business and is fast becoming one of the leading financial institutions of Carroll county.

M.W. Beach
Mr. M. W. Beach was born in La Grange, Cass county, Michigan, Aug. 27 1844. At the age of five years he became an orphan an says like "Topsy," "Just Growed." He had to shift for himself and acquired most of the education he had by study at night and other times when he could get time. Never the less he succeeded in getting sufficient education to place him on an equal footing with the majority of young men of the time who had much better opportunities. He spent several year in knocking about the world and upon reaching manhood was fully capable of taking care of himself.

In 1865 he came in Carroll county and settled at Glidden. While here he was always holding some office in connection with the schools. In 1875 he was elected county superintendent and filled the office very creditably. His admission to the bar was a surprise to himself as well as his friend. He had read law simply as a pastime while running a drug store in Glidden and took the examination just to see how he stood and passed a better examination that most of the students who were before the same board. He soon had such a practice that he had to give up his drug business. In 1883 Mr. Beach came to Carroll and since then has been one of her leading citizens. He was mayor for one term in the early 90's. He is regarded as the strongest lawyer in the county and has a large practice. He served as a soldier with Co. "I" Michigan Sharp Shooters.

Thomas F.Barber
Among the men who have been instrumental in making Carroll one of the best towns in the state, is Thomas Barbee who spent twenty-five years of his life here, and during that period of time has been always at the head of every move that was likely to add to the prosperity of the city. Every town that has made a success is largely indebted to a few such public spirited men who are always ready to devote their time and energies to the matters that the general public is likely to neglect in their pursuit after private gain.

Mr. Barbee brought a large fortune with him to Carroll and this
 enabled him to do much that other men would have failed in, and he never seemed to count the cost to himself. If he believed anything that he was asked to lend a hand might benefit Carroll. He is a lawyer of wide learning and has always had a large practice. He has been mayor of Carroll four different terms, and has held nearly every other position of trust that the town could give him and in every place called has never failed in doing his duty. He was one of the promoters of the First National Bank and principal stockholder but sold out as soon as the enterprise was on its feet. Many of the leading business blocks were built with his money and under his care. In later years he has been largely interested in mining through the west

Mr. Barbee comes of one of the oldest families of Kentucky and one that has produced many illustrious men. He is a cousin of Vice-president Stevenson, and is as strong a Democrat as he. Mr. Barbee is a graduate of Harvard College and a man of wide learning. He is one those men who attach men to them by their personality. Born and bred in the south, he still preserves the congenial manners of the Southern gentleman. He ran for congress in 1882 against Isaac Stroble but of course belonging to the minority party failed to be elected, although he polled a vote much above the general ticket.

Mr. Barbee is a widower, his wife having died in ?, and he has no children. He is a man well advanced in years and has partially retired from active business, although he still does as much as the ordinary run of much younger men.

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