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F.W. Stilwill

J.B. Hungerford, Editor

To our Readers:
The Carroll Herald
I dedicate this book of sketches and portraits to the energetic public spirited men and women who have been instrumental in building up a community of refined and intellectual people upon what was in the early history of the lives of most of our readers a wilderness of prairie. To them more honor is due than they are generally given credit for. These pioneers have passed through hardships and privations of which the later generation known nothing. In this work we have recorded some points of interest in these lines that in future generations will be much more highly appreciated then at present. While in the space allotted in them I have been unable to do them full justice. I feel that every good word said of each subject is full merited.

We publish herewith a portrait of the editor of the Herald, Mr. J. B. Hungerford who has the distinction of being the oldest newspaper man in the city in point of years and the second oldest in the county. The Herald holds the respected position of the leading Republican weekly in Carroll county and of being one of the most ably edited country weeklies in Western Iowa. Probably no paper in the state aside from the leading daily's attract more attention and carries more weight in the political attitude of the parity in this state. His office now occupies the first and second floor of a large brick block on Main street and is a bee hive of industry both in the job and bindery department. There is a force of from nine to twelve persons employed on the newspaper and in the bindery. The bindery is owned by our subject and Mr. J. B. Fitzgerald and they are filled up with the latest machinery for bindery and turn out a very supreme class of work. --F. W. S.
Office Force of the Carroll Herald and Bindery

Top row: Miss Mabel Lowry-bindery, Jr. B. Fitzgerald- Prop. & Foreman Bindery, Harry Fahrion-Bindery, Will Ranger-Composition, Harry Darr-Devil
Bottom Row: Miss Myrtle Feck-Composition, John Hendrickson-Foreman Herald, Ralph Maclean-Local Editor, Ray Dunphy (?)-Composition

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