Butler County Marriages: 1854-1856




The First Recorded Marriages in Butler County
from 1
883 History of Butler & Bremer County, Iowa
Diane Wilson of Downers Grove, IL transcribed these records.


Greenberry Luck and Susan Williams, 1 Nov 1854
Comfort Williams and Ducilla Smart, 1 Nov 1854
Daniel W. Kinsley and Mary Farlow, 10 Sep 1854
Samuel E. Taylor and Julia E. Armstrong, 21 Sep 1854
James W. Goheen and Mary Burrows, 19 Dec 1854


George Moore and Lorinda Poisal, 15 Mar 1855
Orville G. Nelson and Amanda Searles, 1 Apr 1855
Moses J. Davis and Nancy J. Hall, 17 Jun 1855
Michael Fague and Elizabeth Plant, 5 July 1855

1856 (exact dates not given):

Randolph Mann and Christinia Lowman
Pascal P. Parker, and Martha McEwing
John Eichar and Eliza Vincent
George W. McClellan and Eliza Billhimer
Richard Keller and Catharine P. Temples
Seth Strong and Mrs. Mary Cannon
George W. Armstrong and Miss E. Stacy
Thomas Hunt and Nancy Farlow
Noah Hartgraves and Huld M. Stacy
Jonathan H . Allen and Elizabeth Harlan
Henry Thomas and Louis M. Olmstead
Charles Leverich and Betsy Dixon
William Poisal and Rachael L. Burton
Charles Clark and Harriett Dryer
John Spowar, age sixteen and Rebecca Shaffer, age fourteen
William R. Taylor and Nancy M. Martin
Jacob Wopple and Mary Elizabeth Edwards
Samuel Vim and Hannah Hollenbeck
John Dickisson and Hester A. Stone
William Flood and Delia V. Angel

James Boylan and Frances Strong
Nathaniel Chesley and Elizabeth Brown
Samuel Sewell and Annie C. Hush
Richard Parriott and Miss Lilly M. Coldwell
Martin V. Wamsley and Frances J. Griffith
John P. Davis and Hannah J. Brink
D. C. Hilton and C. M. Riddle
M. E. Spower and Jesse Best


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