Unknown Photos

Can anyone identify these pictures?
These pictures are from the late 1800s and/or early 1900s and are believed  to be from the Burma, Hook and/or Roelfs families.

The submitter's grandmother Lela Walters Uhlenhopp of Aplington (Butler County) had these pictures.  They are believed to be from old family friend of hers who passed back in 1974 by the name of Minnie Roelfs Hook.

The photographers listed on these pictures are from Lennox, SD; Aplington, IA; Ackley, IA; Shell Rock, IA; Waterloo, IA; Cherokee, IA; Rockford, IA.  One picture was taken in Germany.  One picture has the initials A.B. and M.S. on the front and on the back what appears to be Anni Burma and Mag Snifken (sp?).

If you know any of these people please contact the county coordinator or the assistant coordinator and they will get you in touch with the submitter.


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