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These pictures are from the late 1800s and/or early 1900s and are believed  to be from the Burma, Hook and/or Roelfs families. The submitters grandmother Lela Walters Uhlenhopp of Aplington (Butler County) had these pictures.  They are believed to be from old family friend of hers who passed back in 1974 by the name of Minnie Roelfs Hook.The photographers listed on these pictures are from Lennox, SD; Aplington, IA; Ackley, IA; Shell Rock, IA; Waterloo, IA; Cherokee, IA; Rockford, IA.  One picture was taken in Germany.  One picture has the initials A.B. and M.S. on the front and on the back what appears to be Anni Burma and Mag Snifken (sp?). If you know any of these people please contact the county coordinator or the assistant coordinator and they will get you in touch with the submitter.

The picture is of the Zenas Thomasí family. Zenas was the son of Samuel Thomas, a native of Wales. Samuel fought in the Revolutionary War under Col. Ethan Allen and participated in the battle of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. Samuelís son Zenas moved from New York to Nashua, IA in 1860 with his family. Four of his sons, Ed, Garner, Newton and Sam, who are a part this picture, opened the first business in Greene in 1871 which sold hardware. Additional businesses followed by the Thomas brothers. Sam was also was active in real estate. Zenasí other children shown in the picture married and their descendant are a part of Iowa history. Ansel was my great grandfather. Anselís son Arthur started the Thomas Dairy which was continued by my father Lloyd Thomas until about 1941.

Norton's Corner's School, est. about 1912
submitted by Bill Schrupp, whose great grandmother Mamie Sells and her brother Lee Sells are in the class picture. Lee has offered to make a higher-resolution copy for anyone who would like it. He can also use a format other than .jpg if desired.

Who is this young man?
Linda Blanchard, who is originally from Guthrie County, bought this framed photo at an estate sale in Spokane, WA recently and noticed that it was taken by the studio of R.S Doore in Greene, IA. She would like to restore it to a member of his family.

A Quartet of Butler County Photos
submitted by Linda Frey Bayliss

Horace Wheeler Family Photo

Unidentified Little Girl Photograph circa 1890-1895

Samuel Overturf Home

Eileen Anne Feeney-Day

Anne Cornelia Bailey, Guy Bailey, Elizabeth "Betty" Louise Bailey, Earl Russell Bailey, circa 1917

Earl Russell Bailey

John A. Shannon and his wife Elizabeth
Shannon was a carpenter credited with building the Clarksville Hotel; photo submitted by Cliff Westphal

William Henry Bonwell and Family
In front of their home in Section 25, Fremont Township, about 1900; photo submitted by Cliff Westphal

Benson Case and his wife Jennie Bartles Cain Case
Shell Rock, Iowa. Submitted by Hubert K. Peal. "Benson Case (1833-1923) married Jennie Bartles Cain. Jennie (1851-1943) was my great-grandmother. Benson was my step-great-grandfather."

Clarinda "Callie" Cain Bigsby
Submitted by Hubert K. Peal. "Clarinda (1872-1924; buried in New Hartford, IA) was the daughter of Jennie Bartles Cain and the step-daughter of Benson Case. She married Hubert 'Bert' Bigsby."

Hubert B. "Bert" Bigsby
July 25, 1870 - March 01, 1919
Submitted by Hubert K. Peal.

Hubert and Clarinda Cain Bigsby
Submitted by Hubert K. Peal.

Julia Cain (Julia Cain Green?)
Submitted by Hubert K. Peal. From Mr. Peal: "H. C. Eberhart, the Traveling Photo Artist who took the picture. was in Tama county in 1884 and Shell Rock in 1889 - 1891. There also was an H. C. Eberhart in Reinbeck. They thought he worked in the 1880's and 1890's."

Can you help identify Mom's Aunt Isabelle?
Submitted by Hubert K. Peal. "This is a photo with the inscription Mom's Aunt Isabelle. We don't know which lady is Isabelle and we don't know her surname. The photo was in with Bigsby and Case family pictures."

Gyneth Case at Fred and Nellie Dorman's farm
Submitted by Laverna and Hubert Peal.

Photo of Fred Dorman
Back row: Fred Dorman and his father; front row on left: Benson Cora Case and unknown friend or relative on right.
Submitted by Laverna and Hubert Peal.

1924 New Hartford Postcard
Submitted by Laverna and Hubert Peal.

Unidentified Family
"The people in this photo are not identified. We think they might be related to the Bigsby or Case family.
The picture was taken by Webb in Shell Rock, Iowa."
Submitted by Hubert K Peal

Warren Bolton
"Photo taken of Warren Bolton age 7 mos who was a friend or relative of my mother. It's an old photo on a postcard possibly from around 1918."
Submitted by Hubert K Peal

Adrian Ingalls and children
The children are his sons Ernest and John, and his stepdaughter, Marie Bigsby, the daughter of Dora Ingalls. The photo probably dates from around 1925.
Submitted by Laverna and Hubert Peal.



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