The Zenas Thomas Family

The picture is of the Zenas Thomas’ family. Zenas was the son of Samuel Thomas, a native of Wales. Samuel fought in the Revolutionary War under Col. Ethan Allen and participated in the battle of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. Samuel’s son Zenas moved from New York to Nashua, IA in 1860 with his family. Four of his sons, Ed, Garner, Newton and Sam, who are a part this picture, opened the first business in Greene in 1871 which sold hardware. Additional businesses followed by the Thomas brothers. Sam was also was active in real estate. Zenas’ other children shown in the picture married and their descendant are a part of Iowa history. Ansel was my great grandfather. Ansel’s son Arthur started the Thomas Dairy which was continued by my father Lloyd Thomas until about 1941.

Zanas Thomas FAmily

Zenas Thomas children, 1910
(front row) Anna (Fuller), Emma (Knight), Martha (Robinson), Belle (Tracy), Florence (Holmes). (back row) Ed, Garner, Sam, Newton, Ansel, Clarence

Picture donated by Clayton Thomas