Butler County Photos





These photos were submitted by Linda Frey Bayless. She wrote that her sister Lavonne "thinks that it was probably a rental farm south of our farm near Allison, and she said that the only people that she knows that had rental farms in that area then in 1947 were the Toll family. We believe that the Drier family backyard picture is from Hampton, as it appears that he was a Chiropractor in Hampton, and my Dad went there. I am not sure where the Wierd Smit road would be, but I am assuming in Butler County, as my parents always lived in Butler County. I am guessing that that road was nearer to Aplington."

Bacon's farm - August 1947

Men who shocked corn at Bacon's farm

Bacon's farm - August 1947

Men eating

Dr. Drier's back yard - May 24, 1935

Mrs. Shellberg, Drier, Kruege, Klampe, Basman, Chauncey, Frey


Weird Smit Road after 10 inches of rain




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