1875 Andreas Atlas

Butler County Patron's Directory

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1875 Andreas Atlas:  Patron's Directory, Butler County, Iowa

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This is a list of patron's from each township.  These people paid a fee to have their info
published so it is not a complete listing of everyone in each township.

NAME                  RESIDENCE    BUSINESS                 NATIVITY           CAME TO IA  POSTOFFICE
Butler Twp.

Angell, C. H.         Section 27   Farmer                   Chenango Co., NY     1852      Clarksville
Burns, George         Section 14   Farmer                   Schoharie Co., NY    1863      Clarksville
Butler, James         Clarksville  Prod. & Livestock dir    Coshocton Co., O     1852      Clarksville
Burton, Wm. E.        Section 17   Farmer                   Floyd Co., Ind.      1853      Clarksville
Babcock, G. P.        Clarksville  Produce Dealer           Monroe Co., NY       1863      Clarksville
Chaplin, B. W.                     Farmer                   Jefferson Co., NY    1863      Clarksville
Cohn, Mrs. Johana     Clarksville  Dry Goods Dealer         Posen, Germany       1865      Clarksville
Downing, Simon        Section 13   Far. & Stock Dealer      Adams Co., Ohio      1867      Clarksville
Fletcher, J. R.       Clarksville  Att'y & Coun'r at Law    Bedford Co., Pa      1855      Clarksville
Flood, Wm.            Lowell       Blacksmith               Bennington, Vt.      1851      Shell Rock
Goughnour, S. D.      Section 21   Farmer & Miller          Cambria Co., Pa      1854      Clarksville
Hostetler, David      Section 36   Farmer & St'k raiser     Holmes Co., Ohio     1862      Shell Rock
Hickle, John          Section 29   Farmer                   Ross Co., Ohio       1857      Clarksville
Hunt, F. H.           Clarksville  Boot & Shoe Store        Franklin Co., Mass   1867      Clarksville
Jones, F. R.          Section 17   Farmer and Sheriff       Detroit, Mich        1856      Clarksville
Kellogg, Wm. H.       Section 2    Farmer                   Genesee Co., NY      1869      Clarksville
Leavens, B.           Section 25   Farmer & St'k raiser     Cuyahoga Co., Ohio   1857      Shell Rock
Low, Asa              Lowell       Farmer                   Caledonai Co., Vt    1854      Shell Rock
Logan, J. F.          Clarksville  Physician & Surgeon      West'reland Co., Pa  1861      Clarksville
McRoberts, S. & Co.                Lumber Dealers           Armagh Co., Ire      1856      Clarksville
Moore, W. H.          Clarksville  Farmer                   Schoharie Co., NY    1865      Clarksville
Moore, J. W.          Section 9    Far. & Christ'n Minstr   Overton Co., Tenn    1865      Clarksville
Major, Elizabeth      Section 15   Farmer                   Hampshire Co., Va    1854      Clarksville
Mulinex, Nelson       Clarksville  Horticulturist           Summit Co., Ohio     1846      Clarksville
Moore, Sam'l S.       Section 11   Farmer                   Springfield, Ill     1853      Clarksville
Palmer, John          Clarksville  Att'y & Coun'r at Law    Green Co., Ohio      1843      Clarksville
Peet, Geo. R.         Clarksville  Prop "Peet's Hotel"      Cortland Co., NY     1848      Clarksville
Perrin, J.            Section 17   Farmer & St'k raiser     N'hampt'nsh'e Eng    1851      Clarksville
Ravenscroft, B.       Clarksville  Restaurant               Coshocton Co., O     1864      Clarksville
Riden, W. A.          Section 4    Farmer                   Mifflin Co., Pa      1855      Clarksville
Root, Ruloff          Clarksville  Farmer & St'k raiser     Herkimer Co., NY     1866      Clarksville
Stewart, J. O.        Clarksville  Ed. Clarksville Star     Mercer Co., Pa       1844      Clarksville
Swan, H. M.           Section 16   Farmer                   Cattaraugus Co., NY  1857      Clarksville
Sadler, John          Section 15   Farmer & St'k raiser     Canada East          1858      Clarksville
Shafer, Thomas        Clarksville  Prop. Clarksville Mill   Washington Co., Pa   1864      Clarksville
Snyder, Henry         Section 23   Far. & Stock Dealer      Ontario Co., NY      1863      Shell Rock
Taylor, J. R.         Section 8    Far. & Stock Raiser      Fairfield Co., Ohio  1852      Clarksville
Van Hoeser, R. C.     Section 12   Farmer & Shoemkr         Cortland Co., NY     1868      Clarksville
Wheelock, C. D.       Clarksville  Gen'l Merchandise        Geauga Co., Ohio     1856      Clarksville
Walker, Urial         Section 12   Farmer                   Madison Co., NY      1869      Plainfield
Winchell, D. A.       Section 23   Far. & Stock Dealer      Whiteside Co., Ill   1865      Shell Rock

Beaver Twp.

Ackerman, L. J.       New Hartf'd  Blacksmith               New Jersey           1855      New Hartf'd
Bohan, Jeremiah       Section 26   Farmer                   Ireland              1860      New Hartf'd
Bristol, E. C.        Section 14   Farmer                   Ontario Co., NY      1856      New Hartf'd
Bourquin, Eugene      New Hartf'd  Dry Goods, Groceries and France               1854      New Hartf'd
Converse, Alonzo      Section 26   Lawyer                   Addison Co., Vt      1856      New Hartf'd
Chapman, J. R.        Section 35   Farmer                   Chenango Co., NY     1867      New Hartf'd
Codner, N.            Section 35   Farmer                   Albany Co., NY       1852      New Hartf'd
Corwin, L. B.         Section 25   Farmer                   Wayne Co., Ohio      1848      Cedar Falls
Courtright, E. S.     Section 14   Farmer                   Luzerne Co., Pa.     1863      New Hartf'd
Collar, James         Section 23   Far. & Stock Raiser      Steuben Co., NY      1858      New Hartf'd
Converse, Harvey      Willoughby   Farmer                   Addison Co., Vt      1874      Willoughby
Dilts, David          New Hartf'd  "Exchange Hotel"         Hunterdon Co., NJ    1863      New Hartf'd
Fifield, James R.     New Hartf'd  Furniture Dealer         St. Lawrence Co., NY 1872      New Hartf'd
Fitch, G. E.          Section 14   Farmer                   Columbia Co., NY     1857      New Hartf'd
Felton, D.            Section 3    Farmer                   Germany              1869      Finchford
Garrison, W. C.       Section 15   Farmer                   Richland Co., Ohio   1850      New Hartf'd
Gunderson, Peter      Section 26   Farmer                   Norway               1855      New Hartf'd
Haskin, B.            Section 8    Farmer                   Jefferson Co., NY    1838      Willoughby
Jamerson, L. W.       Section 15   Farmer                   Lewis Co., NY        1865      New Hartf'd
McElwain, J. S.       New Hartf'd  Drugs and Hardware       Cumberland Co., Pa.  1870      New Hartf'd
McIntosh, O. W.       New Hartf'd  Hotel                    Albany, NY           1855      New Hartf'd
Morse, Alice          Section 25   Farmer                   Kane Co., Ill        1855      Cedar Falls
Matthews, A. J.       Section 18   Farmer                   Canada               1869      New Hartf'd
Olmsted, Nathan       Section 18   Farmer                   Wilton, Conn.        1852      New Hartf'd
Peterson, Ole         Section 25   Farmer                   Norway               1855      Cedar Falls
Rude, Paul            Section 25   Farmer                   Norway               1854      Cedar Falls
Spooner, J. R.        New Hartf'd  Physician                Otsego Co., NY       1869      New Hartf'd
Wood, James A.        Section 8    Farmer                   Canada               1860      New Hartf'd

Washington Township

Austin, Henry         Section 21   Farmer                   England              1870      Aplington
Burnham, J. J.        Section 26   Farmer                   Addison Co., Vt.     1870      Aplington
Clement, J. W.        Section 10   Farmer                   Fulton Co., NY       1864      Ackley
Hard, Asa G.          Section 28   Farmer                   Van Buren Co., Mich. 1870      Aplington
Kenefick, Wm.         Section 30   Farmer                   Ireland              1869      Ackley
Parriott, Roby        Section 32   Farmer                   Porter Co., Ind.     1854      Ackley
Stevens, Geo. W.      Section 27   Farmer                   Chautauqua Co., NY   1865      Aplington
Wing, C. A.           Section 25   Farmer                   Saratoga Co., NY     1858      Aplington
Wax, Lilly M.         Section 25   Farmer                   McMinn Co., Tenn.    1867      Aplington

Jefferson Township

Armstrong, R. C.      Section 31   Farmer & St'k deal'r     Ayrshire, Scotland   1855      Parkersb'gh
Brocka, A.            Section 32   Farmer & St'k deal'r     Hanover, Germany     1857      Parkersb'gh
Court, J. M.          Butler C'nt'rBilliard Parlor          Somersetshire, Eng.  1862      Butler C'nt'r
Case, David           Section 28   Farmer & Mason           Litchfield, Conn.    1840      Butler C'nt'r
Davis, J. W.          Butler C'nt'rAttorney at Law          Oneida Co., NY       1856      Butler C'nt'r
Digman, Franz         Butler C'nt'rGen'l Merchandise        Prussia              1849      Butler C'nt'r
Dunson, P. E.         Section 19   Far. & Stock Dealer      Rockingham Co., Va   1854      Butler C'nt'r
Elliott, Benj.        Section 17   Farmer                   Prov. Of Ontario     1868      Butler C'nt'r
Elliott, James W.     Section 19   Farmer                   St. Lawrence, NY     1868      Butler C'nt'r
Franke, Vincent       Butler C'nt'rCarpt'r & Contractor     Prussia              1849      Butler C'nt'r
Good, George          Section 31   Farmer                   Germany              1854      Parkersb'gh
Hovey, Lewis          Section 34   Far. & Stock Dealer      Orleans Co., Vt.     1854      Swanton
Hall, James           Section 28   Farmer                   Oxfordshire, Eng.    1860      Swanton
Kelley, M. J.         Section 4    Farmer                   Ulster Co., NY       1856      Butler C'nt'r
Kothe, Lewis          Section 33   Farmer                   Germany              1847      Swanton
Lawrence, R.          Butler C'nt'rProprietor Hotel         Holmes Co., O.       1868      Butler C'nt'r
Linn, Joseph          Section 31   Far. & Stock Dealer      Bedford Co., Pa.     1857      Parkersb'gh
McCarty, Edward       Butler C'nt'rFarmer & Wagonmk'r       Carroll Co., Ill     1871      Butler C'nt'r
McElhaney, Geo.       Section 9    Farmer & Prop. Stone QuarIndiana Co., Pa.     1857      Butler C'nt'r
Merrill, R.           Section 18   Farmer                   Washington Co., Pa   1859      Butler C'nt'r
Mosher, P. J.         Section 31   Farmer                   Ulster Co., NY       1856      Butler C'nt'r
McGregor, Duncan      Section 2    Farmer                   Perthshire, Scotl'd  1858      Shell Rock
Spencer, J. W.        Butler C'nt'rDeputy Sheriff           Canada West          1854      Butler C'nt'r
Stewart, D.           Section 11   Farmer                   Perthshire, Scotl'd  1866      Shell Rock
Thompson, W. C.       Butler C'nt'rReal Estate Dealer       Ireland              1863      Butler C'nt'r
Thompson, Geo. T.     Butler C'nt'rAbstracts of Titles      Ireland              1863      Butler C'nt'r
Trotter, J. A.        Section 13   Farmer                   Ireland              1863      Butler C'nt'r
Towler, M.            Section 12   Farmer                   Kings Co., Ireland   1857      Shell Rock
Williams, M.          Section 33   Farmer                   Gallatin Co., Ills.  1856      Parkersb'gh
Walker, H. N.         Butler C'nt'rGen'l Merchandise        Windham Co., Vt.     1865      Butler C'nt'r
Williams, S.          Section 20   Far. & Stock Dealer      Lewis Co., NY        1861      Butler C'nt'r

Shell Rock Township

Bristol, L. F.        Shell Rock   Furniture Dealer         kenosha Co., Wis.    1871      Shell Rock
Bradford, D. S.       Shell Rock   Physician                Schoharie Co., NY    1869      Shell Rock
Benton, Thomas H.     Section 4    Farmer                   Portage Co., Ohio    1867      Finchford
Conner, John N.       Shell Rock   Grain Dealer             Clark Co., Ky.       1856      Shell Rock
Eastman, O. L.        Shell Rock   Blksmith & Ag. Impls     Orleans Co., NY      1854      Shell Rock
Farr, O. W.           Section 8    Farmer                   Monroe Co., NY       1866      Shell Rock
Goodwin, J. W.        Shell Rock   Farmer                   York Co., Me.        1871      Shell Rock
Goodsell, T. W.       Shell Rock   Grain Dealer             Wayne Co., Pa.       1866      Shell Rock
Hall, Frank           Shell Rock   Restaurant               Wisconsin            1869      Shell Rock
Hollenbeck, E. E.     Shell Rock   Millinery                Linn Co., Iowa       1845      Shell Rock
Lloyd, Owen           Section 24   Farmer                   Wales                1864      Shell Rock
McCague, J. W.        Shell Rock   Farmer                   Beaver Co., Pa.      1856      Shell Rock
Minor, Chas.          Section 17   Farmer                   Jefferson Co., Ohio  1855      Shell Rock
Mix, Wm. N.           Section 8    Farmer                   Kane Co., Ill.       1855      Shell Rock
McDonald, R.          Shell Rock   mdse. & Cust'm Mill'g    Ireland              1873      Shell Rock
Porbert, L. S.        Section 25   Farmer                   Chenango Co., NY     1860      Shell Rock
Robbins, Benj.        Section 10   Farmer                   Herkimer Co., NY     1864      Shell Rock
Roberts, B.           Shell Rock   Farmer                   Mercer Co., Pa.      1855      Shell Rock
Scobey, John G.       Shell Rock   Hotel                    Cortland Co., NY     1857      Shell Rock
Stewart, John L.      Shell Rock   Millwright               Bond Co., Ill.       1839      Shell Rock
Stewart, J. W.        Shell Rock   Co. Supt. Of Schools     Alleghany Co., Pa.   1864      Shell Rock
Scully, John          Shell Rock   Brewer                   Ireland              1861      Shell Rock
Turner, Clement       Section 14   Far. & Stock Raiser      Licking Co., Ky.     1856      Shell Rock
Thorp, E. L.          Shell Rock   Druggist & Physician     Massachusetts        1865      Shell Rock
Toll, Herman          Shell Rock   Merchant                 Europe               1864      Shell Rock
White, Silas          Shell Rock   Ed. "Shell Rock EnterprisDekalb Co., Ill      1853      Shell Rock
Walter, J. W.         Shell Rock   Billiard Parlors         Ohio                 1860      Shell Rock
Wilson, James         Section 35   Farmer                   Montgom'ry Co., NY   1857      Shell Rock
Wetzel, T. C.         Shell Rock   Farmer                   Chautauqua Co., NY   1854      Shell Rock

Albion Township

Baker, Otis           Parkersb'gh  Livery & Sale Stable     Franklin Co., Mass.  1868      Parkersb'gh
Billings, James V.    Section 32   Farmer                   Montgom'ry Co., NY   1865      Parkersb'gh
Bigelow, Edward P.    Parkersb'gh  Restaurant               Worcester Co., Mass. 1865      Parkersb'gh
Ballhausen, Henry     Parkersb'gh  Boots & Shoes            Germany              1873      Parkersb'gh
Charnock, Chas.       Parkersb'gh  Lumberman                Preston, England     1868      Parkersb'gh
Collins, Joseph       Section 18   Farmer                   Abbottsford, Can. E. 1856      Parkersb'gh
Chapman, Calvin M.    Section 10   Farmer                   Essex Co., NY        1866      Parkersb'gh
Dodge & Savage        Parkersb'gh  Parkersb'gh Eclipse      Established          1871      Parkersb'gh
Daniels, Richard      Section 34   Farmer & Minister        Schoharie Co., NY    1854      Parkersb'gh
Doney, Daniel         Section 9    Farmer                   Ireland              1857      Parkersb'gh
Ellis, J. H.          Section 23   Farmer & Carp't'r        Orange Co., NY       1864      Parkersb'gh
Hersey, Wm. H.        Section 15   Farmer                   Roxbury, Mass        1864      Parkersb'gh
Hamlin, Daniel L.     Section 7    Farmer                   Onondaga Co., NY     1869      Parkersb'gh
Knieriemen, John      Parkersb'gh  Miller                   Germany              1870      Parkersb'gh
Kemmerer, J. L.       Section 33   Farmer                   Northampt'n Co., Pa  1854      Parkersb'gh
McKee, John M.        Section 7    Farmer & Fruit Gr'r      Montreal, Canada     1854      Parkersb'gh
Phinney, Nelson       Parkersb'gh  Central House            Broome Co., NY       1871      Parkersb'gh
Parker, P. P.         Section 31   Farmer & Mechanic        Franklin Co., NY     1854      Parkersb'gh
Packard, Geo. H.      Parkersb'gh  Grain Buyer              Franklin Co., Mass.  1873      Parkersb'gh
Perry, Lorenzo        Section 6    Farmer                   Franklin Co., Vt.    1855      Parkersb'gh
Proctor, Jonas        Section 26   Farmer                   Windham Co., Vt.     1860      New Hartf'd
Renken, J.            Parkersb'gh  Land & Ins. Agent        Germany              1869      Parkersb'gh
Rice, Fayette W.      Section 35   Farmer & St'k Br'd'r     Ashtabula Co., O.    1866      New Hartf'd
Sargent, A. E.        Parkersb'gh  Real Estate Dealer       New Hampshire        1868      Parkersb'gh
Smith, Stephen        Section 22   Farmer                   Schoharie Co., NY    1869      New Hartf'd
Shouts, Robert F.     Section 36   Farmer                   Crawford Co., Pa.    1856      New Hartf'd
Turner, Abel          Section 14   Farmer                   Buckinghamshire, Engl1853      Parkersb'gh
Taylor, Sylvanus H.   Section 31   Farmer                   St. Lawrence Co., NY 1857      Parkersb'gh
Younker, Geo.         Section 28   Farmer                   Northampt'n Co., Pa  1854      Parkersb'gh
Younker, Wm. F.       Section 34   Farmer & Carpenter       Northampt'n Co., Pa  1854      Parkersb'gh

Monroe Township

Bourns, Edward        Aplington    Far. & Hotel Propr       Ireland              1863      Aplington
Conn, Samuel          Section 1    Farmer                   Ireland              1855      Parkersb'gh
Clayton, Rachel E.    Section 28   Farmer                   Oswego Co., NY       1851      Aplington
Conn, Joseph          Section 1    Farmer & Surveyor        Canada               1855      Parkersb'gh
Curtis, Wells A.      Section 25   Farmer                   Dutchess Co., NY     1855      Parkersb'gh
Chrystie, Alex        Aplington    Gen'l Merchandise        Franklin Co., Vt.    1866      Aplington
Caul, Charles W.      Section 34   Farmer                   Jefferson Co., NY    1870      Parkersb'gh
Dobbin, James         Aplington    Grain Dealer             Marion Co., Ohio     1865      Aplington
Eggleston, Nels F.    Section 12   Farmer & Minister        Allegany Co., NY     1865      Parkersb'gh
Ferguson, Wm.         Section 24   Far. & Bridge Build'r    England              1865      Parkersb'gh
Good, Joseph          Parkersb'gh  Farmer                   Stark Co., Ohio      1851      Parkersb'gh
Hall, Chas. M.        Section 15   Farmer                   Waldo Co., Me.       1873      Parkersb'gh
Mead, Norman P.       Section 8    Farmer                   Franklin Co., Vt.    1860      Aplington
Mead, Rollin P.       Section 8    Far. & Stock Raiser      Franklin Co., Vt.    1861      Aplington
Owens, John E.        Section 26   Dir. In West'n Lands Far.North Wales          1856      Parkersb'gh
Parker, James F.      Parkersb'gh  P. M. & dir. In Hardware Fairhaven, Mass.     1855      Parkersb'gh
Prince, Charles S.    Aplington    Clerk & Deputy P. M.     Cumberland Co., Me.  1865      Aplington
Ryan, John            Section 15   Farmer                   Ireland              1863      Aplington
Spicer, O. E.         Section 14   Farmer & Mechanic        Rensselaer Co., NY   1861      Parkersb'gh
Seymour, F. P.        Section 26   Farmer                   Bradford Co., Pa.    1862      Parkersb'gh
Swan, Lafayette M.    Aplington    Druggist                 Wyoming Co., NY      1868      Aplington
Warner, Austin C.     Section 10   Farmer & Mechanic        Orange Co., Vt.      1870      Aplington
Wightman, M. S.       Section 26   Farmer                   Chenango Co., NY     1855      Parkersb'gh

Cold Water Township

Armstrong, J. A.      Section 10   Farmer                   Clark Co., Ill.      1851      Greene
Birney, V. C.         Greene       Physician & Surgeon      Canada               1857      Greene
Bradley, A.           Greene       Propr. Gault House       Onondaga Co., NY     1871      Greene
Butler, J. N.         Section 16   Farmer                   Herkimer Co., NY     1868      Greene
Barnum, O. D.         Greene       Lumberman                Addison Co., Vt.     1861      Greene
Baughman, C. H.       Greene       Carpenter & Joiner       Franklin Co., Ohio   1870      Greene
Conlon, Fredrick      Section 8    Farmer                   France               1872      Greene
Huckius, C. C.        Greene       Physician & Surgeon      Maine                1871      Greene
Heery, Thomas F.      Greene       Mercantile               Dublin, Ireland      1853      Greene
Long, Geo. W.         Greene       Prop. Greene House       Mifflin Co., Pa.     1868      Greene
Mott, E. E.           Section 8    Farmer                   Wayne Co., NY        1860      Greene
Miller, Joseph        Section 5    Farmer                   Miami Co., Ohio      1856      Greene
Martz, D. J.          Section 11   Farmer and Teacher       Somerset Co., Pa.    1868      Greene
Poisal, George C.     Greene       Printer                  Charlestown, Va.     1859      Greene
Riner, W. W.          Greene       Ed. & Pub. "Butler CountyPreble Co., Ohio     1866      Greene
Rupert, W. H.         Greene       Mercantile               Tazewell Co., Ill    1869      Greene
Sturtz, Solomon       Section 11   Farmer                   Somerset Co., Pa.    1855      Greene
Sehnee, Otto          Section 9    Farmer                   Prussia              1857      Greene
Searles, Wesley       Greene       Agr'l Implements         Canada               1850      Greene
Soesbe, S. W.         Greene       Real Estate Agent        Jones Co., Iowa                Greene
Spaulding, J. L.      Greene       Banker                   Jackson Co., Iowa              Greene
Thoroman, S. J.       Greene       Carpenter & Joiner       Fountain Co., Ind.   1841      Greene
Wagner, J. R.         Greene       Ed. & Pub. "Butler CountyHuntington Co., Ind. 1873      Greene

West Point Township

Dailey, C.            Section 22   Farmer                   Huntingdon Co., Ind. 1857      Boylans Gro.
Griffin, Geo. N.      Section 9    Farmer                   Canada               1860      Boylans Gro.
Gough, Wm.            Section 4    Farmer                   Glouc'stersh'e, Eng. 1851      Boylans Gro.
Graham, E. G.         Section 7    Farmer                   Tuscarawas Co., O.   1859      Boylans Gro.
Jones, F. A.          Section 18   Farmer and Hotel         Chemung Co., NY      1853      Boylans Gro.
Jones, C. L.          Section 30   Farmer                   Chemung Co., NY      1853      Boylans Gro.
Kelson, L.            Section 29   Farmer                   Bergen Stift, Nor.   1855      Boylans Gro.
Kelson, A. M.         Section 8    Farmer                   Adams Co., Ill.      1855      Boylans Gro.
Myrick, S. B.         Section 27   Farmer                   Kenosha Co., Wis.    1869      Boylans Gro.
Neal, Joseph N.       Section 16   Stock Farmer             Greene Co., Pa.      1869      Boylans Gro.
Newbury, F. E.        Section 19   Farmer                   Kenosha Co., Wis.    1867      Boylans Gro.
Playter, Frank H.     Boylans Gro. Merchant and P. M.       Buffalo, NY          1855      Boylans Gro.
Smith, W. R.          Boylans Gro. Minister                 Washington Co., Pa.  1868      Boylans Gro.
Turner, E. L.         Boylans Gro. Physician & Surgeon      Will Co., Ill.       1856      Boylans Gro.
Trindle, Geo.         Section 31   Farmer                   Westmorel'd Co., Pa. 1862      Boylans Gro.
Underwood, J. C.      Section 17   Farmer                   Canada               1859      Boylans Gro.

Fremont Township

Bohwell, S.           Section 19   Farmer & St'k Raiser     Brown Co., Ohio      1855      Clarksville
Buchholz, Fred        Section 33   Farmer                   Hanover, Germany     1846      Clarksville
Buchholz, Heinrich    Section 34   Farmer                   Hanover, Germany     1854      Clarksville
Buchholz, Wm.         Section 28   Farmer                   Hanover, Germany     1854      Clarksville
Bennett, Wilson       Section 27   Farmer                   Lancashire, Engl'd   1867      Plainfield
Bennett, Edward       Section 28   Farmer & St'k Raiser     Lancashire, Engl'd   1849      Plainfield
Bolsley, Wallace E.   Section 19   Farmer                   Onondaga Co., NY     1865      Nashua
Crawford, Eug. A.     Section 22   Farmer                   Columbia Co., Wis.   1871      Pittsfield
Church, Dan'l A.      Section 10   Farmer                   Waukesha Co., Wis.   1869      Nashua
Cross, J. J.          Section 1    Farmer & Stock Dir.      Cattaraugus Co., NY  1856      Nashua
Ellis, John M.        Section 5    Farmer                   Lewis Co., NY        1868      Nashua
Fitch, Chas.          Section 29   Farmer                   Allen Co., Ind.      1868      Clarksville
Forney, John C.       Section 16   Farmer                   Wabash Co., Ind.     1856      Clarksville
Forney, Alex          Section 16   Farmer & St'k Raiser     Wabash Co., Ind.     1856      Plainfield
Graham, John          Section 16   Farmer                   Paisley, Scotland    1855      Plainfield
Gilmore, W. B.        Section 6    Farmer                   Rutland Co., Vt.     1868      Nashua
Lenhart, S.           Section 19   Farmer & St'k Raiser     Somerset Co., Pa.    1854      Clarksville
Ladd, W. A.           Section 12   Farmer                   Schenectady Co., NY  1865      Plainfield
Pierce, Josiah, Jr.   Section 27   Farmer                   Livingston Co., NY   1869      Plainfield
Quinn, S. R.          Section 11   Farmer                   Carroll Co., Ind.    1869      Plainfield
Smith, David W.       Section 12   Farmer & Painter         Worcester Co., Mass. 1867      Pearl Rock
Thomas, Chas. N.      Section 29   Farmer                   Hancock Co., Ohio    1854      Clarksville
Young, Abraham D.     Section 13   Farmer & St'k Dir        Somerset Co., Me.    1854      Plainfield

Jackson Township

Beetle, Andrew        Section 15   Farmer & St'k raiser     Bedford Co., Pa      1855      Clarksville
Beetle, David         Section 2    Farmer                   Bedford Co., Pa      1855      Clarksville
Beetle, John H.       Section 3    Farmer                   Bedford Co., Pa      1855      Clarksville
Bettinger, W. H.      Section 10   Farmer & St'k raiser     Herkimer Co., NY     1863      Clarksville
Carr, C. R.           Section 2    Farmer                   Pittsfield, Mass     1866      Clarksville
Downs, L. L.          Section 5    Farmer                   Boone Co., Ills.     1870      Clarksville
Doty, Cyrus           Section 11   Farmer & St'k raiser     Ogle Co., Ill        1860      Clarksville
Doty, Aaron           Section 14   Farmer                   Ogle Co., Ill        1860      Clarksville
Ellsworth, Chas.      Section 15   Farmer                   Cattaraugus Co., NY  1858      Clarksville
Kocher, Jeremiah      Section 10   Farmer & St'k raiser     Luzerne Co., Pa.     1861      Clarksville
Leet, Chas. N.        Section 17   Farmer                   Oneida Co., NY       1864      Clarksville
Priest, B.            Section 7    Farmer & Dairyman        Rutland Co., Vt.     1866      Clarksville
Russell, Fred         Section 14   Farmer & St'k raiser     Otsego Co., NY       1856      Clarksville
Shaw, J. R.           Section 1    Farmer                   Henry Co., Ind       1865      Clarksville
Tennison, Wm.         Section 11   Farmer & St'k raiser     Yorkshire, Engl'd    1855      Clarksville
Wamsley, W. S.        Section 12   Farmer & St'k raiser     Adams Co., Ohio      1851      Clarksville
Wamsley, John M.                   Farmer & St'k raiser     Adams Co., Ohio      1864      Clarksville
Weston, E. C.         Section 14   Farmer                   Madison Co., NY      1866      Clarksville

Pittsford Township

Ahrens, H.            Section 30   Farmer                   Germany              1854      Union Ridge
Brown, H. C.          Section 27   Farmer                   Belknap Co., NH      1867      Boylans Gro.
Corlos, A.            Section 26   Farmer                   Derby, Vt.           1866      Boylans Gro.
Cline, Alex           Section 1    Farmer                   Columbia Co., Pa.    1855      Boylans Gro.
Dickinson, A.         Section 22   Farmer                   Cambridge, Vt.       1854      Boylans Gro.
Forbes, W. H.         Section 7    Farmer                   Chenango Co., NY     1865      Boylans Gro.
Harlan, Jehu          Section 19   Farmer                   Richland Co., Ohio   1855      Union Ridge
Krumling, H. H.       Section 7    Farmer                   Germany              1861      Boylans Gro.
McCormack, Chas.      Boylans Gro. Physician & Surgeon      Rush Co., Ind.       1866      Boylans Gro.
Merrill, Joseph       Section 13   Farmer                   Harrison Co., Ohio   1856      Boylans Gro.
Niece, M. D. L.       Section 24   Farmer & Surveyor        Portage Co., Ohio    1856      Boylans Gro.
Niece, N. G.          Section 11   Farmer                   Geauga Co., Ohio     1839      Boylans Gro.
Smith, O. C.          Section 23   Farmer                   Lorain Co., Ohio     1857      Boylans Gro.
Titus, Joseph         Section 2    Farmer                   Muskingum Co., O.    1854      Boylans Gro.

Dayton Township

Ashworth, Wm.                      Farmer                   Halifax, England     1868      Greene
Chittenden, H. W.     Section 24   Farmer                   Lenawee Co., Mich.   1871      Clarksville
Ehersold, P. J.       Section 24   Farmer & Stk. Raiser     New York City        1854      Clarksville
Elkenberry, Jno. F.   Section 19   Farmer                   Franklin Co., Va.    1855      Greene
Forney, C. H.         Section 25   Farmer & Stk. Raiser     Tuscarawas Co., O.   1856      Clarksville
Jackson, G. J.        Section 3    Farmer                   Cavin Co., Ireland   1870      Greene
Lathrop, S. H.        Section 4    Farmer & Stk. Raiser     Medina Co., Ohio     1860      Greene
Mather, Chas. T.      Section 33   Farmer & Stk. Raiser     Warren Co., Pa.      1832      Clarksville
Millier, J. R.                     Farmer                   Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 1856      Greene
McNames, A.           Section 14   Farmer                   Niagara Co., NY      1868      Clarksville
Neal, E. L.           Section 24   Farmer                   Green Co., Pa.       1867      Clarksville
Shaw, J. W.           Section 17   Far. & Fine Stk. R's'r   Henry Co., Ind.      1865      Greene
Thomas, Hugh          Section 24   Farmer & Stk. Raiser     Allen Co., Ind.      1854      Clarksville

Ripley Township

Arne, Wm. H.          Section 28   Farmer                   Wayne Co., NY        1869      Parkersb'gh
Beaumont, E. C.       Section 29   Farmer                   New York City        1858      Parkersb'gh
Conn, John            Section 35   Farmer                   Canada               1855      Parkersb'gh
Crosier, Wm.          Section 27   Farmer                   Utica, NY            1853      Parkersb'gh
Criswell, J. J.       Section 36   Far. & Stock Dealer      York Co., Pa.        1856      Parkersb'gh
Moorhead, J. G.       Section 9    Farmer                   Ireland              1845      Butler C'nt'r
Margretz, J. S.       Section 19   Farmer                   Union Co., Pa.       1856      Aplington
Randolph, C. H.       Section 6    Farmer                   Hampsh'e Co., Mass.  1865      Boylans Gr.
Santee, James         Section 19   Farmer                   Steuben Co., NY      1856      Aplington
Trotter, Henry        Section 24   Farmer                   Ireland              1855      Butler C'nt'r
Yost, Jacob           Section 8    Farmer                   York Co., Pa.        1853      Butler C'nt'r

Bennezette Township

Chamberlin, Ira A.    Section 34   Farmer                   Windsor Co., Vt.     1857      Boylans Gro.
Keister, W. A.        Section 1    Farmer                   Montgom'ry Co., O.   1854      Greene
Lockwood, R. B.       Section 36   Farmer                   Darham Co., Eng.     1855      Boylans Gro.
Lockwood, J. H.       Section 6    Stock Farmer             Saratoga Co., NY     1864      Cold Water
Lovell, William       Section 26   Farmer                   Yorkshire, Engl'd    1866      Greene
Miller, Charles       Section 35   Farmer                   Clearfield Co., Pa.  1858      Boylans Gro.
Wilson, M.            Section 15   Farmer                   Niagara Co., NY      1857      Greene

Madison Township

Beach, Frank          Section 21   Farmer                   Peoria Co., Ill.     1866      Ackley
Long, Perry           Section 19   Farmer                   Somerset Co., Pa.    1869      Ackley
Seales, Jsseph [sic]  Section 35   Farmer                   Rockingh'm Co., NC   1870      Aplington
Slaid, O. F.          Section 18   Farmer                   Herkimer Co., NY     1867      Ackley
Watson, Wolcott       Section 21   Farmer                   Middlesex Co., Conn. 1867      Ackley

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