1875 Andreas Atlas

Butler County Iowa Businesses

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1875 Andreas Atlas:  Businesses: Butler County, Iowa 

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This is a list of businesses by township.  These people paid to have their info listed 
in the Atlas.

Name               Business

New Hartford
Ackerman, L. J.    Blacksmith
McElwain, J. S.    Druggist & Hardware Dealer
Fifield, James R.  Furniture Dealer
Bourquin, Eugene   General Mdse. & Grain Dealer
Ditts, David       Hotel, "Exchange"
McIntosh, O. W.    Hotel
Spooner, J. R.     Physician & Surgeon

Shell Rock
Eastman, O. L.     Agricultural Impl'ts & Bl'ksmith
Walter, J. W.      Billiard Parlors
Scully, John       Brewer
Thorp, Dr. E. L.   Druggist & Physician
Bristol, L. F.     Furniture Dir. & Undertaker
McDonald, R.       General Mdse. & Custom Milling
Conner, John N.    Grain Dealer
Scobey, John G.    Hotel
Toll, Herman       Merchant
Hollenbeck, E. E.  Milliner
Stewart, John L.   Millwright
White & Hall       Publishers "Shell Rock Enterprise"
Bradford, D. S.    Physician
Hall, Frank        Restaurant

Fletcher, J. R.    Attorney & Counselor at Law
Palmer, John       Attorney & Counselor at Law
Hunt, F. H.        Boot & Shoe Dealer
Cohn, Mrs. Johanna Dry Goods
Wheelock, C. D.    General Merchandise
Peets, Geo. R.     Hotel, Prop. "Peets Hotel"
Mulinex, Nelson    Horticulturist
S. McRoberts & Co. Lumber Dealers
Shafer, Thomas     Miller, Prop. "Clarksville Mills"
Stewart, J. O.     Publisher Clarksville Star
Logan, J. F.       Physician & Surgeon
Butler, James      Produce & Live Stock
Babcock, G. P.     Produce Dealer
Ravenscroft, B.    Restaurant

Searles, Wesley    Agricultural Implements
Spaulding, J. L.   Banker
Baughman, C. H.    Carpenter & Joiner
Thormoman, S. G.   Carpenter & Joiner
Bradley, A.        Hotel, Prop. "Gault House"
Long, Geo. W.      Hotel, Prop. "Green House"
Barnum, O. D.      Lumber Dealer
Heery, Thomas      Merchant
Rupert, W. H.      Merchant
Wagner & Riner     Publisher Butler Co. Press
Birney, V. C.      Physician and Surgeon
Huckins, C. C.     Physician and Surgeon
Poisal, Geo. C,    Printer
Soesbe, S. W.      Real Estate Dealer

Ballhausen, Henry  Boot and Shoe Dealer
Packard, Ira W. & BGrain Dealers
Phinney, Nelson    Hotel "Central House"
Parker, James F.   Hardware and Machinery
Charnock, Chas.    Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc.
Renken, J.         Land and Insurance Agent
Baker, Otis        Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable; Mail Carrier to and from Butler and Grundy Centers
Knieriemen, John   Miller
Dodge & Savage     Publishers Parkersburg Eclipse
Sargent, H. E.     Real Estate Dealer
Bigelow, Edward P. Restaurant

Butler Center
Davis, J. W.       Attorney at Law
Thompson, Geo. T.  Abstracts of Titles
Court, J. M.       Billiard Parlors
Franke, Vincent    Carpenter and Contractor
Digman, Franz      General Merchandise
Walker, H. N.      General Merchandise
Lawrence, R.       Hotel
Thompson, W. C.    Real Estate Dealer
McCarty, Edward    Wagon Maker

Swan, Lafayette M. Druggist
Chrystie, Alex     General Merchandise
Dobbin, James      Grain Dealer
Bourns, Edward     Hotel

Boylan's Grove
Playter, Frank H.  Merchant
McCormack, Chas.   Physician and Surgeon
Turner, E. L.      Physician and Surgeon

Flood, Wm.         Blacksmith

Beaver Township
Converse, Alonzo   Attorney at Law (Sec. 26)

Jefferson Township
Case, David        Mason (Sec. 28)
McElhaney, Geo.    Stone Quarry (Sec. 9)

Monroe Township
Owens, John E.     Architect and Br'ge Bldr. (Sec. 26)
Ferguson, Wm.      Bridge Builder (Sec. 24)
Conn, Joseph       Surveyor (Sec. 1)

Butler Township
Van Hoeser, R. C.  Boot and Shoe Manfr. (Sec. 12)
Goughnour, S. D.   Miller (Sec. 21)

Albion Township
Ellis, J. H.       Carpenter (Sec. 23)
Younker, Wm. F.    Carpenter and Joiner (Sec. 34)

West Point Township
Jones, F. A.       Hotel (Sec. 18)

Pittsford Township
Niece, M. D. L.    Surveyor (Sec. 24)


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