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1917 Storm Lake High School Yearbook



Debating Team



John Haughey '19; Frank May '17; Don White '17




Paul Foote '18; Cecilia Howe '18; Lester Schuldt '18



Declamatory Winners
(Speech Contest Winners)

Jean Woodruff
Dramatic Class

Won first place in her class and first overall in the home class.
Was our representative to the sub-district contest at Pomeroy and won first place in her class. She represented our school in the district contest in Cherokee.


Lester Schuldt
Oratorical Class

Won first place in his class in the home contest.






Cecelia Howe
Humorour Class

Won first place in his class in the home contest.







Hi Y Club

Top Row (left to right) - Mr. Johnson, Ross Parish, Sherwood Bell, Percy Smitt, Wilbur Williamson.

Second Row - Kendric Bell, Raymond Christopher, Cedric Roberts, William Parkhill, Don White, Douglass Woodruff, Carl Johnson, Charles Hull.

Third Row - Evron Karges, Curtiss Smith, Cecil Waldron, Donald O'Donoghue, Leslie Redenbaugh, Russell Battern, Ralph Gaffin, Guy Roberts, Harold Kaufman, Frank May, Manson Redenbaugh.

Fourth Row - Lloyd Kaufman, Fayette Smith, Herbert Bowers, Stanton Faville, Manley Millard, Lester Schuldt, Damon Edwards, David Hughes, Arthur Redenbaugh, Rollin Wagner, Ralph Carlson.



Literary Societies


Top Row (left to right) - Pearl Gaffey, Pauline Mark, Greta Gilliland, Avis Franz, Dorothy O'Donoghue, Don White, Mathilda Meents, Paul Bair, Ray Witthauer, Jacob Neubauer, Don O'Donoghue, Ralph Gaffdin.

Second Row - Leah Custer, Wanda Berkler, Annie Robertson, Cecelia Howe, Zoe Kinne, Dwight Espe, Jay Wellmerling, Leola Shinabarger, Ruth Robinson, Lurene Wagner, Dorothy Gaffin, Ethel Coulson, Kenneth Bennett.

Third Row - Arthur Redenbaugh, Glen Daniels, Miles Meighen, Manley Millard, Damon Edwards, Melvin Stringer, Charles Hull, David Hughes, Melcolm Bennett, Rollin Wagner, Lloyd Kaufman, Ralph Soeth, Kenneth Thompson.

Fourth Row - Ebba Lindahl, Mabel Nylander, Ardeth Shaull, Blanche Wirt, Ruth Akin, Dorothy Haynes, Marion Faville, Nellie Hussey, Fern Shannon, Opal Samsel, Gladys Bethards.




Top Row (left to right) - Russel Battern, Merwyn Bleakly, Mavis Lindlief, Frances Smoot, Edna Keith, Carl Johnson, Percy Smith, Minnie Geisinger, Edgar Breecher, Kendric Bell, Allen Higgins, Raymond Christopher.

Second Row - John Cannon, Esther Zinn, Blanche Olson, Gerald Whealen, Florence Thorp, Florence Cole, Dorothy Skewis, Mildred Marshall, Guy Roberts, Clara Carlson, Mabel Bullard, Martha Smoot, Hazel Edwards.

Third Row - Myrtle Redenbaugh, Lorna Robinson, Grace LaRue, Elizabeth Ensign, Caroline Foell, Cuba Deppe, Mary Thomas, Thelma Park, Frieda Olson, Ethel Cole, Dorothy Hix, Esther Berkler, Pearl Redenbaugh.

Bottom Row - John Haughey, Ralph Stedwell, Lois Fiscus, Bessie Leckington, Beatrice Beatty, Rosa Hadenfeldt, Tillie Wilson, Greta Wasser, Margaret Skewis, Casper Ackerman, Irwin Barr.




Top Row (left to right) - Gladys Chase, Cedric Roberts, Ralph Avenell, Douglas Woodruff, Ross Parish, Sherwood Bell, Wilbur Williamson, Paul Foote, Ruby Goldsmith, Jean Woodruff, Mary Barr.

Second Row - Opal Kraemer, Mildred Gilmore, Edna Burke, Avis Volkerts, Hallie Higgins, Lester Schuldt, Harold Kaufman, Leslie Redenbaugh, Curtiss Smith, Charlotte Geisinger, Mildred Howe, Gail Kerslake, Marion Thompson, Dorothy Cole.

Third Row - Anna Schweitzer, Fern Spragg, Ralph Robinson, Hazel Robey, Stephen Condon, Evron Karges, Stanton Faville, Opal Hoffman, Pearl Swanson, Dorothy Smith, Anna Holmgren, Edith Newell, Nellie Robinson, Edna Petty.

Bottom Row - Herbert Bowers, Earl Hussey, Fayette Smith, Elsie Battern, Dorothy McArthur, Athlene Clemons, Luverne Nelson, Muriel Wheeler, Ralph Carlson, Hubert Bean, Karl Hadenfeldt.

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