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1917 Storm LakeHigh School Yearbook

Vocal Music


Our Music Department has taken an upward leap this year under the supervision of Mrs. McLaughlin. A chorus of seventy voices was organized in the beginning of the school year and has made rapid progress. They met for practice three times each week at the close of the day's session. Besides furnishing a great share of the music for the Musical given in March, the chorus has sung at the different churches and each time has won great praise for their excellent work.

The Octette and the Orchestra, composed of ten members, have not shown themselves inferior to the chorus in progress, enthusiasm, and ability.

Our musical organizations this year have received a foundation which will enable them to become very efficient next year. However, it is the regret of this department that Mrs. McLaughlin will not be with us to build on the foundation which she has so firmly established in this year's work.


Top Row (left to right) - Mr. Miller, Edna Keith, Cecelia Howe, Raymond Christopher

Bottom Row - David Hughes, Leona Shinabarger, Mildred Howe, Percy Smith



Top Row (left to right) - Ebba Lindahl, Charlotte Geisinger, Gretta Gilliland, Ruby Goldsmith, Frances Smoot, Minnie Geisinger, Edna Keith, Leola Shinabarger, Mildred Howe, Percy Smith, Wilbur Williamson.

Second Row - Hazel Edwards, Thelma Park, Cecelia Howe, Opal Samsel, Martin Thompson, Gladys Bethards, Nellie Hussey, Florence Thorp, Pearl Redenbaugh, David Scoffield, Curtiss Smith, Kendric Bell.

Third Row - Dorothy O'Donoghue, Dorothy Hix, Anna Holmgren, Gail Kerslake, Grace LaRue, Florence Cole, Leah Custer, Athlene Clemons, Myrtle Redenbaugh, Herbert Lewis, Arthur Redenbaugh, Evron Karges, Mr. Miller, Mrs. McLaughlin.

Fourth Row - Allen Higgins, Lester Schuldt, Guy Roberts, David Hughes, Opal Hoffman, Zoe Kinne, Elsie Battern, Ardath Schaull, Edna Burke, Raymond Christopher, Cedric Roberts, Pearl Swanson.

Bottom Row - Lloyd Kaufman, Frank May, Charles Hull, Fern Spragg, Dorothy McArthur, Marion Faville, Esther Berkler, Margaret Skewis, Lois Fiscus.

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