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1917 Storm Lake High School Yearbook


Boys' Basketball Team

Top Row (left to right): Cedric Roberts, Percy Smith, Sherwood Bell, Kendric Bell, Paul Bair

Bottom Row: Damon Edwards, Russell Battern, Guy Roberts



The Girls Gymnasium

This was the first year in which a special gymnasium instructor has ever been furnished for the girls of Storm Lake High. In number and interest the classes this year excel any in the past. The regularity in the attendance depicts the enjoyment the girls received from these classes.

During the pleasant days of the fall "hikes" were enjoyed as a diversion from the regular physical exercises and rhythm, classes, and these tramps, proved a pleasure as well as a benefit.

With the coming of winter the girls began to look forward eagerly to the basketball season.  Energy and persistence were exhibited in their training; and good team work, faster and more clever playing, a more scientific knowledge of the game were the: results shown in the tournament in January.

At the completion of the tournament, one or two evenings each week, were devoted to first and second team practice. The regular gymnasium class met twice each week and the regular work enabled the girls to quickly master the pretty steps and dances.

Then came the most important event of the year—preparation for the May Festival.  The Fairy Dance, the Minuet, Highland Fling, Dance of the Fireflies, and the May Pole were the leading features of this festival.


Girls' Basketball Team

Top Row (left to right): Wanda Berkler, Clara Carlson, Gail Kerslake, Doroth O'Donoghue

Bottom Row: Dorothy Skewis, Tillie Wilson, Mabel Nylander, Mildred Marshall



1917 Storm Lake Football Team

Winners of the Monograms


CAPTAIN CEDRIC ROBERTS              Full Back

"Ced" was the backbone of the team. His tackling and line plunging featured every game. He was placed at full back on the all Northwestern Iowa Seconds. It is to be regretted that this is his third and last year.













PAUL FOOTE                                          Right End

Foote played his second year at end in great style and will be a power next season. He is rated as one of the best high school punters in the state.













DON WHITE                                             Left Tackle

This was Don's second and last year on the team. He was placed on the North Western Iowa Second Team.












GUY ROBERTS                                        Quarter Back

Although this was Guy's first year on the regulars, he played a "heady" and consistent game at quarter. He has one more year.












SHERWOOD BELL                                     Center

Although "Shirt" was a new mail at football, he played a great game and made his part of the line invincible. This was his last year.













DAMON EDWARDS                                     Left End

"Buck" might have let the interference get past him a few times, but when he did he got the man with the ball. We are sorry it is his last year.









RAYMOND CHRISTOPHER                         Right Tackle

"Pretty" was our heaviest man and played a "whale of a game" at right tackle. His first year with Storm Lake, but not with football. A powerful player and we'll miss him next year.













PAUL BAIR                                                       Guard

"Teddy" is a good man and had a trick of getting under a play and staying there. It is to be regretted that this is his last year on the team.













RALPH GAFF1N                                                Right Half

"Gaff" is a scrappy player and hit the line like a forty-two centimeter shell.  Will tear things up next year.













PERCY SMITH                                                     Left Half

Percy is a hard fighter and a good ground gainer. His first year on the team but not his last.













ARTHUR REDENBAUGH                                    Right Guard

"Art" has weight, speed, fight, and two more years to give to Storm Lake High.  A hard man to get out of the way.













ALLEN HIGGINS                                                    Left Guard

This was "Colonel's" first year on the regulars, but he was a hard man to play against, another, who has played his last year.













DONALD O'DONOGHUE                                   End and Hall Back

Don was handicapped during the early part of the season by a broken rib and did not hit his stride until later. He played a steady, consistent game and will prove a tower of strength in his next two years.














Track of the Spring of 1916

While the track work this spring is a mere speculation, a consideration of the remarkable work done last year and a survey of the talent who have announced their candidacy for the team, we believe we are safe in predicting that our showing will be even better than that made last spring.

For several years Storm Lake had had no track team.But through the efforts of coach Anderson and some of the older boys, the spirit was revived in the spring of 1916, and the school backed us up to a finish. We did not win any meets or break any records, but the start was made and with an entirely new team with no experience whatsoever. Each one of the team [sic] made a showing of which we are by no means ashamed.

The first event of the season was a cross country run of 2½ miles won by Floyd Lewis, '16. Paul Foote, "18, finished second Cedric Roberts, '17, won thirrd place.

In the triangular meet with Denison aand Ida Grove, with a team of six men, we won second place.

Cedric Roberts won the bronze medal in the mile at Morningside, and Floyd Lewis and Cedric Robeerts finished first and second in the mile at Fonda.

Our relay team also won the mile relay and a permanent cup at Fonda, defeating the Cherokee team which won the mile relay at Sioux City.

This year we will hold our cross country run, a triangular meet with Cherokee and LeMars, a triangular meet with Ida Grove and Denison, and hope to enter the meets at Fort Dodge, Fonda, Sioux City, and perhaps the State Meet.



Athletics: Candids


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