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1958 Marathon High School Yearbook

Vocal Music

Mixed Chorus


First Row:   Sharol Bjorklund, Connie Rassler, Janet Nation, Jeanne Raper, Janice Fullenworth, Jo Ann Neary, Karen Waldstein, Sheryl Nation, Judy Rassler, Mary Dell Ebersole, Evelyn Bennett, Donna Lundberg.


Second Row:  Marcliff Arndt, Marcia Bailey, Clarice Bjork, Vivian Cope, Morris Larson, Jim Weishaar, Charles Bjork, Erla Bennett, Janet Barber, Sharon Bjorklund, Mary Louise McLaughlin.


Third Row:  Mr. Patten, Dick Thomas, Don Nelson, Cliff Hoover, Patty Bloom, Pearl Ann Carlson, Janice Janssen, Donna Buse, Ronnie Sassman, Bob Gee, Jerry Mowry, Ronnie Bjorklund.


Fourth Row:  Craig Okerberg, Keith Wilson, Bill Gee, Larry Kingery, Jon Lindgren, Gary Garton, Karlton Fullenworth, Gary Walton, Larry Sassman, Glen Peterson, Lelland Nation.



Boys' Quartet

Jon Lindgren, Ronnie Sassman, Jim Weishaar, Jerry Mowry



Double Mixed Quartet

Double Mixed Quartet: Janet Nation, Sheryl Nation, Mary Dell Ebersole, Mary Louise McLaughlin, Bill Gee, Gary Garton, Ronnie Sassman, Craig Okerberg



Choral Soloists

Seated: Erla Bennett, Pearl Ann Carlson, Patty Bloom, Mary Dell Ebersole, Evelyn Bennett, Mary Louise McLaughlin


Standing: Jerry Mowry, Keith Wilson, Gary Walton, Jon Lindgren, Bill Gee, Jo Ann Neary, Judy Rassler


The Junior Trio

Erla Bennett, Judy Rassler, Pearl Ann Carlson



Sophomore Trio

Janet Nation, Jo Ann Neary, Mary Dell Ebersole

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