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The 1947 Cub

Truesdale High School Yearbook

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1-Peek-a-Boo. I see you; 2-Now let's not get romantic; 3-So many women, Willie--It looks natural; 5-No!! No! Is it really true?; 6-Guess who?!; 6-Modern Romance!; 7-That's it boy, pucker up!; 8-Ride, tenderfoot, ride; 9-Belle of the Ball; 10-Just what do you think you're celebrating?; 11-Industriously working! Can you feature it?; 12-What if it would freeze that way?; 13-What a catch!--the rabbit, that is!; 14-Well, they're legs anyway!; 15-Friendship is grand and so is water; 16-Crowded, ain't it?


1-Grand Climax of Junior Play, Dec. 6; 2-Age of Innocence; 3-Senior Class Play-Just posing, except for Eddie Miller; 4-Did you girls have excuses; 5-My favorite pass-time; 6-I can get away with anything--Oh yeah?; 7-Man's best friend-the dog, that is; 8-Pals!; 9-Sweater girl of 1950!!; 10-Mugs! Just Mugs!; 11-Cassey at the bat!; 12-Oh! Oh! What's this?; 13-Oh Romeo, My Romeo!!; 14-On you it looks good; 15-Ain't summertime grand; 16-The Big Six-Ahem!

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