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Honor Roll of Buena Vista County

Returning Veterans








Born June 10, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. F, 313th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon.  Sailed on U. S. S. Plattsburg from New York August 29; landed Brest September 12.  To St. George and then to Rupt; to Argonne-Meuse front from November 1 to 11; to Verdun one month; to Bar le Due; to La Fanche; to Chalet near St. Nazaire.  Sailed May 16 on S. S. Paysandic; landed Newport News June 2.  Mustered out June 15, 1919.








Born August 24, 1887.  Enl. July 29, 1918.  Pvt. Co. C, 116th Engrs. 41st Div.  Trained at Camp Forrest. Sailed October 20; landed Brest.  To Angers; to St. Nazaire.  Mustered out January 14, 1919.





Nokomis Township


Born April 8, 1888.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. I, 163d Inf. 41st Div.; later pvt. Hdqrs. Co. 23d Inf. 2d Div. Trained at Camp Gordon with Co. D, 10th Replm. Bn.; to Camp Merritt with Co. 24 Replm. Inf.  Sailed from Hoboken August 29: landed Brest September 12.  To St. George with Co. I, 163d Inf., 41st Div.; to Coblenz: to Bordeaux.  Sailed on U. S. S. Santa Teresa April 11; landed Hoboken April 23, 1919.  To Camp Dodge. Mustered out May 16, 1919.  (no photo)






Nokomis Township


Born August 25, 1893.  Enl. Feb. 25, 1918.  Pvt. Co. H, 349th Inf. 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge two months; to Camp Logan; to Camp Upton.  Sailed from New York May 16 on Agamemnon; landed Brest May 24.  To Camp at Brest; to English sector four and one-half weeks; to force co-operating with the Australians until August 24; with them until armistice; to Luxemburg with Army of Occupation from December 19 to May 11, 1919; to Brest.  Sailed May 11 on U. S. S. Siboney; landed New York.  To Camp Mills; to Camp Dodge. Mustered out May 29, 1919.







Born July 7, 1890.  Enl. May 28, 1918.  Pvt. 1st-cl. Co. A, 352d Inf, 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; Camp Mills.  Sailed from New York August 16; landed Liverpool August 28  To Winchester; to Southampton; to Le Havre August 29.  At A. E. F. camp near Le Havre; entered line of fighting in Haute-Alsace sector October 24; in action 10 days; to Belfort area; to Lucy; to Alsace sector; to Pondrecourt area; to St. Nazaire. Sailed May 21; landed Camp Morris on June 1.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 13, 1919.  (no photo)






Washington Township


Born July 26, 1892.  Enl. June 17, 1917.  Pvt. (horseshoer) Troop C. 4th Cavalry.  Trained: Ft. Logan one month; to San Francisco two and one-half months; to Hawaii fifteen months; to Texas for border duty at Ft. Ringgold until September 9, 1919.  Mustered out September 9, 1919.






Nokomis Township


Born May 3, 1896.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Corp. Co. K, 28th Regt., 1st Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon three months in 4th and 6th Replm. Regts.; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed on Leviathan October 27, 1918; landed Liverpool November 3.  To Southampton; to Le Havre.  To front at Sedan; joined 1st Div. at Verdun after armistice was signed; to Ahn, Germany; to Luxemburg one week; to Coblenz. Div. head quarters at Montabaar; took over 2d Div. Area at New Neuvied for two weeks; moved back to Brest.  Sailed for U. S. on Liberator on August 22, 1919; landed New York September 4, 1919.  To Camp Merritt; in parade in New York; to Washington for parade; to Camp Meade; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out September 24, 1919.






Brooke Township


Born June 7, 1892.  Enl. June 26, 1918.  Wagoner, Co. B, 313th Engrs., 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge; to Camp Mills.  Sailed on ship Plassy August 16; landed Liverpool August 28.  To Camp Knotty Ash; to Southampton; sailed across Chanel to Le Havre August 30.  To Le Lammes; to Hericourt; to Chevanne; here received intensive training; to Elback, Alsace, in front lines October 10; to Fountain, built warehouses; to Belfort; to Pangy-sur-Meuse to take part in the Metz offensive; arrived there November 10; to Trohassey to take possession of front line trenches, while there armistice was signed; to Pangy Moselle, built railroads; to St. Mihiel to clean up town for three months; to De Mange to clean up town; to St. Nazaire May 20.  Sailed May 25 on Modawaska; landed New York June 5.  To Camp Mills; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 16, 1919.






Elk Township


Born November 20, 1887.  Enl. July 24, 1918. Pvt. Co. E, 316th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon; to Camp Merritt.  Sailed from Hoboken August 29; landed Brest September 13.  To St. Georges; to Verdun, where he entered line October 12; to Argonne Forest October 25; to Evac. Hosp. No. 3; to Base Hosp. No. 218; to camp at Bordeaux; was wounded in battle of Argonne Forest in arm.  Sailed to New York January 18, 1919; landed January 28.  To Camp Dodge.  Mustered out February 21, 1919.






Grant Township


Born December 16, 1896.  Enl. September 5, 1918.  Pvt. in Engrs. and Military Police Organizations.  Trained at Camp Dodge from September 5 until January 28, 1919; two months in Engrs. and two months in Military Police.  Mustered out at Camp Dodge, January 28, 1919.








Born April 28, 1898.  Enl. September 28, 1918.  Pvt. S. A. T. C.  Trained at Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa.  Mustered out December 13, 1918.






Barnes Township


Born July 23, 1895.  Enl. June 26, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D. Development Bn. No. 1.  Trained at Camp Dodge, member of 313th Engrs. from June 26 to August 1, with 163d Development Bn. No. 1 from August 20 to December 28. 1918.  In hosp. from October 20 to December 1918.  Mustered out December 11, 1918.






Nokomis Township


Born October 16, 1894.  Enl, August 20, 1918.  Pvt. Med. Dept. Base Hosp. No. 126.  Trained at Camp Gordon three weeks with 4th Replm. Regt.; to Camp McClellan with Med. Dept. Base Hosp. No. 126 November 1, 1918.  Mustered out December 11, 1918.






Brooke Township


Born June 1, 1896.  Enl. February 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. L 351st Inf. 88th Div.  Trained at Camp Dodge in Co. M, 131st Regt.; to Camp Upton.  Sailed May 22 on Leviathan; landed Brest May 30.  Trained at Perregot for three weeks; to Albert sector; to Chippily Ridge; to Verdun sector; to Argonne-Meuse offensive; to Gressaire Woods offensive and defensive until November 11; to Luxemburg from December 22 until May 1, 1919; to Brest.  Sailed on Kaiserin Augusta May 17, landed Hoboken May 23.  To Camp Mills; to Camp Dodge. Mustered out May 31, 1919.





Grant Township


Born May 17, 1891.  Enl. July 24, 1918.  Pvt. Co. F, 313th Inf. 79th Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon from July 27 to August 23.  Sailed from Hoboken August 30 on U. S. S. Plattsburg; landed Brest September 12.  To St. Georges until October 5; to Verdun front from October 5 to 22; to Meuse sector; to Verdun front October 27; in offensive until November 11; to Duie; transferred to Verdun; stationed at Conde until March 11; to La Fuch April 23; to Cholet; to St. Nazaire.  Sailed May 16 on Pasando; landed New York June 2.  To Camp Hill; to Camp Stewart; to Camp Dodge.  Mustered out June 12, 1919.  (no photo)









Born November 23, 1894.  Enl. July 24, 1918. Pvt. Co. D, 162d Inf. 41st Div.  Trained at Camp Gordon. Sailed from New York October 27 on British boat; landed Liverpool November 8.  To Winchester 3 days; to Le Havre, the day after the armistice was signed.  Stationed at Contres from November 16 to February 2, 1919.  Sailed from Brest February 19 on the U. S. S. Frederick; landed U. S. March 2.  To Camp Dodge. Mustered out March 14, 1919.








Born October 31, 1892.  Enl. July 29, 1918.  Pvt. Co. B, 212th Engrs., 12th Div.  Trained at Camp Forrest; to Camp Devens.  Mustered out January 31, 1919.

1Eilers, Tom D.  Buena Vista's Part in the World War.  Storm Lake, 1920, pp. 135-37.

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